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Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures 5 1
Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures
07-25-2014, 01:32 PM
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Thumbs Up Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures
This is our guide on cool haircuts and hairstyles for men with glasses. I will post pictures of mens hair styles with glasses, recommended hairstyling products, face shapes etc You can also post pictures, comment or ask questions Smile

Taper haircut
The taper haircut suits all men & it is what we also call a classic haircut. A taper can have the top in a shaggy or messy style tho.

For some cool natural looking messy styles, go with this matte wax. As for getting a taper haircut, you must visit a skilled barber or hairdresser because giving a taper cut is an art!

[Image: uj9sUl5.jpg]

Side comb
Like with the taper haircut, a side comb or side swept hairstyle goes great for all men. A side comb like the one below of Ricky Martin is better for a more modern style & it is very easy to change it to side swept style very easy.

In the side comb of Ricky Martin below, he is using a 'high shine' wax to style his side comb. If you want to imitate this same look, then get this high shine wax - the good thing about the wax in the link is that it allows you to re-style your hair all thru the day as many times as you want without applying more wax or wetting your hair! Smile

[Image: HHjyXCK.jpg]

Modern side part
A modern side part is a regular side part with a casual look & with plenty of hairstyle volume - you can style your hair to the side with your fingers only to achieve a casual look.
To achieve hair volume, you will need a good hair dryer. Just point the hair dryer - aka blowdryer - to your hair as you style your hair to the side with your fingers.

For the modern side part in the picture below, use THIS hair dryer, which is the best hair dryer for men available. The hair dryer in the link will tame any frizz, which is the opposite of regular hair dryers & it will improve the gloss of your hair. For a hairstyling product to use for the modern side part, go with the matte hair wax I recommended for the taper haircut above.

[Image: EeyzdNd.jpg]

Side part
If you prefer a regular side part, then that's also a great hairstyle for men with glasses. Just use the same hair wax for the modern side part above, but either don't use the hair dryer recommended for the modern side part or use a good hair dryer only for a fraction of the time you use it for the modern side part.

If you want a regular side part with shine, then get the 'high shine' hair wax recommended above for the side comb.

[Image: 8NAJIy6.jpg]

Messy blowout
A messy blowout will give you a lot of hair volume, so only try it if you are a young looking male with glasses, as older guys will look like mad scientists lol a messy blowout is a perfect hairstyle for men with the hair types of straight hair & wavy hair.

To get a similar messy blowout like in the picture below, use the same hair dryer recommended for the modern side part as well as the same matte wax for the taper haircut.

[Image: moWgxVR.jpg]

A good quiff hairstyle suits men with glasses because of the modern look of the hairstyle. It spices up your look! Smile

To shape a quiff like the one below, you should use the 'high shine' wax for the side comb.

[Image: tOjtmf3.jpg]

Modern slick back
Glasses always suit the slicked back hair style in both the modern slick back & classic slick back. For a casual modern slick back like the one in the picture, use this hairstyling cream.

[Image: kXCXyx0.jpg]

Quiff with clipped sides
A great haircut for men with square faces, the quiff with the sides clipped very short is also a great hairstyle for men with glasses. You can either an disconnected undercut or a clipper taper done on the sides of your head. Even a fade cut on the sides of your head will work for squared face shapes!

To get the same gloss & shine in the quiff below, use THIS shine pomade, which has a strong hold that is perfect for shaping your quiff & which is also very easy to wash off your hair - which is a great thing of this recommended shine pomade as regular pomades are a pain to remove! Big Grin

[Image: EDpoJsq.jpg]
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07-25-2014, 03:28 PM
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RE: Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures
Gelled back would look cool
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07-26-2014, 07:04 AM
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RE: Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures
HIgh give if you have glasses!! lol I knew someone in the forum would come to or rescue and give us some great hairstyling ideas. I don't see the undercut hairstyle with glasses, does that mean that the undercut hairstyle is not a good hairstyle for men with glasses? Huh

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07-26-2014, 09:34 AM
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RE: Cool Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Ideas and Pictures
Zorba, I just replied to the thread you started on Undercut hairstyle for men with glasses. I am going to also post below a set of pictures of the Undercut for men with reading glasses. Now that I think about it, we may just very well create another guide but this time for sunglasses. I am also posting some other styles too.


The cool thing about the Undercut is that it can be done as a side swept, parted in a modern style or simply tousled for a messy style. When it comes to the hairstyles below, you are best getting pomades to style your Undercut.

Specifically, get THIS pomade if you want a wet look effect on your hair with a matte (i.e. non-shiny) finish. The pomade in the link has a strong hold (so you can shape with it) and is also a water-based pomade, so it's very easy to clean from your hair.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a pomade that delivers a high-shine finish, then get the one that Jurgen recommended above for the "Quiff with clipped sides" hairstyle!

Either of the 2 pomades above will work excellent for the following Undercuts.

[Image: 57f30f4b29012820e6c1b4a0bd6c6e7e.jpg]

[Image: 8e726c6c09625447e93130bcd7f56954.jpg]

[Image: 54c9c8e25462cfd427b403c63472586b.jpg]

[Image: d1f19790fcfc49da974499a78d27c554.jpg]

[Image: 8840d0270a4c3f2385919f7c4be8e38e.jpg]

[Image: 3501531d86df5e7b4c96d250de90deef.jpg]

[Image: cb38bb6feb3b44ca6c0181ccfd3de1a6.jpg]

[Image: 3cb87dfecd6cf1c22c57002b2a421dc0.jpg]

[Image: 4dd45d533eec4343b85d050f3f5439bb.jpg]

[Image: 778b23b4621e3a17f3b7bda213415dc7.jpg]

[Image: bf7bdb666c489d99b8de4940a2fcf1fe.jpg]

[Image: 743a6900ba35be5c22a70a78c9378c9d.jpg]

[Image: ff5cbf521910768d1d1a323b87603e18.jpg]

Modern side part

A messy side parted top with volume is always a winner. The picture below is of Andre Hamann hair.

[Image: bee2293031ecae8a70514f0f5df1c3a6.jpg]

Modern side comb

Same as above, but without the side parting.

[Image: 9e32cfb7c5687903a6064a5cc919de7f.jpg]

Businessman cut

The businessman cut is up there in terms of best hairstyles for guys with glasses!

[Image: c9cb2b6dcd69f53cf0dc6664252b2428.jpg]


Use wax for your Quiff (as recommended earlier by Jurgen in his post) and you're ready to go!

[Image: 223ebf3d0b1dddfdd220885d79f8c26d.jpg]

Messy fringe

A fringe may not always work for you, but if it's tousled (i.e. messy) then the chances of working for you will increase!

A good hair mousse like THIS one will work great to achieve a messy fringe like the one below.

[Image: 5f9f2c1e23e316c75e84f7bb8108d482.jpg]

Brush up

The Brush Up hairstyle requires the use of a hair dryer to achieve vertical length that is 100% vertical or a little angled. Use the same hair dryer that Jurgen recommended above for the "modern side part" style.

I really could not agree more with him about buying a high-quality hair dryer since regular hair dryers will damage your hair if you use them frequently (i.e. a couple of times per week!). So get the one he recommends as that one is among the few that minimize any heat damage! Smile

[Image: f82f773632fd72c7736d4e22279bfb33.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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