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Coarse, Curly, Dry Hair, unmanageable. Help! 0 0
Coarse, Curly, Dry Hair, unmanageable. Help!
06-22-2017, 12:26 PM
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Coarse, Curly, Dry Hair, unmanageable. Help!
Hello, I am in need of advice for managing my hair or alternative solutions to deal with it.

My hair is currently about 1 3/4 inches long, and it is practically unmanageable. When it is wet, I can lay it back with my fingertips and some leave in conditioner, but afterwards, it dries and curls all over the place, feeling dry like straw. It also has split ends and random little curly bits that will not cooperate. When I try to lay it down, the hair lays all flat, with the bangs being the ONLY exception to this, curling hard downward in a 'C' shape, and the middle of my bangs sticking outward and curling at the same time.

When I shower, I use sulfate free products, but mostly a conditioner. I have tried multiple kinds, but the ones I go to now are the Loreal Sulfate-free evercurl and the nourishing conditioner. I also have the nourishing shampoo, which I use once or twice a week.

Despite my efforts to use products and shampoo/conditioner and oil treatments carefully, my hair will not cooperate. This results in me having to get monthly cuts/trims to deal with it, which is upsetting for me since I want to grow it out enough to not have to spend forever styling it daily. Angry Undecided I am a bit on the insecure side and hate having my hair short. Until a month or two ago, I was only shaving my hair down to a size 2 on the sides, and a size 5 on the top, since I couldn't handle it growing. But I also am considering doing this again, since my hair will not retain a moisturized feeling at all.

I have tried straightening my hair, but that only makes it worse. Gel is also an equal risk. Just using a straightener once, or even gel, renders my hair uncooperative the next time I try to use it. For instance, if I try to use my straightener again, even with a heat spray, it will be harder to straighten each time, with fly-aways sticking up all over the place, with the still straw feeling, as opposed to a silky smooth texture it used to have.

I am 20 years old, and my hair has been feeling like this since I turned 16. I can't tell if it's just a texture of my hair, or if it is a condition in which I am not caring for it properly. But over the years, I have taken great attempts to make sure it could be in the best condition.
Up until I turned 16, my hair used to be wavy and curly, but felt moisturized and healthy. I had it well past my nose, and had little to no need to use any styling products to achieve a nice look. I assume puberty is the blame for this.

I just am frustrated finding a style that works for me, with this now annoying texture. Does anyone else have this frustration, and how do you handle it? i really could use some assistance. Huh
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06-22-2017, 04:49 PM
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RE: Coarse, Curly, Dry Hair, unmanageable. Help!
Shave it. Best advice you'll get.
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