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Classic Slicked Back Hair versus Modern Slick Back Hairstyle 5 1
Classic Slicked Back Hair versus Modern Slick Back Hairstyle
03-12-2015, 11:21 AM
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Classic Slicked Back Hair versus Modern Slick Back Hairstyle
After reading the new guide for the slick back hairstyle, I want to post here about the difference between the classic slick back & the modern slick back. I was going to post it only as part of that thread but I think it's better if we have the information also on a separate thread.

There are two types of slick back styles - classic & modern. There have been some epic examples of both styles in the pictures posted in our slick back hairstyle guide already, so I will try now to post examples related to each type of slicked back hair.

I will also post the recommended hair products on the next post right below this post. Each style benefits better from specific mens hair products, so it's good for you to have a reference for any tim you want to rapidly change your look.

Classic slick back:

With the classic slick you leave your hair flat by combing it back several times - as much as you want until it looks like you want it to look. The first picture is of Jake Gyllenhaal's hair in a classic slicked back in the movie Prisoners. Jake Gyllenhaal has been a fan for a long time of both types of slick styles.

[Image: 204a1ff9bf805a1b16a996042c450f01.jpg]

[Image: f964bc15b42f811df7a1e7a14441a50f.jpg]

[Image: 59321915d58509ff6dbef36e66d76fc4.jpg]

Modern slick back:

With the modern slick back you leave some volume on your hair. The styling is first with a comb & then with your fingers. You use the comb to direct the hair back & then you use your fingers to give body & fullness to the hair.

A hair dryer is almost a 'must' for the modern slick back style. You can achieve as much hair volume as you want with a hair dryer & it also helps for other hairstyles that you wanna try. Unless you want to live a life of on classic styles, it will do you great to own a decent hair dryer.

[Image: 9546e8e564c0cba7eca197e36122de0f.jpg]

[Image: a547a74fd997ee9dd5dc6fec6186c7c8.jpg]

[Image: 9225b28482b24a64fc7b7b1ea9023c30.jpg]
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03-12-2015, 11:51 AM
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Hair products for the classic and modern slicked back styles!
Styling your hair is only half of the battle. The other half of the battle is using the right hair products for slicking your hair perfectly. Let's go thru them.

Hair products for the classic slick back:

You want strong hold hair products for the classic slick back. With this hair style your hair will be fixed in the backward direction, so your hair will not be moving. It must remain in the same place, so strong hold products are key here.

The best mens hair product for slicked back hair is pomade. If you're feeling like doing it oldschool, you can choose to use an oil pomade aka oil-based pomade. This is the stuff that your grandfather used 60 years ago & so did 3/4 of the men's population in the United States. Oil pomades give a lot of slick, hold & shine.

Water pomades aka water-soluble pomades are the new types of pomades. They provide hold, shine - but usually not as much shine as oil pomades - while they are easier to clean. This is the stuff that your grandchildren will know you used to use - let's hope what's next in the industry Smile

Here are the 2 recommendations for pomades to slick your hair in the classic style. One is an oil pomade while the other is a water pomade.
  • Use THIS oil pomade: this pomade in the link is what guys like Elvis Presley used to grease their pompadour hairstyles. It's also what men over the age of 60 used to slick their hair back or to the side. It has a good price & it is a time tested pomade. Strong hold, lots of shine & slick.
  • Use THIS water pomade: this pomade in the link offers a little bit less shine - but still plenty of shine - than the pomade above, but still has the same strong hold & it's easier to wash. Think of it like this: this pomade gives a less slicked & greased up look than the pomade above. It's easier to wash so it's a great pomade to own.
If you are into the classic slick style & want to use it for other similar hairstyles, just grab both & use them at different times for different hairstyles. That's what I do & it works great.

Hair products for the modern slick back:

You want volume with the modern slick back, so you want to look into a good styling mousse & styling wax. We also highly recommend that you use a hair dryer for the best results. The hair dryer will be very useful for other hairstyles so it's a good investment & it'll last you long.

Here are the recommended styling mousse, styling wax & hair dryer.
  • Use THIS styling mousse: this styling mousse in the link will give you a lot of hair volume on its own. It also has a medium to strong hold so it's perfect for the modern look. It also gives a shiny look if you want to go for that texture.
  • Use THIS styling wax: this styling wax in the link will give you a very natural look while shaping your hair. It has a strong hold & a matte finish, so it gives the opposite of a shiny look & so the hair looks more naturally styled.
  • Use THIS hair dryer: this hair dryer in the link is a great hairdryer that works to battle frizz instead of creating frizz - most hair dryers create frizz & only a few do really battle it. This recommended hair dryer does all the little magic tricks that you want in a high end hair dryer. If this hair dryer is a bit expensive for you, then you can always read our hair dryers thread for a list of recommended hair dryers for men with different price ranges.
Just like with the classic style, you will do best by alternating with the styling mousse & styling wax. You will find a difference in textures which will allow you to change your look fast like a chameleon! Smile The hair dryer is a great investment, although it is not strictly needed for the modern slick back.
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03-12-2015, 06:46 PM
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RE: Classic Slicked Back Hair versus Modern Slick Back Hairstyle
The modern slick back hairstyle is dope. I just don't know if i would be able to pull it off with my face shape.
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