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Disposable razors: tips to extend the life of the blade 0 0
Disposable razors: tips to extend the life of the blade
08-13-2014, 03:17 PM
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Disposable razors: tips to extend the life of the blade
You can save money each month by shaving smarter and more efficiently. If you use disposable razors, they don't have to be a drain on your wallet by blowing through an entire pack monthly.

I've gone through many an electric razor and I've found that disposable razors are much better. However, they can be expensive if you go through them too quickly. Many guys think you must throw them away after just one use, but that's not the case. Yes, there's a few simple ways to extend the life of the lowly disposable razor. Trust me, there's no magic involved, just a bit of common sense and regular maintenance. Try these tips and you'll end up saving money and time when it comes to shaving.

Buy Quality Razors
Save a penny now, spend a dollar later. Buying cheap disposable razors are more trouble than they're worth.

Ultimately, the shave you'll get isn't as good as shaving with the higher priced models, but more importantly, the recycling factor is pretty much nil. Reusing cheaply made razors is hazardous at best. The key to extending razors is getting as many uses out of them, and the cheap ones are basically just not cut out for more than one use.

Expensive razors will not only allow multiple uses, but the high quality of the close shave will enable less shavings. I've found the Schick Extreme3 Razor 10 pack is one of the best values for the money. By employing these tips it's quite possible to extend the life of one razor by almost a month - depending on how many times you shave daily which of course will vary. Even if you have a thick, heavy beard, the closer shave should ensure less use of the disposable razor, thereby increasing the blade's life.

Shower Shaving
Shaving in the shower - during or after - isn't for everyone, but it will help with convenience and should also get as close a shave as possible. Skin should be wet and warm to hot, so your face has a good surface to run a razor over. Allowing a steamy shower to properly prepare the face's skin surface should ensure a great close shave. You can also pretty much say goodbye to shaving cream too as your bath soap's lather should be a great substitute to the richest shaving cream.

Keep Razors Clean & Dry
It's simple - razors that are kept clean and dry will last much longer. The easiest way to achieve this is to keep them in a clean, dry place. Also, make sure to always recap the blade head with the plastic cover. If you do keep them in the bathroom or even in the shower for easy access, keep them where they won't get wet or dirty. A dirty razor is not hygienic or safe, and a wet one rusts.

Employing these easy tips will help extend a disposable razors life. Each razor is different and because of hair growth and skin texture, each man's beard and shaving requirements are different too, but if you buy quality razors and take care of them, they will last far beyond the usual recommended use.
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08-20-2014, 02:59 PM
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Great shaving razor tips!
Great tips, Sunset!

I can actually attest for how close a shave you can get when shaving in the shower (especially with warm water while the water is running). As you mention, the skin is warm and lubricated, hence the shave is super easy and smooth, which means that the blade lasts longer. However, make sure to dry the razor after using it so that the blade doesn't oxidize!

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