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Examples of undercut hairstyles in a formal style?
07-08-2015, 03:54 PM (This post was last modified: 07-08-2015 03:55 PM by calfcalf.)
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Examples of undercut hairstyles in a formal style?
After much researching, I have found one single photo of a flat, side-combed styling of the men's undercut, but as you may immediately notice, it's of a young boy! Thus my question is, if anyone on this forum could point to photos with this styling for adults? I just like the smart look of this variant, but there are very few such photos:

[Image: 11263360_1450414568585999_467876931_n.jpg]

This isn't an undercut but a flat side-part (correct?), but I like styling of the top, combed forward-angled ending in a tidy quiff:

[Image: 348s.jpg]

I did find Ronaldo and Sánchez here sporting real undercuts worn flat, it's just that the flow of the hair is less formal than above:

[Image: orXX58h.jpg]

[Image: 1382372245472.jpg]

Despite tons of existing undercut photos, I simply didn't find any of what I really have in mind which is a very short undercut styled in the manner of a traditional, flat side-part. Any help or comments would be appreciated!

P.S. It seems I may not insert images, is there a way to set the above links to the actual pictures?
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07-09-2015, 09:46 AM (This post was last modified: 07-09-2015 09:48 AM by Bradley.)
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RE: Examples of undercut hairstyles in a formal style?
I believe that what you're referring to is the side swept undercut hairstyle. A side swept is when you comb the air to the side by slicking it with a pomade or a hair wax and keeping the hair as flat as possible. See the link in the first sentence for a good discussion and many pictures of the side swept undercut.

There was recently someone asking about the difference between a side swept undercut and a side part undercut in this thread which I think will be some good reading for you as you seem to be confusing the terms. A side part is when you comb the hair to the side by drawing a line on the right or left side of the head. A side swept is the same but the hair lays flat on the head and slicked. So a side swept can be a side part, but a side part isn't a side swept.

To give you an idea mate, this is what a regular side swept hairstyle with a taper haircut looks like:

[Image: af5bad42b83900f897217b4cf8279dc4.jpg]

Just so that you get the basics right see this side swept hairstyle guide for lots of pictures of men with side swept styles cut with undercut haircuts, taper haircuts and fade haircuts. It's rare to see a side swept undercut because the side swept looks the best when it is done in a taper haircut, similar to the second kid in your picture, although his haircut looks more like an executive contour but I cannot confirm it as I can see it well.

An executive contour is a type of tapered haircut which if you have any questions I can help you with, as lots of websites are giving out wrong advice on the executive contour haircut.

The first kid does have an undercut. He actually has a perfect side swept undercut. This picture is what a side swept undercut looks on an adult, fresh from the barbershop.

[Image: 7ff33bf847a0d895bab7e0410f211c35.jpg]

You can have the hair even flatter if you want. But if you're looking for a side part undercut, then the next picture is what it looks like. See how less formal the hairstyle is, so if you want a formal undercut then stick to the side swept undercut. This geezer is Macklemore who is a rapper and wears an undercut haircut with a side part hairstyle most of the time. You can see many more pictures like the one below in Macklemore's hairstyle guide in the link.

[Image: fb705cef5b28c1b89814150851347ed4.jpg]

One more thing don't forget to go through the pages of the massive undercut hairstyle guide in the forum as you will find a huge amount of pictures of the undercut with different styles which also include the side part hairstyle. Cheers!
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