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Christian Kane Haircut versus Long Hair (Pictures) 0 0
Christian Kane Haircut versus Long Hair (Pictures)
05-14-2014, 09:52 AM
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Christian Kane Haircut versus Long Hair (Pictures)
Christian Kane has been known for his long hair but he committed a long hair sin and got it cut. I will be posting some pictures of Christian Kane's haircut, so as to remind you of why you should NOT cut your hair when it looks great long. Apparently, Christian Kane is best buddies with Jensen Ackles, and we already covered Jensen Ackles hairstyles in another hairstyling thread so have a look there too if you're into short messy haircuts.

Anyway, back to Christian Kane's haircut. When he got his hair cut, he left it at a short to medium length with a regular haircut. Essentially, the kind of hairstyle that everyone has, and thus Christian Kane lost his cool factor by cutting his lengthy mane (and it's not just me saying so, lots of female bloggers were also mentioning this).

For those who don't know him, Kane is a rock musician as well as an actor, so he is quite a versatile dude himself.

Picture of Christian Kane's haircut

As said, Christian Kane's hair was left short in a regular medium taper cut. The hairstyling was fairly basic with some messiness and side parting styles that were pretty boring unlike his former long mane which gave him a more unique image and look Big Grin

[Image: c7e84e4697173963c6caef669ebaa599.jpg]

[Image: christiankane.jpg]

[Image: char004.jpg]

[Image: d2e8134364ffbb380ce5651d38d29060.jpg]

[Image: christian_kane_07.jpg]

[Image: christian_kane_2003_04_03.jpg]

[Image: 50c7fedc5424c7241f819862b9e02570.jpg]

[Image: sctch26b.jpg]

[Image: 6bea3d3e6bc7ca38c42ec058aacfca6a.jpg]

And here is Christian Kane's long hair. Kane is one of the few male celebrities who can pull the long mane look and he was idolized for his long locks among women.

[Image: 730px-Christian_Kane_and_Amy_Acker_Aug_2004.jpg]

[Image: 8f7e3b5f08d9bcfb05853650c77f3a08.jpg]

[Image: Christian_Kane_Vegas_2006_1.jpg]

[Image: DSC00343.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7873-1.jpg]

[Image: 300d5ee90f832061ec27e4c03d6bd414.jpg]

[Image: d2520605b8b81502d32287fed2e829a4.jpg]

[Image: 5ada6b94d49bffbae5b1d6052412313d.jpg]

[Image: 4425d5436561bbf3fcbd1276ac4fbdf3.jpg]

Oh, and here is Christian Kane with long curly hair like a boss. First picture is a curly perm, by the way.


[Image: dd8d3129c8d39f3a9672a98ddc3e2a98.jpg]

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06-11-2014, 09:37 AM
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RE: Christian Kane Haircut versus Long Hair (Pictures)
I prefer his shorter styles. He looks okay with long hair but the shorter cuts seem to accentuate his best facial features better IMO.
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