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Difference between a high hairline and low hairline for men?
08-09-2015, 09:42 AM
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Difference between a high hairline and low hairline for men?
I saw a picture of two guys with two different hairlines, so I wanted to ask why are there high hairlines and low hairlines so different with men?

Women seem to have a rounder hairline and is quite similar among all women from what I have seen. But some guys will have a very high forehead hairline that looks like balding is taking place while other guys will have a super round hairline similar to the hairline of women. I do know that the forehead hairline in men who are balding is the first to go and recede but I personally know a couple of guys with no hint of balding and with a lot of thick hair but they have high hairlines and the temples are pushed back from the center of the hairline.

Just curious as I have also noticed this when going through the forum hairstyle guides and the thousands of hairstyle pictures. So many different hairlines with men but women keep the rounder hairline. I've even seen guys in their thirties with extremely round hairlines that look out of place as that's the type of hairline that you would see in kids and not grown men. Any biological reason for this? Thank you guys!!

This is the picture by the way, it's one from the forum.

[Image: 5FSkrW4.jpg]

You can see how one of the guys has a round hairline while the other guy has a high hairline with the hairline at the temples pushed back. Not that I'm hating or anything as I also have a round hairline that makes me look less of an adult and I think that healthy high hairlines look more masculine.
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08-10-2015, 02:33 PM
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RE: Difference between a high hairline and low hairline for men?
Your hairline is tied tightly to your hair density which is genetic. You're born with a finite number of hair follicles and their distribution is mandated by your genes alone. Most kids have a round hairline and then when they hit puberty, their hairline begins to square out and take the shape of an adult hairline where the corners of the forehead are a bit receded.

Not all guys have this and some guys ail get a natural hairline that is way higher than normal and which looks like male pattern baldness is taking place. Other guys will pretty much keep their hairline as adults as they had as kids. It's all genetic and depends on how your hair follicles in the scalp respond to dihydrotestosterone which is made in the body from testosterone. You can read the following thread to know more about the different types of hair loss in men:

Since your hairline is shaped genetically it also means that you will inherit your hairline. Have a look around your family members and you will find at least one who has you same hairline if you have an extended family tree line. You can even find a resemblance in your hairline to the women in your family and including your mother. Hair genetics and inheritance is a bit tricky and when it comes to male pattern baldness it really can become a hair loss puzzle.

The two guys in the pictures look like they both have healthy heads of hair. The guy who's further out has a high hairline in which you can notice the receded hairline corners. The guy who's closer has a round hairline that you would expect on a pre-teen male. Just for the record that doesn't mean that you will not go bald. But from my experience as a barber, usually those adults who turn thirty years of age and maintain a juvenile hairline will not go bald.
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