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David Beckham balding and receding hairline from man bun?
10-05-2015, 02:55 PM
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David Beckham balding and receding hairline from man bun?
I'm interested in the hair loss that can be caused by manbuns, so I wanted to ask if in this picture of David Beckham's man bun he is balding from traction alopecia. You can see in the corners (the temples) how the hairline is receded which is a common thing with traction alopecia from man buns and top knots.

[Image: OTeAIZe.jpg]

I also saw other threads discussing the progressive balding of David Beckham. The picture here is from 2010 when Beckham played for Los Angeles Galaxy. I've seen discussions in this forum from 2015 with pictures of David Beckham's hair loss and how his hair has thinned out a lot. His father went bald early too. Just curious to know if David Beckham could have aggravated his balding in the early stages by wearing tight hairstyles like the man bun. Thanks!
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10-06-2015, 05:55 AM
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David Beckham's hair loss could, in part, be caused by his tightly-tied manbuns.
Yes, we have discussed David Beckham's hair loss in the forum in the past as his hair is gradually thinning out and his hairline is receding. He does still maintain a decent amount of hair density at age 40, although he looks to have had some minor work done on his hairline.

The thing with David Beckham is that he lives off his image now that he doesn't play soccer anymore. It's the same issue with Hollywood actors and the likes; going bald for them is among the worst things that could occur to their image. Few successful Hollywood actors have pulled the bald look, and they became famous (and successful) when they were already bald and had buzzed their hair. I know this industry and I am not joking when I say that balding is among the most-important worries in Hollywood and in the celebrity world.

As for the man bun hairstyle causing hair loss, we've been warning about this for years now. A man bun or a top knot that is tied tightly will cause awful traction alopecia over the long term in the same manner that tightly-tied cornrows and braids will also do. The typical pattern of traction alopecia from manbuns and topknots is that the hairline is receded as a whole, instead of having the receding corners that are typical of male pattern baldness.

Considering that traction alopecia can be irreversible (i.e. the receding hairline will not grow back), it's very important to never tie a man bun or a top knot too tight and to never wear these hairstyles all the time and every single day.

That hair loss picture of David Beckham is from 2010, which is about the time when Beckham's hair started to recede. As far as I recall, David Beckham got a haircut in 2012 or so in order to sport medium-length hairstyles. Prior to his medium-length haircut, he did have a thing for tightly-tied manbuns and ponytails, so it's plausible that David Beckham's balding could have been accelerated during the time frame in which he sported these tightly-tied hairstyles.

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11-18-2015, 10:15 AM
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RE: David Beckham balding and receding hairline from man bun?
I have read before about this style potentially causing hair loss in men.
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