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Can you tie medium length hair in a ponytail or man bun style?
05-09-2015, 10:02 AM
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Can you tie medium length hair in a ponytail or man bun style?
I've medium length hair and I'm considering using a hair elastic to tie it, however can you tie medium length hair in a ponytail or manbun? Hair shorter than long hair.

I saw in this forum a picture of Justin Bieber with a samurai ponytail and thought that while it looked douchey on him it would look for any other guy. I've also seen other short ponytail hairstyles for men in this forum and they generally look good.

My idea is to tie the hair on the top of the head at the vertex. Whatever hair can reach there. The hair on the front of my head is still too short to reach the vertex and thus be tied. So part of my hairstyle ida is to use a headband to pull the front hair back in some kind of slicked back hair style. This would provide a smooth transition from the hair at the front that isn't tied to the hair on the center and back of the top of the head that is be tied.

I got the idea of using a headband from another thread in this forum featuring Gareth Bale with an alice band. Maybe it's in Europe where alice bands are trendy but not so here in the United States. So instead I was thinking of using a thin elastic headband like in this big thread covering all the hair accessories for men:

All in all I could only be looking at 10 bucks for the hair accessories and I've already got a couple of hair styling wax products and other hair styling products. I may be some other hair styling products but suffice to say that I have enough to get this hairstyle idea going the minute that the hair elastic and headband arrive.

Do you this this hairstyle idea would look any good? Would you instead have any other alternatives? I would be very thankful if any of the barbers in this forum could post their opinion as I know that you guys get to see all kinds of long hair styles daily. Also any other regular forum dudes like myself are welcomed to post their opinion! Smile
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05-10-2015, 12:28 PM
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Tying medium length hair is easy and you can use a headband to complement the style.
I actually replied to your other post in this hair accessories thread where you asked about tying your medium-length hair. My answer is pretty simple: of course you can!

In my reply to your other post, I mentioned the hairstyle trick of using a headband or Alice band to pull back the hair on the forelock (i.e. hair on the front) so that it would be flattened and look like it was tied to the ponytail. With medium-length hair, you will not have enough length to tie the hair on the forelock into our ponytail, unless you move the short ponytail towards the center of your head, but then the hair on the back of your head won't be tied as the length limits how far into the center of the head the hair on the back can go to.

I see that you have mentioned in this thread the hairstyle trick that I've mentioned above. As you say, a headband or an Alice band only costs a couple of dollars, so it's worth getting them along with you hair bands (aka hair elastics or hair ties) and any other hair products that you may want to purchase from Amazon.

In any case, a headband by itself is a useful hair accessory for men with medium length hair. A headband allows you to pull your hair back, which looks quite good with medium-length hair and especially for the curlier men's hair types (i.e. wavy hair, coiled curly hair and kinky curly hair). Not to mention that you can get a headband from different sizes as you will find in our men's hair accessories discussion with the recommended vendors for headbands as well as for other hair accessories for men.

As I mentioned in my other post and as you've mentioned too in this thread, Justin Bieber did pull a short Samurai ponytail. It looks to be done more for comic relief than for anything resembling a serious hairstyle, but, still it gives you a fair idea of how a short ponytail looks on medium length hair.

As you can see in the picture below of Justin Bieber's ponytail, there's a lot of hair that is left loose and dangling since there's just not enough hair length to get all the hair tied into the ponytail. Thus it's up to you where you want to place the ponytail on your head and from where to grab the hair that will be tied on the ponytail.

Justin Bieber's ponytail in the picture below is quite centered on the head; instead and for your case, you'd place the ponytail a bit further back on the top of your head. This would the have the hair on your forelock loose and dangling, and that's where the headband comes in. You'd use the headband to pull back all the loose locks on the forelock and keep them neatly flattened, or at least neatly pulled back so that the overall shape of your hair blends both the hair that is pulled back with the headband and the hair that is tied into a ponytail.

[Image: QQMUe7w.jpg]

As for tying a man bun hairstyle with medium length hair, I recommend that you avoid doing so. If you will be running short of hair length when tying your ponytail, imagine how much worse it'd be with a bun. Usually, you need about 50% more hair length for a man bun than you do for a ponytail of the same size. So, unless you grow your hair long to at least 8 inches of hair length, I would discard the idea of getting a manbun hairstyle.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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