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Chris Hemsworth Hair in Man Bun Hairstyle - Manly Style Pictures
04-01-2015, 08:33 AM
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Big Grin Chris Hemsworth Hair in Man Bun Hairstyle - Manly Style Pictures
As one of the popular men's hairstyles in our forum, the man bun has caught the attention of celebrities and regular dudes. Chris Hemsworth's man bun came upon the filming of Thor as Hemsworth has to grow his hair long and keep it long. Considering how inconvenient dangling hair can be at times, Chris opted many times for styling his blonde mane into a man bun hairstyle.

There have been other celebrity males such as Jared Leto (who recently chopped his long hair) and Joaquin Phoenix, but quite possibly Chris Hemsworth has worn the manliest manbun hairstyle in Hollywood. As such, here's, in all its glory, a set of pictures of Chris Hemsworth's man bun hair style! Big Grin

By the way, some of the pictures are of the ponybun, which is a blend of a bun and a ponytail (half of each style blended). Chris has gone back and forth between his man bun and the ponybun, so I'll include both hairstyle in the pictures. The smallest type of bun is what we also call a top knot. Lastly, the guy who appears most of the time with Chris is Tom Hiddleston, who is Chris Hemsworth's "bro" and define their relationship as one of bromance.

[Image: 25657bee08d4371484c4315bebf077a8.jpg]

[Image: a466a927cbffe4f6b3fb445e5a29e743.jpg]

[Image: 351dd1b099849f05930f7c41ba8da494.jpg]

[Image: ef50636ed7b49c3da4bf89147713d746.jpg]

[Image: 86bbb4d6941ee791337a48305acec972.jpg]

[Image: 3b8480f60c205c4658936c16eb346e19.jpg]

[Image: f230400dfec04388c324b58258a8b6ff.jpg]

[Image: 0aa4c2aa7504af3425f26d9fcbaa8fab.jpg]

[Image: ebb71d1b1233bd544e014ee568743f64.jpg]

[Image: 786b6d1f5535b4109842f6084192585e.jpg]

[Image: 867a6537009d8cd58796b95f3f0bc21d.jpg]

[Image: 62261d32ffc2acd0bed2b6edc98c2ae9.jpg]

[Image: f8fb3f0a1ef58708abbfef050d3d7471.jpg]

[Image: 956df99ca229b44d458127682fd244e6.jpg]

[Image: a4ee4c2bc8993abd5ecdf621c36461ce.jpg]

[Image: 963e3db23bae16117a2977e7f9b200d1.jpg]

[Image: c56164062e284ace0392d18df464dc4d.jpg]

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You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-01-2015, 09:43 PM
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RE: Chris Hemsworth Hair in Man Bun Hairstyle - Manly Style Pictures
Cool hairstyle. He rocks it well.
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04-02-2015, 06:52 AM
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RE: Chris Hemsworth Hair in Man Bun Hairstyle - Manly Style Pictures
I agree, he looks really cool with that hairstyle. It's surprising to see a dude who has played all these strong manly roles in Hollywood, yet he is absolutely cool with wearing a man bun. Well now that the man bun is an established trend I think that the bun is more acceptable nowadays.

Chris also has this bromance with Tom Hiddleston. You can see that both enjoy being together like friends and despite the rumours of them being closet homosexual guys. I think we can learn some thing from Chris and that is that it's cool to be yourself and don't give a funk about what other people say. Wear a bun if you want or have a really close friend with whom you can chat about anything.

I think Chris is an overall cool dude and he hasn't let fame get to his head. He does have a nice wife though, at least before she got that ugly short pixie haircut!

Anyway the pictures in this thread are great. I have seen that you guys in the forum post huge picture sets of hairstyles and celebrities and their hairstyles. This is the first site that I see being so detailed about mens hairstyles with pictures. My ha goes off to you guys! Smile
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