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Confused about straightening & styling
09-08-2015, 12:43 PM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2015 12:46 PM by markb03.)
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Confused about straightening & styling
Hi Guys,

Since this is my first post, I don't think I can post any pictures (as I've read in many other threads). I will start with my story of my long struggling journey of styling my hair.

I discovered this forum about 2 weeks ago an learned a lot so I am very grateful for coming across this. I'm 26 and since I was about 12 or 13 (when I discovered hair gel), I could NEVER get my hair styled the way I wanted. I have probably 20 products in my drawer of every type. I would try multiple times, shampoo my head several times and try again. I could never get it straight and spiky. Tried with wet hair, dry hair, damp hair, everything...

I have very light brown (slight blonde) hair that is thin/fine. It has been like this my entire life and is not "thinning" although I do notice my crown seems thinner than it use to be. Saying that, I should not run into any issues of baldness as there is no baldness in my family (both grandfathers, dad, uncles, etc... full heads of hair).

Right now my hair is short - about just under 2 inches on top and about 9mm (#3) on the sides. I have started growing my hair out as of late. Since I had trouble styling most of my life, I had a haircut of #1 (3mm) sides and very short top (probably less than 1 inch) because I gave up. This was my hairstyle of about the past 6 years and I am finally sick of it. I would go get a haircut every 7 to 10 days (b/c the sides would start sticking out). Shorter hair was just easier to manage with product.

I also discovered here that many footballers straighten their hair (Ronaldo, Neymar) or someone like Justin Bieber - so I thought this would solve my problem. I thought it was just them having amazing hair genetics and me having the worst in this world. I thought I had "straight hair" but after discovering this forum it seems like I have curly - wavy hair. After showering it's pretty straight and flat, but as it starts drying the ends curl a bit. I imagine this is part of the trouble of not being able to spike my hair straight my entire life.

I purchased a $20 1/2 inch ceramic straightener from wal-mart (since my hair is short anyways, and I can't use a 1 inch) and I have more success now in styling my hair.

I am however confused because many threads suggest its best to use wax/products in general on damp hair. Do I straighten and then make my hair damp, then style and blow-dry? Wouldn't adding water to straightened hair lose its shape and cause it to curl for me?

In other words - what steps should I be taking exactly from the moment my hair is fully wet when I come out of the shower? By the way, I am aware of and use a heat protector.

The type of hairstyle I want to achieve is the Jakub Blaszczykowski hairstyle - probably a #2/#3 sides and spiked top around 2 - 3 inches. First picture on google, yellow shirt and spiked hair going to the side.

Recently I discovered TIGI Matte seperation wax, hanz de fuko quicksand and hanz de fuko sponge wax. All 3 have helped me style my hair like I never have before, but I believe its b/c of straightening and not so much the product of choice.

Considering the style I am going for, my hair type (thin) and wavy, and most likely requiring a straightener to achieve this, how should I go about doing this step by step?

Thank you in advance!
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