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Do not use Trioxidil or Foligain for beard growth as with minoxidil! 5 1
Do not use Trioxidil or Foligain for beard growth as with minoxidil!
12-05-2018, 01:07 PM
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Exclamation Do not use Trioxidil or Foligain for beard growth as with minoxidil!
I came across someone thinking of using Trioxidil in Foligain for beard growth similar to how minoxidil is used for beard growth. Do not use Trioxidil or Foligain for beard thickening or growth as Trioxidil has no real scientific proof behind it unlike minoxidil. Trioxidil is a made up marketing name for a blend of stuff of questionable evidence for hair loss.

However the most important thing is that, if Trioxidil were to actually work, it'd impair your beard growth as the Trioxidil and Foligain are marketed as having anti DHT properties. You need DHT for beard growth and anything that blocks it or reduces its activity - via 5a-reductase, etc - will lead to lowered beard density. Scalp hair follicles benefit from the blocking or reducing of DHT, but the opposite is true for facial hair. This is of extreme importance for you to know if you want to get a fuller beard.

Foligain's Trixodil blend contains saw palmetto - believed to be a 5a reductase inhibitor although the science is sketchy - and even clover leaf extract which is estrogenic. If you want to spend the bucks on Foligain to treat hair loss on the scalp, then go for it, although this isn't nowhere near the hair growing potency of actually minoxidil. But if you're seeking a beard thickening, then avoid Foligain or Trioxidil.

Whoever came up with the Trioxidil name tried to take advantage of the spelling similitude to minoxidil. They also market Foligain as having 10% Trioxidil, when minoxidil products come with a 3% to 5% concentration. This leads people into thinking they're getting more bang for their buck.

No hate on Foligain or Trioxidil, but please do not use it for beard growth as some people are thinking of doing. Minoxidil has changed my beard for the better and there are several brands to choose from.

Just wanted to share this for anyone looking for minoxidil-like effects and products. There isn't much though.
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12-05-2018, 02:49 PM
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RE: Do not use Trioxidil or Foligain for beard growth as with minoxidil!
Good advice as you don't want anything that affects dihydrotestosterone on your beard. I don't know what that trioxidil or Foligain product is but I went on their site and it seems to be a concoction of flower extracts and some vitamins. I saw the saw palmetto you mentioned, yep, don't want that on your beard.

Are people really trying to use Foligain for beard growth? Minoxidil just happens to work for beard hair growth because it works in a way that nothing else works like. It's an effective vasodilator and heck knows what else but it ain't a hormone inhibitor that's for sure.

I don't think you're hating on the product but just putting out a public service announcement for some who may use Foligain for the wrong purpose. After all the product seems to be marketed for scalp hair loss and not beard growth. Unless I've read wrong. But some people are willing to try anything I guess.

For actual scalp hair loss nothing beats finasteride but you only want that on your scalp. Period. For beard growth or beard density then it's minoxidil all the way. See this complete guide on the forum for more:

I read your other posts on minoxidil for beard growth and you seem to know what you're talking about even though the whole minoxidil for beard growth topic is still experimental.
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