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Changing everything - hair quality, style, products.
04-29-2015, 10:57 AM (This post was last modified: 04-29-2015 11:01 AM by 23kid.)
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Changing everything - hair quality, style, products.
I didn't realise edits were restricted to 10 minutes after the post. Apologies for starting a new thread, please delete the previous one & forgive me for starting a fresh one!

Hated my hair for a few years & I'm looking to start fresh. New style, new products. After reading about hairstyles working better with different face shapes I realised I was probably trying to have a style that didn't match my face, at all. In fact if I'm right about my 'Oblong' face shape, having my sides short and top longer was probably the worst style I could have picked.

The quality of my hair is also an issue, it's very dry and it shows. My hair is really really thick, naturally wavy but not quite curly. It's very difficult to style so I'm looking for product recommendations as well as a style.

So for starters, can anyone tell me what kind of style would work with my face shape, even just a nudge in the right direction as to how the proportions should be to look good.

Face shape

[Image: 3LZ5dW0.png]

[Image: TmbP7qR.png]

Hair (Uncut for too long, just getting a bit of length before I decide on a cut)

[Image: SURgna1.png]

[Image: oOHrJ6u.png]

[Image: SpKWKGg.png]

I'm very open to different styles and don't really have a 'goal' hair in mind. I'll take any and all info, recommendations or comments on board.
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05-11-2015, 10:51 AM
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RE: Changing everything - hair quality, style, products.
Hi mate you have some great hair and it will naturally adapt to just about any hairstyle you put it thru as straight hair is very malleable.

You already have a short taper haircut so I think the next move would be getting an undercut haircut. Keep the length that you have on the top of the head or even grow it a bit longer. To style the top of the head keep it in a flat hairstyle like a side swept or a slicked back style.

As a matter of fact I think a slicked back undercut hairstyle would look by far really good on you. The good thing about the undercut is that you aren't restricted to any hairstyles for the top. So one day you can slicked back your hair in a classic slick and the next day you can do some kind of blowout or brush up hairstyle, then the next day work on a quiff hairstyle. An undercut haircut puts all the visual emphasis on the top of your head so if you get a good hairstyle on the top it will look even better with an undercut as people's eye focus on the top of your head immediately.

There are many hairstyle guides in the forum so I will provide you with the references to read thru for your starting point. In your case you already have a good base for hair aesthetics so it's only a matter of spicing up your hairstyle look for now. Go thru the following hairstyles in the links:
  • Brush up hairstyle. You use a hair dryer and a styling wax to keep the hair up and vertical in a similar fashion to how you have your hair in the second picture, only that you want all of the hair on the top styled up:
  • Undercut haircut: see the following guide and thread for the undercut where you will find a huge amount of undercut hairstyle pictures so that you can see how versatile the undercut is as a haircut since it allows you to style the top in any way that you want:
The hair products that will work very well for your hair are styling waxes and pomades. For styling waxes you want to get one that has a high hold so that you can keep your hair shaped all thru the day. You can choose your hairstyling wax to have a matter effect, a low shine effect or a high shine effect. That's up to you but make sure that you grab a good high-hold hair wax.

A great thread is the one in the following link discussing the best hair waxes for men and which include actual hair wax recommendations by holding strengths and shine levels. Pay special attention to what our admin TMHF has posted in his reply and to the hairstyling waxes that he has recommended as all of them are solid recommendations.

For pomades I recommend that you start with a good pomade that is newbie friendly. So that would be a water soluble pomade from either Suavecito or Layrite. A great discussion to read thru is this Layrite vs Suavecito pomades discussion that covers the differences between the Layrite and Suavecito water soluble pomades and what each pomade is for.

You will find that the Layrite water pomade has plenty of shin while the Suavecito pomade has less shine. Both pomades have a strong hold that will stay with you when you slick back your hair. So it's just a matter of whether you want a tad more or less of shine in your hairstyles, so it's just as easy as choosing from that linked thread the Layrite water pomade or the Suavecito water pomade.

You will also find hair product recommendations in the hairstyle guides. In any case if you're wanting to buy a good and reliable styling wax and pomade those two hair wax and pomade threads will give you everything you need to pick some solid products that will make your hairstyles even better.

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