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Does facial hair grow as a curly beard if you're a curly guy?
03-28-2015, 12:20 PM
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Does facial hair grow as a curly beard if you're a curly guy?
I have curly hair and I have never tried to grow a beard. It's something I may be interested so I wanted to ask if my beard would grow curly or straight since I am a curly guy?

If it helps my curls are coiled or type III with thick locks. The longest that I have grown a beard is just stubble so I could never really see if my beard was curly. My facial hair isn't thick like my curls but I am 20 and I have read that facial hair keeps developing until age 28 so I hope by then my beard is thick and dense lol

I would try growing my beard and just testing it that way but I come from a conservative military background and basically all that is accepted for hair styles is short cropped hair like crew cuts and clean shaven face with short sideburns. I know it's boring so I want to grow my curly hair and maybe also my facial hair during summer as I will be spending a whole year abroad studying.

I have gone through threads in the forum that cover all the beard styles and it seems to me that facial hair is always curlier than the hair on the head. So would it be reasonable to assume that my beard would grow curly? By growth I'm talking of the medium length of a hipster beard.

What do you guys say?
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03-29-2015, 02:46 PM
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RE: Does facial hair grow as a curly beard if you're a curly guy?
I have straight hair and I find that my beard grows wiry. Like it isn't straight facial hair, but it isn't curly either. Also my facial hair looks thicker per strand than the hair on my head, and the head on my hair is the typical thick Asian hair.

I can't grow a full beard though. It's sort of patchy as it grows but I'm hoping that it will also close fully in a couple of years in my twenties.

If it helps I have also observed that my friends with wavy hair or curly hair seem to have thicker facial hair that is wiry and curlier than the head on their head. I've just begun to notice this as some of my friends as of lately have been growing hipster beards.

It might sound gross but I find that my facial hair is basically the same hair type like my hair down there. If you know what I mean dude...
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04-01-2015, 01:42 PM
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RE: Does facial hair grow as a curly beard if you're a curly guy?
Hey guys Asian here too, well I'm American but first generation. I saw there's a good number of us in this forum. If you're like me then you probably heard of this forum through Facebook or Reddit as the guys there are constantly linking to this forum or quoting the advice from this forum. I thought why not then go to the source of wisdom itself and ask for help with my boring flat hair problems? lol the guys here in the mens hair forum know what they're talking about unlike Reddit.

So like the cool hair guy posted, I have thick straight hair on my head. My facial hair isn't quite so curly, it's more like wavy and wiry. You know how you undo a paper clip and straighten it that the metal wire still has small bumps across its length? That's pretty much how my facial hair grows. So it surely isn't straight but I don't see it curling around itself like ringlets although it may do once it gets super long. Most I have grown my facial hair is about an inch and a half or so. That was recently as I was trying to go all hip with the hipster beard. Didn't work as well as I thought it would let's say...

One thing that I have also noticed is that the hairs from my beard are as thick if not thicker than the hair on my head. I was reading in this forum that this has to do with how the follicles in facial hair are different because of hormones. I probably didn't read it right or didn't understand it right as I spent the next ten minutes looking for what the hell was DHT. Turns out it's a male hormone that makes your hair fall out and thickens your beard. Ugh...
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