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Cool Mens Hairstyles with a Beanie - Epic Pictures Guide 5 1
Cool Mens Hairstyles with a Beanie - Epic Pictures Guide
04-10-2014, 12:45 PM
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Cool Mens Hairstyles with a Beanie - Epic Pictures Guide
This is our picture guide on cool mens hairstyles with a beanie. All styles from a quiff to a side part with a beanie will be covered with the goal of showing you how to match and style your hairstyle with a beanie. Since beanies do cover most of your scalp, there is little room for hairstyling, yet you can always use some hair to spice up your beanie look!

We do already have a great guide on mens hairstyles with a beanie, and I highly recommend you to check out that thread for all the advice we gave on the use of beanies for male hair. In this guide, however, we will focus exclusively on posting pictures and, eventually, make this an epic thread just like the many others we have here in the Hairstyles & Haircuts thread Smile

Side fringe

Leaving a fringe (side or vertical) to show outside of the beanie is a cool hairstyle to try. It goes very well for the 2 hair types of straight hair and wavy hair.

[Image: 0ab418dbd7071b57d2a11c79cfab0993.jpg]

[Image: dd9d3c2e19603f2c56a827c14f593bb7.jpg]

[Image: fa8bd1b20c76db800284fc8ea97126f7.jpg]

[Image: af0163f84f8f9b32fd282ac714e325e7.jpg]


Another style variation with a beanie is pulling the beanie a little bit back on the scalp to show some hair (forelock hair). This allows for the hair to be lifted up in a shaped quiff, a messy quiff or a pseudo quiff.

[Image: 42254731bbeab83a8d55c5b149b002a8.jpg]

[Image: 9f0aa573ddc4ed1e3b78e16eb0fc2efb.jpg]

[Image: 5605d71cac6aed34eb77e43ec20e190c.jpg]

[Image: e567b0db960c5f1235c1282be5e59b85.jpg]

[Image: ec95ee835228ceba0fd5c9feb3b7fe90.jpg]

Slicked back hair

Another possibility is to pull the beanie back while keeping he forelock (i.e. hair ont he front) pull back too recreating slicked back hair. The hair that is left showing is thus pulled back and flattened, which is a look that can work really well with curly men who want to show their hair with looser curls.

[Image: 715d7720483502fa75ac76d2415ee470.jpg]

[Image: 490c8686cab085218e2c92fe3c8f37b3.jpg]

[Image: dbdf987b0d6752a9e188aed2306c8ebf.jpg]

[Image: efc7e747636db2ff4b9d261821d8d10b.jpg]

Long hair

A male can also wear a beanie with long hair. The beanie covers the whole of the scalp but the lengthy locks protrude from the perimeter of the beanie. It's an interesting look, nonetheless.

[img][Image: fa59c66b01b53d7430c5ed3df649d3a6.jpg][/img]

[Image: 65da74a22018c93abac3a4a416840eee.jpg]

No hairstyle

Last but not least, some dudes simply prefer to cover their whole hair with the beanie. This is, of course, an excellent beanie style if you're having a "bad hair" day or if simply you can't be bothered to style your mane. It's also a great winter fashion look for balding men Smile Plus you can always match this look with any of the trendier beard styles!

[Image: 0a652134ee44454564c9523f911c304a.jpg]

[Image: 8bc498bf189d2f1c9baf855c365e0feb.jpg]

[Image: 8702081fb377a2462d61d6353e36136a.jpg]

[Image: 41eaefaa9183dfa570ebc23fa32cf2ad.jpg]

[Image: 31809debac5b23d13f41a758a00ad1b8.jpg]

Feel free to post more pictures or comment Smile

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You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-13-2014, 01:22 PM
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RE: Cool Mens Hairstyles with a Beanie - Epic Pictures Guide
I remember the previous guide was very nice too so more pics in this one is well awesome now!!
What beanies do you recommend btw i think you mentioned it in the other guide? or any new ones just for fashion and look hip... not for cold or anything like that lol
Oh and the beanie hairstyles with beards... mdan those looks good cause it makes the beard stand out more so if you can grow a good one or get a good beard style you can surely look good with a beanie imo
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