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David Villa hair, hairstyles and haircuts GUIDE 0 0
David Villa hair, hairstyles and haircuts GUIDE
01-07-2014, 04:12 PM
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David Villa hair, hairstyles and haircuts GUIDE
Let's specifically discuss David Villa's hair, hairstyles and haircuts in this thread. Feel free to post more pictures of his hair in this thread.
David Villa is a spanish football player with straight dark brown hair. David Villa has had different hairstyles in his years active as a football player although his trademark style is a soul patch facial style that he always wear. A soul patch is a little bit of hair below the lower lip, this is his most regular "hair style" Big Grin
But for his scalp hairstyles and haircuts, he has some interesting ones that we will see now below!

David Villa hair in messy hairstyles
A very popular hairstyle with Villa is having his hair in a tousled and messy look but always sharp with hair gel.

[Image: David-Villa_2788432.jpg]

[Image: sh44Acs.jpg]

[Image: 1237204160_0.jpg]

[Image: villa201107_ES.jpg]

[Image: David-Villa-celebra-el-primero_541328301...00_396.jpg]

[Image: 1373268491_extras_noticia_foton_7_1.jpg]

David Villa shaggy haircut and messy hair
He will also get a shaggy haircut to make his messy look stand out with asymmetric hair. He likes to have the front hair in a side quiff and the rest of the hair all over the place Big Grin

[Image: David-Villa-en-rueda-de-prensa_541364624...60_640.jpg]

[Image: 1371940868_extras_noticia_foton_7_1.jpg]

David Villa quiff hairstyle
Flat hair except for the front

[Image: Rueda-de-prensa-de-David-Villa_543014810...61_396.jpg]

[Image: 1310229939_extras_portadilla_0_orig.jpg]

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01-07-2014, 04:55 PM
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RE: David Villa hair, hairstyles and haircuts GUIDE
David Villa messy brush up hair style
This one is very similar to the regular messy hairstyle as Villa likes to brush up his hair but leaving the hair tousled. Difficult to see a proper brush up style with him lol

[Image: 1343749651_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_g_0.jpg]

David Villa Ivy League haircut with side fringe
Leaves a side fringe over the forehead while the hair is cut in an Ivy League style

[Image: 1317040950_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_1.jpg]

David Villa Ivy League haircut with side gelled front
Again same Ivy League cut but this time the hair on the front is gelled to the sides and parallel while the previous hairstyle left a side fringe

[Image: David-Villa-imagen-de-la-fraga_542852934...60_640.jpg]

David Villa angled side comb
This hairstyle looks really good, an angled side comb is always elegant. Notice there is no parting line, a true side comb!

[Image: 308.jpg]

David Villa messy bangs
This time front bags are left but kept messy. This man is fascinated with "messy" styles, could it be because his past teammate was "messi"?? lol that was a lame joke of mine, I'm getting old...

[Image: villa.jpg]

David Villa spiky hair
This picture is from when he was 22 years old.

[Image: villa+zarag.jpg]

David Villa side part hair
He is even younger in this picture, 19 years old! Villa was very shy when he was a teenager, so he always had his hair in a very conservative hairstyle. Then he became a football star at Valencia, lots of money and women started flowing in and he changed his hairstyle to the wild messy styles!

[Image: villa+sporting.JPG]

David Villa fringe hairstyle

[Image: 1353098497_extras_noticia_foton_4_0.jpg]

David Villa messy side comb
Hair is lifted up in pyramid resembling a faux hawk crest yet the front is side combed leaving a minor sife fringe. Where the part occurs, the opposing hair is combed to the front.
This guy is an obvious expert at hair styling!

[Image: david-villa-fc-barcelona-2010-fichaje.jpg]

Big hairstyle change
In this image below you can see the comparison of how he has changed in a time frame of 7 years. Like I said he was very shy and introverted but when fame hit him and he became known in the world playing for Valencia, Villa changed his looks and aesthetics and especially his hairstyle!
Women in Spain were also all over him so that helps too when motivating a positive change in one's image Cool

[Image: n_valencia_david_villa-53863.jpg]

Hair products for David Villa's hairstyles and haircuts
Ok guys, by now you have got the hang of it right?? Everything must be MESSY lol And what is best for messy hair? Hair wax. Depending on the look, glossy or natural, you will want one type of hair wax or another type of hair wax, and I will be recommending which types below.
Hair gel is also an important hair product for Villa and he has even said so in the past. For brush up styles and quiffs, he uses hair gel for a harder look. He also uses hair gel for the side combs and spiky hair.
Lastly, a hair dryer is a good addition to your hair product collection as the big messy styles of Villa are enhanced with a hair dryer. If your wallet allows it, get a good hair dryer too (I recommend one below) as it will last you for years and it is a great styling tool for getting a big messy hairstyle in honour of our friend Villa here Big Grin

Get these products:
This hair wax for a natural looking messy hairstyle.
This hair wax for a glossy and crafted messy hairstyle - I recommend you buy both hair waxes and experiment with them, they are not expensive.
This hair gel for harder quiffs and spiky hair
This hair dryer for the ultimate big messy hairstyle. use the hair wax for the natural looking messy hairstyle when using this hair dryer.
This hair pomade if you are also interested in classic side combs and side parts.
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05-03-2014, 04:13 PM
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RE: David Villa hair, hairstyles and haircuts GUIDE
I actually laughed at the contrast of him at 19 and now, guess he didn't have confidence to wear his hair the way he wanted to, looks better now, by the way really like the Ivy League haircut on him to
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