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Ducktail Hairstyle: Hair clipper or Shaved Haircut Pictures
04-23-2014, 10:59 AM
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Ducktail Hairstyle: Hair clipper or Shaved Haircut Pictures
The shaved ducktail hairstyle is a new trendy hairstyle popular with football players. The shaved ducktail has the hair clipped really short or even shaved at the sides of the head & also some at the back so the hair ends in a V shape resembling a ducktail.
The shaved ducktail should not be confused with the regular ducktail or duck's derriere hairstyle where the hair is combed to make the V shape. We are talking here of the shaved ducktail of creating the shape with the haircut.

I have seen the shaved ducktail haircut used by football players Mario Balotelli & Samuel Eto'o. A similar haircut is the side squares cut which is also a popular football players hairstyle, with Sergio Ramos & Ashley Cole hair done in this hairstyle i.e. side squares.
Back to the shaved ducktail, this is a haircut that all you really need is a good hair clipper that is very easy to move around & for that we recommend in the forum this Andis cordless clipper which is the best hair clipper of the cordless variety & super easy to use + it comes with everything you need for an excellent haircut.

Pictures of the shaved ducktail hairstyle
The shaved ducktail may look like a mohawk hairstyle depending on the angle but, if you have trained your eye with our hairstyle guides, you will be able to differentiate between a mohawk & a shaved ducktail - a mohawk only has a thin stripe of hair on the top of the head while the shaved ducktail has all hair on the top of the head at the same length.

The shaved ducktail does not need to be shaved although it stands out the most when the hair is shaved. The shaved ducktail can be clipped very short with the hair clipper, so between no guiding comb or 0 to a maximum of a 1 clipper length. If the clipper length used is higher, then we just call it a 'clipped' ducktail.
The last picture is of Cristiano Ronaldo's hair in a clipped ducktail. In that picture it is easy to confuse the hair style with a mohawk tho.

[Image: 395px-Samuel_Eto%27o%2714.JPG]

[Image: hi-res-bad0c54b73ff4d03adbaf8e5639889fa_...p;amp;q=75]

[Image: hi-res-1dd219ffbc2ca2e51761ca13449586a3_...p;amp;q=85]

[Image: chelsgoals.jpg]

[Image: 1398091538_extras_noticia_foton_7_1.jpg]

[Image: 1203008-25130240-640-360.jpg]

[Image: 0803_Etoo.jpg]

[Image: Ashley-Cole-011.jpg]

[Image: 1383412147_283353_1383420303_album_grande.jpg]

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04-24-2014, 02:19 PM
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RE: Ducktail Hairstyle: Hair clipper or Shaved Haircut Pictures
no disrespect meant to you euro guys but the soccer players in Europe tend to get some pretty horrible haircuts. It used to be the same in the NBA some time ago maybe late nineties and early two thousand but it kind of died down.
Has it always been like this with euro soccer players hairstyles?
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04-26-2014, 02:35 PM
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RE: Ducktail Hairstyle: Hair clipper or Shaved Haircut Pictures
I sometimes wonder what some of your European soccer players are thinking when I see their hairstyles. I thought it was bad in the NFL and NBA, but it looks like the "crazy hairstyle" movement has established itself with Euro soccer players too Big Grin

Still plenty of crazy hairstyle over in the United States. You just have to take a look at Andrew Bynum with his hair gel or whatever that was LOL

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