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Cute hairstyles for boys?
04-25-2015, 07:58 AM
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Cute hairstyles for boys?
I started another thread and had a similar question but I can't edit it. I wanted to ask the experts here what would be some cute hairstyles for boys? My kid has wavy hair and is 8 years old. I'm not looking for dapper or formal hairstyles for him but rather, something that is casual and cute.

I forgot to say in my other thread that his hair must be about 3 inches. I tried measuring it but he could not stand still! Big Grin Anyway his hair is not that long but my wife and I can style it into pretty much any kids hairstyle. My wife used to cut his hair but she has started taking him now to the hair salon with her and he has gotten some nice haircuts. But the hairstylists there seem to be a bit boring and always give him a really low side part and call it a day. Thanks for any help that you may offer.
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04-26-2015, 01:52 PM
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RE: Cute hairstyles for boys?
I just replied to your other thread and the main thing to take home is that casual hairstyles play much better with kids than anything resembling a formal hairstyle or a complex hairstyle. With kid's hair, you want to spend the least amount styling his hair as his hair will be changing thru the day due to their activity levels.

Like I mentioned in my reply on your other thread the best hairstyles for boys are those that are messy, tousled and finger styled. Unless you're taking your boy to a formal set like a family funeral, you really don't need a comb.

In your other thread I explained how to style messy hair for boys. For others who may be interested here's my messy hair styling explanation with lots of pictures of messy styles on kids that will give you lots of ideas! Smile

I also posted a second reply to my reply above in the link but this time my reply was for curly boys. Their hair also does really well with messy styles but you need to be extra careful with their hair care as tousling their hair can lead to some bad tangles. For this you need to use a conditioner and a leave in conditioner or a styling cream. Those products will make your son's hair styling a walk in the park.

Cute hairstyles are any that keep that controlled messy look. Use a good hair styling wax if your son has straight hair or use a hair styling cream or leave in conditioner if your son has wavy hair, coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair. In your case Frederick, for your son's wavy hair the best hair styling product would be a styling cream so see this curly hair men products thread for great curly products that are beneficial to both adults and boys.

So I'll post below a range of pictures of messy and cute hairstyles for boys. They're casual hair styles, sometimes the hair is swept a tad to break the messy look a bit, but cute hairstyles aren't about formal hairstyles or complex hairstyles that require your son undergo 2 hours of hairstyling! Big Grin

All these hairstyles are easy, convenient and cute for boys. The best way is to look at all these pictures and start to think of which hairstyles resonate more with your son's own hair and attitude. I'll be happy to look into any other questions from you or from anyone else on cute hairstyles for boys. Cheers! Smile

[Image: 59948d7f3db66ab25131b176dd12e013.jpg]

[Image: e8f4e04f4e75cae1184edeb68dc6875e.jpg]

[Image: 5acd91759c14666b8c01fa0de424df95.jpg]

[Image: c34baec6b8d9d77e4f7b0a30efbfcf93.jpg]

[Image: d2eb39d863389a32017ce4943a0ae75b.jpg]

[Image: c4d6c859b38e6b965763a430d78a874b.jpg]

[Image: e00cfa01e6905f41aecd8ce481cee0e9.jpg]

[Image: 46835d5dc76f33b3766165d3c848d2f6.jpg]

[Image: 3bc2400209f94fa0a74b08d4b40cbd0e.jpg]

[Image: 2821c09ad5dae75043b499ef281d4d42.jpg]

[Image: 864b8d8abaf091beebf08ca420d69786.jpg]

[Image: f0bea7149956f713f7235894998750cd.jpg]

[Image: 7b8af7ca1f4c51ed590c6441a453c594.jpg]

[Image: 5b2b7d51b91eff55cc370014af675096.jpg]

[Image: f292448e58ebb7aac0411825cce9aaf7.jpg]

[Image: 82a672a95c8deb04f466a64cff54570e.jpg]

[Image: 916a1ad745af1e6c3631be7232c43b62.jpg]

[Image: 4354d7bff3c81c3c844501c1cb26b53c.jpg]

[Image: 0a221977e879df0cc0f87c18cf31d2c2.jpg]

[Image: 4a33eee7fa7e0a280f59646a6273c8f1.jpg]

[Image: 05ef72d511a225bad7fd7bf0c06df1f2.jpg]

[Image: 07af31ed3af5c57f8c878ec832f77fbf.jpg]

[Image: ceed0ef06e785356693f1de8df169b2b.jpg]

[Image: 95bbd1db745dcc28be2541f4ec12b747.jpg]

[Image: 278136a7098b2ce874292a25d9872bc4.jpg]

[Image: c0488b60ffa7c41da310b9b2c2a44b96.jpg]

[Image: 82b76812563887ce3a5164f179f59f21.jpg]

[Image: d2fe9bad4b803c77874c3480b4421c5c.jpg]

[Image: ee0236c093f91c4a01be20616f2100c0.jpg]

[Image: 1778144224272bdb2cef49a472efdb9b.jpg]

[Image: 774f144efdaa5f341368f742647fbd08.jpg]

[Image: f1995086cd7f0ece7bc48822439762b6.jpg]

[Image: c4a4da16f9e067eb5a631d173b488c40.jpg]
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05-03-2015, 08:08 AM
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RE: Cute hairstyles for boys?
Thank you so much again, Bradley! Smile

I've just replied to your response on my other thread and I've now gotten some seriously good ideas on the kind of hairstyles that I want for my boy.

I really like the fact that hair styling for boys is pretty much the same as for adults, so I can use the same hairstyles that I use for him. Since he has wavy hair that falls under curly hair. That thread that you've linked on curly hair products has been very useful as I too have wavy hair so I'm picking hair products on behalf of both of us!

My other kids use their own hair products and they don't have hair as wavy as my youngest son so I can see this being a way to spend even more fun time as we'll both be styling our hair the same way, or at least I will style it in any way that my son wants to.

This forum is awesome and the advice that I've found in your replies and the other replies in the forum is just absolutely great. This place is full of helpful information and I wish that I had discovered it earlier as I would have saved quite a bit of money especially on hair clippers.

Thanks again pal.
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