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Difference between taper haircut and undercut? See this hairstyle
05-27-2015, 08:58 AM
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Difference between taper haircut and undercut? See this hairstyle
I've been seeing many hairstyle pictures in the forum and I saw this haircut which looks like an undercut, but what's the difference between an undercut and a taper?

I know that both the undercut haircut and the taper haircut are disconnected haircuts. I also know that the classic haircut with the businessman cut has a taper that is very visible. But in some cases I have seen pictures in this forum where the taper cuts are really short and do really look like undercuts instead of taper cuts.

A good example of what I'm trying to say is this hairstyle picture. Is the haircut in this picture a taper haircut or an undercut? I can see a mild taper but then the hair looks almost evened out. It also doesn't help that when I visit other hairstyle websites they tend to confuse the taper haircut with the undercut. Even for very obvious taper haircuts. It's like to them any disconnected hair cut is an undercut hairstyle! Big Grin

So I ask in this forum for the right answer in the difference between a hair taper and an undercut. Also if you could tell us what's the haircut in this picture. Thank you all!

[Image: ec3e203cb92e2f8e9963adebecade50d.jpg]
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05-28-2015, 09:41 AM
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RE: Difference between taper haircut and undercut? See this hairstyle
I'm going to go ahead and define what a taper haircut is and what an undercut haircut is. They are both disconnected haircuts, but they use different lengths and approaches to trimming the length of hair.

Taper haircut definition:
A taper haircut is when you decrease down the length of the hair progressively. A taper haircut is usually done on the sides and back of the head, but a taper cut can also be done for the hair on the top of the head such as in the Ivy League haircut when done in the United States as here in Europe we sometimes do the Ivy League haircut differently.

In a taper haircut, you can use scissors only to taper the hair or you can use a hair clipper. You can also use both scissors and a hair clipper to perform a taper haircut. A businessman haircut is usually cut with scissors for most of the length on the sides and back of the head while a hair clipper is used for the hairline only.

Undercut haircut definition:
An undercut haircut buzzes the hair to a single length. The single length is achieved by selecting hair clipper length. You can use a guiding comb, a guard, a push button or a hair clipper blade. But the undercut haircut must be done with a hair clipper. An undercut haircut is never done with scissors.

Just as extra information on the undercut, there's such a thing as an undershave haircut. This is when an undercut is shaved instead of cut. I'm actually seeing more guys getting undershave styles. I'm guessing it's because the undercut has become so popular that just about any lad who's less than thirty years of age has one. We have only had a couple of requests at our barbershop from customers wanting to get their undercuts shaved, but I'm certainly seeing this style out in the street.

The haircut in the picture:
Lots of people mistake the taper haircut for an undercut. I hope that with my definitions for the taper cut and the undercut above you're less confused now. The difference is pretty simply only that sometimes a taper haircut is cut so short with a hair clipper that it looks like an undercut to the untrained eye. This is what's happening with the guy in the picture you posted.

So the guy in the pic above has a short taper haircut. His haircut on the sides and back of the head has been done with hair clippers only. This is why it can look like an undercut. Still I think that the short taper haircuts done with hair clippers only look really good for bulky tops. I'm talking of having plenty of hair length on the top and styling it with volume with hair wax and a hair dryer. That's what the lad in your picture has done to style his short taper cut.

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