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Does hair wax feel sticky or greasy after application?
04-24-2015, 09:42 PM (This post was last modified: 04-24-2015 09:50 PM by Cymatium.)
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Does hair wax feel sticky or greasy after application?
I want to experiment with styling my own hair and was told that hair wax is best for a matte finish but I'm concerned about how sticky or greasy my hair will feel after application.

Once hair wax is applied, will my hair feel sticky or greasy if it's touched?

I want to be able to have a certain hairstyle but not be concerned about having greasy hands or clothes if they ever come in physical contact with my wax-laden hair.

For those who've used hair wax brands such as American Crew, Gatsby, Hanz de Fuko, Redken, etc., does your hair feel sticky or greasy after it's applied?
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04-25-2015, 07:20 AM
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RE: Does hair wax feel sticky or greasy after application?
A good hair wax should not leave your hair greasy. You're probably thinking of hair pomades & even then it depends on the pomade.

Hair waxes cover all holding strengths & textures so it isn't just a matte finish that they provide. A matte wax is usually labelled by manufacturers as a styling clay actually but it all falls under the 'wax' term. There are a few good high shine & high hold styling waxes out there so you have a good range to choose from.

A good wax should leave your hair smooth & feeling natural to the touch. Well, to a degree. Hair wax isn't like hair gel whereby your hair feels hard & crunchy with hair gel. Even if you overdo a good hair wax, you will still get away with it. This is something where hair gels & hair pomades will not forgive you & will make your hair either crunchy & stiff or really greasy.

We have covered many styling wax products in the forum already but if you're looking for a beginner wax that works & that will do what you ask it to do, we recommend this Tigi hair wax in the linked review or any wax from this Gatsby hair wax list that I posted. Just buy one - or more if you want - of any of the 4 Gatsby hair waxes I listed or the Tigi wax I reviewed & you will have a solid product that will do everything it says it does.

The Tigi wax does deliver a matte finish but it also has a stronger hold than a typical styling clay. So you can shape up & style up your hair with that Tigi wax that I reviewed. It does feel a little sticky tho so that's it only drawback. I know that you mention the stickiness issue, but unless you're going to be having women touching your hair all daly long, the mild stickiness of the Tigi wax will not be a problem.

If you still want a super clean feel, then get the matte Gatsby wax or one from American Crew. I'm not much of a fan of American Crew hair products, but their waxes, fibers & similar products tend to be cleaner - but I still prefer the Tigi hair wax by far overall.

For the Gatsby waxes, go thru the link to my list above as I posted the best 4 in their range & the high shine waxes - number 1 & 4 - will not leave your hair greasy - I listed the waxes as numbers so they're easy to spot. The number 1 & 4 Gatsby hair waxes will provide a shiny texture but when you touch your hair it will feel almost natural.

Any of the Gatsby hair waxes or the Tigi hair wax that I have recommended in my linked posts will not cause problems with staining your clothes. Actually we're talking of normal use, not coating your hair with the whole tub in one go to use it to style mullet, obviously in that situation some product will get on your collar but that's because you should not be using a whole tub to style your hair - only use a couple of fingertip amounts for all of your hair - that amount will be enough! Smile
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04-25-2015, 12:17 PM
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RE: Does hair wax feel sticky or greasy after application?
If you're worried about greasiness then mainly avoid any Dax products. They mostly produce pomades and hairdressing cremes but I know people who use these products as alternatives to wax. Dax hair products are very greasy and that's why they're so cheap.

It's best to spend a couple of dollars more and get a high quality hairstyling wax like the Tigi and Gatsby waxes that have been recommended to you already by Jurgen. Those are reliable waxes and very clean too.
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05-20-2015, 02:47 PM
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RE: Does hair wax feel sticky or greasy after application?
From my experience a good hair wax should not leave your hair sticky or greasy. I think that would be a sign of a bad wax.

I would expect a pomade to leave my hair a bit greasy if I used too much but then that's the texture that pomades provide. It's all about the slicked texture with pomades so it's normal that using a little too much will end you in a greaser's paradise.

From the few waxes that I have used I can only say that my hair felt natural and right. The high shine wax I used lately does leave my hair a little bit hard with lots of shine which is exactly what I am looking for in a high shine wax. Also I need a strong grip for my hairstyles so with a strong grip you're going to get your hair textured with a harder finish. But the cool thing about a good wax with a strong grip is that the hardness that it leaves isn't like the hardness of a hair gel.
With a strong hair gel your hair will feel like you stuck your head on liquid nitrogen. The texture is not just hard but also very dry. But with a strong hair wax your hair stays with a hard texture but it feels natural just like your hair wasn't styled with a product. It's actually quite a cool texture that I hadn't gotten before until I tried some of the good hair waxes that the barbers in this forum recommend.

To the poster above the Dax wax is just bad. It's bad stuff and I swear it gave me a bad acne breakout some years ago. I had some bad acne as a teenager and it all got solved with Accutane and a good diet. So when I had that acne breakout from the greasy Dax wax I was not happy about it. Somehow that wax and hairdressing cream is still used by older guys but... oh boy is it an evil hair wax if you dislike grease and oily hair.
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