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Dry scalp, possible receding problem
09-17-2015, 02:24 AM
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Dry scalp, possible receding problem

I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to post this.

I've been experiencing some traumatic experiences with my hair over the last two months.
A bit of background, I'm known in my social circle for my thick, full, swept to the side brunette hair. I've gotten many compliments about it, which of course boosts confidence.
Two months ago I had a shower and noticed a lot of hair on the shower floor and was shocked to see that it was mostly mine, not a mixture of mine and my gf (her hair being black and longer).
As embarassing as it is to admit, this put me in a state of depression. As most men, I REALLY REALLY don't want to lose my hair. Not now, I'm only 25! If I'm 35+, then fine, I can accept that. But not during my 20's!

Anyway, I started researching online and saw that the average person loses 50-100 hairs a day. So naturally, I started estimating\counting the amount of hairs I was losing in the shower, and that would appear on my hands when I tried to fix it into a better position, then add 20 to it for hairs I don't see that come out. After doing this for over a month, I seem to average around 70-80 hairs a day. Which makes me feel better based on the research I have done.

But then another more worrying problem occurred, I think my hair is already receding! Or at least I've convinced myself of this, and therefore can't stop worrying about whether it's the case or not.
I do remember looking at my hairline at age 17-19 and thinking "wow, that's a pretty bad hairline", but never thought much of it as I was "way too young to be losing my hair". But now at 25, I'm extremely concerned that it's more receded or is receding.

A bit more info about my hair, I have a very strong widows peak which I suppose makes the hairline look more receded than it probably is. I've always had it for as long as I remember. I sweep my fringe which if straightened down, usually touches the tip of my nose. I mostly sweep it from right to left, as that's what my hair seems to prefer and what all hair dressers recommend when i ask.
I remember once what a guy who cut my hair since I was 11 to 22 said, that I would never go bald.
I pray he's right, or at least until my late 30's.
I've never met my dad, but my mum said that he had a full head of hair like me when he was in his mid thirties (though her memory is awful, so I'll take this with a pinch of salt). My small family consists of girls who all have thick brunette hair. No idea about my granddads as I've never met them.

So what I've done lately is stopped shampooing my hair everyday (which I did for nearly a year) and wash it every other day and also switched from head and shoulders to herbal essence moistruising (the blue one). The problem is, my hair on the day I don't wash it is really greasy, so the fringe sticks together more and reveals my bad, possibly receding hairline (again, I don't know if it's receding, or whether it's just a bad hairline).
Also, on the days I don't wash, I have tons of white flakes that I'm guessing is from a dry scalp.

I don't know what to do, I'm so scared of losing my hair, especially having it recede.
Any advice on what I can do to prevent receding hair, at least until I reach my thirties?
Anyone know a good hair routine for guys with medium thick greasy when not wash for one day hair?
I'm going to see a GP about this when I finally get time, but I wanted to get other opinions too.

Thank you for your time,
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