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12-14-2016, 05:42 AM
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Hi guys, I need some serious help, I am a male with short hair, unfortunately short hair doesn't really suit me at all & I would love to be able to grow my hair a bit longer... the only problem is for some reason my hair gets really damaged/frizzy whenever I try and grow it longer (especially if you look at it in the sun or under a light at night - it just looks extremely frizzy), which always leads to me having to cut it short again.

Its really weird and honestly does not make any sense to me at all, because I have been reading online for years on ways to both strengthen your hair & prevent damage to your hair. No matter how expensive shampoo/conditioner I use, nothing seems to help - I have tried so many different treatments and so many different oils (olive oil, coconut oil etc...) nothing seems to work. I know my diet isn't a problem because I eat really clean and keep away from junk food, processed foods and sugar. I do not colour my hair or use any type of heat stylers or use any hair products, I do not rub or scrub my hair while wet and only wash my hair about once to twice a week and still nothing helps.

It honestly doesn't make sense to me because I have friends who eat absolute rats, use heat styling treatments (sometimes every single day), scrub their hair while wet and yet there hair is perfectly fine and healthy looking. There has to be something else to it???

I have tried heaps of different types of deep conditioner treatments, oil treatments, and every natural remedy that you can think of - coconut oil, olive oil, argon oil, avocado, honey, aloe vera, onion, banana, egg, mayonnaise etc... but nothing really seems to help

Can anyone recommend a product that actually works in repairing damaged/fizzy hair??
Or please point out if I am doing anything wrong or missing something as it doesn't make sense to me??

I honestly appreciate any help that you can provide and will be forever grateful Smile
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02-08-2017, 08:49 PM
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My first assumption is you have a very fluffy type of hair? My brother has the same and also only has short styles.

This is most likely a case where you need to keep growing to get over the frizzy/fluffy patch, when you hair gets a good amount of length, say 5-6 inches it will be much better and easier to style.

Keep using the coconut oil, use good shampoo.

Can you post pics of your hair?
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