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Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircut 2014 World Cup with Shaved Lines
06-23-2014, 11:52 AM
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Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircut 2014 World Cup with Shaved Lines
Cristiano Ronaldo got a new haircut before the match against USA in this 2014 World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo's new hairstyle was a pompadour while the new haircut sharpened the sides of his head for a pretty cool new age pompadour hair style. Ronaldo added his own touch to the haircut by shaving a 'V' shape on the right side of his head. Ronaldo has said in the past that the V shape he gets shaved in for his hairstyles & haircuts is the letter for 'victory' & that it gives him luck. This time tho, Cristiano Ronaldo's new haircut was of no use because they drew 2 - 2 against USA & now Portugal is almost out of the World Cup!

CR7 has not been the only football player to change his hairstyle during the 2014 World Cup. Neymar changed his hairstyle too by sharpening the sides of the head like Ronaldo & then getting blonde highlights before the match against Mexico. Like with CR7 the new hairstyle of Neymar didn't give him luck & they drew 0 - 0 against Mexico Big Grin

[Image: 451014250-484204.jpg]

[Image: 594702111.jpg]

[Image: Cristiano-Ronaldo-Portugal-USA-Mundial-2014.jpg]

[Image: christiano_ronaldo_2306_840_673_100.JPG]

[Image: 673]

[Image: 20140622-635390195630352149w.jpg]

How to shave hair lines like Cristiano Ronaldo
To do the same hair design as CR7 - the 'V' shape - you don't actually use a normal razor to shave it but you use an special trimmer called a T outliner or finisher & only use one side of the blade of the clipper. You can give yourself a lot of hair designs as it is very easy to clip the hair as if u were shaving it!
A very affordable T outliner that is of excellent quality is this T outliner here which is great for designing your hair & for also trimming & close shaving your beard! Make sure to also get the clipper oil - click the link to see it - so that you can keep the T outliner well lubricated & also get the quick cleaning product - click link to see it - so that you can maintain the T outliner sanitized - the oil & quick cleaning product last months & are low cost.

Happy clipping! Smile
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06-23-2014, 02:54 PM
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RE: Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircut 2014 World Cup with Shaved Lines
Seen Ronaldos new haircut (Though it is the same haircut as he had before wasn't it? , Just he added the shaved part on the side) , I got told and I also seen somewhere that the shape on his head had something to do with something he was involved in recently , He paid for a child's treatment (I believe it was life saving) and the shape trimmed on the side of his head was something to do with that , I will try and find the exact post giving information about it but it may just be what you said.

Either way shows the good footballers can do (Even though they earn a lot more than most say they should , And what they need) players like Ronaldo and another big figure Drogba do use their money to help out , I'm not sure what else Ronaldo has done , But I know Drogba has created charities , Built buildings for those in need and even stopped a war in his country , Nothing to do with hair or football but just shows the good they can do.
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07-01-2014, 02:08 PM
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RE: Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircut 2014 World Cup with Shaved Lines
Jonny, that is correct. Cristiano Ronaldo got his V shaped haircut to honor a kid that was his fan and who had cancer. The kid had a scar in the shape of a V on his head (from cranial surgery to remove the tumor), so CR7 got his haircut design in honor of his little buddy Smile

He may be a bit of a flamboyant dude, but Cristiano has always shown a lot of dedication to helping others and I know this even though I don't follow soccer that much. He looks like a nice guy but, truth be told, some of the pictures that we have posted in his hairstyles thread are epic LOLs Big Grin

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