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Crew Cut Haircut Guide: How To, Advice, Tips and Styling Photos 5 2
Crew Cut Haircut Guide: How To, Advice, Tips and Styling Photos
09-19-2018, 11:52 AM
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Thumbs Up Crew Cut Haircut Guide: How To, Advice, Tips and Styling Photos

The Internet's Hairstyle Guide for the Crew Cut Haircut

The crew cut haircut is a low maintenance men's haircut that most barbers, hairdressers and even stylists can do on any male hair type. If you're longing for an aesthetic haircut that will keep your hair styling simple, then the crew cut haircut is for you.

How to get a crew cut haircut:
Please be aware that there's a lot of wrong information online about this haircut. The crew cut is a hair-clipper haircut in that a hair clipper is used only as the hair cutting device. This means that the hair on the top is left at a buzzed length that depending on the clipper number, may or may not leave the hair atop long enough for it to be styled. The hair on the top must never exceed half an inch of hair length and it blows my mind to see so much misguided advice online about this haircut (and others).

If the hair on the top is longer than half an inch and has been scissor-trimmed, then the haircut is an Ivy League haircut and not a crew cut. Always tell your barber or hairdresser that you want less than half of an inch on the top in case he or she isn't familiarized with the crew cut haircut.

There are two types of crew cut haircuts: the Continental crew cut and the American crew cut. The Continental crew cut haircut uses the same clipper length on the top of the head. The American crew cut haircut uses a slightly longer clipper length on the forelock (front) than on the crown, which gives rise to a wedge-like cut from the side. This is how an American crew cut haircut looks like (borderline long on the top):

[Image: 7cebed799801d5aed2d607b671d763ab.jpg]

For comparison's sake, this is an Ivy League haircut. Notice the much longer hair on the top creating a wedge-like shape as seen from the side:

[Image: d8c55006314f053b4eb3817d611509ab.jpg]

Right, back to the crew cut haircut. The hair on the sides and back is also clipped. The clipping here is a taper buzz (hair clipper) and typically only has any skin fading (if at all) at the perimeter of the nape and sides. But nowadays more and more barbers are using the bald fade and similar fade haircuts for their clients' crew cuts. Nothing wrong here and this guide includes such crew cut haircut spin-offs. But I will duly note that the classic all-timer crew cut haircut is a hair-clipper taper on the sides and back with no whitewalls.

With this said, a crew cut haircut is not a high and tight haircut nor is it an undercut. And again I've seen so many websites mislabelling these haircuts all the time and we've had a good amount of our barbershop's client coming in confused with what's what. Let's stop the nonsense with this crew cut haircut guide, shall we?

This guide continues below on the next post.
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09-19-2018, 11:56 AM
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Crew cut haircut photos and hairstyling advice, including hair products to use.
Crew cut haircut gallery:
This haircut gallery includes both crewcut haircut versions (Continental and American). It also includes fade-cut variations as mentioned earlier.

[Image: 285b442d9346b40bc9fadfb72fbf08bb.jpg]
[Image: 4012aa46196b304b158282cdceaa5b87.jpg]
[Image: 542e4e70d8e66fce033ea463750be615.jpg]
[Image: 6d077e19041fded2f0660d317818ff79.jpg]
[Image: 368f532ee752cb920e01f67ad985e76a.jpg]
[Image: 1145b54c42d5c7c05972c87096630698.jpg]
[Image: fd7d6e56c8eda4ce8696dd05241614eb.jpg]
[Image: f5d2a9c04c81878e496bfa0d90df6e63.jpg]
[Image: f45433b1c22a2204dba030ed47ccc738.jpg]
[Image: 47508657736e12f9318882962b3fb1be.jpg]

Styling a crew cut haircut:
A crew cut requires minimal hair styling as the options are very limited due to the very short length of hair on the top. Depending on the length, you may be able to side part it, tousle it or quiff it.

For the most part, only use hair wax or hair gel to style your crew cut. Get this hair wax and/or this hair gel if you want to style that crew cut of yours.
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09-19-2018, 12:16 PM
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Additional crew cut haircut pictures with different hair lengths.
Here you have more crew cut haircut photos showcasing the different hair lengths on the top that can be used. We recommend that you always take any of these photos to your barber or hairdresser so that you and him/her are on the same page as to what you want.

[Image: 15d5e64843ee52ec472ad606d360bf89.jpg]
[Image: f9a36ee6f4469602253a72f64dae60fe.jpg]
[Image: 979d6f6f68d547b995db537e66b19724.jpg]
[Image: 3b37b901e7dc4d4e5682330bed49f83d.jpg]
[Image: e4a8d23f674106a310465ebc95aa36af.jpg]
[Image: dc4b9fdcdb95f21c0d31b23df3d87ee3.jpg]
[Image: 2ac620d91194c010856a9831a98cd4e0.jpg]
[Image: 1743910efc4319ceae983dfdf802ecb6.jpg]
[Image: 5b601af2a73bc3e31c44e1c2a61f8172.jpg]
[Image: 3970b06dbf5d1fffe02d810a087dea84.jpg]
[Image: 0f8745d873b41f5880e803ea02128d2c.jpg]
[Image: d493c623bb8eeaafe7a20c8e8f32f30f.jpg]
[Image: 7a1b2f2da265f3dca26b34b2a65647cc.jpg]
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11-23-2018, 03:01 PM
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This is the best guide on the Crew Cut haircut online.
Excellent Crew Cut haircut guide! The pictures are on point and it's good that you emphasize the differences between both types of crew cut haircuts. What's understood in the United States as a Crew Cut is distinguishable different to what is mostly understood as in Europe. That's barber-geek detail! Big Grin

Can't add more to this Crew Cut guide as it's all covered and the pictures are exactly what they infer as far as the shape and aesthetics of this short haircut confers. Good point on many websites getting this haircut wrong and making a mess altogether of what's what. A High and Tight equating a Crew Cut? The stuff that one reads elsewhere online...

Keep up the great work, Panther; I've seen some of your other haircut guides on this forum as a professional barber and they're all on an epic level.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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12-05-2018, 03:08 PM
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RE: Crew Cut Haircut Guide: How To, Advice, Tips and Styling Photos
The things you learn as a barber. Didn't know about the two types of crew cut haircuts. Maybe because I'm used to the regular one, the american one. Or that's what I understand as a regular crew cut LOL

We do a lot of crew cuts at our barbershop. Possibly the third most popular short haircut after a high fade and a V shape. If you can get your beard on point and well trimmed, then a crew cut will really sharpen up a masculine look.

I must confess I go through many of your guides and from a couple other barbers in this forum for that extra barber knowledge... Every little helps in this profession Smile
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