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Cheap hair products for men? What do you experts think? 0 0
Cheap hair products for men? What do you experts think?
09-17-2014, 11:02 AM
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Cheap hair products for men? What do you experts think?
You know after reading and buying many of the products in the recommended thread, I was simply wondering if there are any really cheap mens hair products. Don't get me wrong here as my experience with the recommended mens hair products in the different threads has been nothing short of amazing and I owe you all a round of beers. It's just that I wonder if prices can get lower and quality still be kept for really cheap hair products for men.

FTR my experience with cheap hair products has been terrible but back then I didnt even know that this forum existed and I thought all i needed was a cheap shampoo for my hair and that was it. Nor did I have the mens hair book. My question is more about the common mens hair products that we all regular guys know from just living life as men.

Be great to hear any opinions.
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10-01-2014, 10:53 AM
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RE: Cheap hair products for men? What do you experts think?
I am personally of the belief that one should not cheapen out when it comes to mens hair products. You get to see a big difference in results when you compare a cheap product with a not so cheap product inside the same product type category. A classic example is the massive use of petrolatum in cheap pomades and how it makes the pomade so hard to remove and makes the hair so greasy. The not so cheap pomades will also have petrolatum but not have huge amounts like the cheapest of pomades.

Here are some brands of cheap hair products that will actually work good and deliver results. Mods please feel free to post links to reliable vendors for the products Smile

Cheap shampoo and conditioner

I was surprised with the following shampoo and conditioner: I randomly bought White Rain's "Fruit Fortifying" shampoo and conditioner (they look very similar to Garnier's "Fructisse" brand) and I was pleasantly surprised. I was at Walgreen's and I forgot my credit cards at home so I dealt with the paper money I had in the wallet, so I picked the White Rain's shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is rich and smells like grapefruits. You only need a little to lather once, unlike some other junky brands that might take 2 lathers. The conditioner, also an exquisite grapefruit concoction, is thick too and you just need a dollop. No greasy hair or clunky hair afterwards like it usually happens with the really cheap conditioners!

Next time I passed by Walgreen they had the White Rain hydrating shampoo and that one was pretty good considering the cheap price too. I moved on to using other shampoos but overall it was a good experience.

Cheap pomade

Go with Suavecito for a water soluble pomade. The mods in this forum recommend this pomade and lots of forum members love it. Cheap but works even better than the brands that call themselves premium and are worth jack. The Suavecito tub is also big so none of that small girly tubs of pomade so that those so called premium brands can squeeze the last buck out of you.

For an oil soluble pomade, go with Black and White pomade. This is also a recommended pomade in the forum. Avoid Dax pomade unless you want to feel like punching the guy who invented it when it is time to clean the pomade off your hair.

Cheap styling gel

Okay, this one is bordering on average-priced. But it's great. L'Oreal, a brand which is a good one for its simplicity, makes hair gel and mousse that range in holding power and that leave hair as shaped as you like. The L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Melting Gel smells good but not overwhelming (hate hair gel that smells too strong). The hold is strong and it allows you to shape your hair quite nicely for such a low price. Worry not, this stuff doesn't leave your hair stiff like a bad 80's hair-do!

One of the mods also posted this list of hair gels which are just slightly less cheap but still great hair gel products for affordable prices. Check it out.

Cheap hair wax

Go with the L'Oreal Paris hair wax, they call it texturizer but it is the same. Big tub too.

Cheap styling cream

This one for the curly guys with coils or kinks. Get the Rusk Flexible styling cream. Now styling creams are not cheap but the Rusk Flexible styling cream really delivers at the lowest price. Better to get it from an online store as I have seen some really affordable prices. Please mods post links to vendors if you know of any trusted ones.

Seriously if possible check the products out at some online store like Amazon as you can get them all for an excellent price and then make the most of shipping.
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10-04-2014, 10:23 PM
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RE: Cheap hair products for men? What do you experts think?
I have done a ton of reading on "Leave-in conditioner products" that are best value in the range of $5 to $20. My conclusion is that one should either go with natural oils (organic, virgin, cold-pressed oils from cocunut, avacado or jojoba) OR you if you want a pre-made product, the best **value** seems to be "Its a 10 Miracle Leave in conditioner". In terms of maintaining hair for long term, the key is consistently treating your hair with good habits and clean products, rather than using a high quality product infrequently. Beware of the 'cheap products' because many of them can cause damage to your hair when used over long term.
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