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Can you get a man bun with curly hair as a guy?
03-31-2015, 10:35 AM
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Sad Can you get a man bun with curly hair as a guy?
It may sound silly, but is it possible to get a man bun with curly hair? Generally I see guys with straight hair and man buns, not so much curly guys. Is this because not many curly guys grow their curls long or is this because growing a manbun with curly hair requires a masters degree in hairstyling?

I don't know why but I have a feeling that the wild nature of curly hair has something to do with the lack of man buns with curly guys. I hope to be wrong though...
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04-01-2015, 03:25 AM
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A man bun and curly hair are perfectly compatible. The issue is the curl factor.
Of course you can grow a man bun with curly hair!

What you mention about the scarcity of long-haired curly men is due to the fact that curly hair tends to require a bit more of an effort to look after once it's long compared to straight hair. This is why not many curly men grow their hair long as many deem the hair care of a long mane to be ridiculously difficult, when it really isn't difficult at all and very smooth.

Another issue with long curly hair is that it will always look shorter than it really is. This is what's called in The Men's Hair Book (by Rogelio Samson) the "curl factor" or "coil factor". Curly hair naturally eats up length as it curves and coils, so men with curly hair tend to believe that their hair either cannot be grown long or that it will take them many years. The reality is that straight-haired mane and curly-haired men grow their locks at exactly the same rate, including men with wavy hair and kinky curly hair.

Another book that talks about this issue is The Curly Hair Book, also written by Rogelio Samson. In the book, he mentions that the curl factor is a big issue with curly men and the widespread belief of having curly hair being a liability or curse. It's a great book to read if you want to learn everything about your curls and also look at the psychology of being a curly haired guy.

Since the man bun is a tied hairstyle, it doesn't matter whether you have straight hair, hair that grows in a wavy shape or hair that is made up of angular coils. You will be able to grow your man bun all fine and dandy, but just be aware that your curls will look shorter to you than they really are! Smile

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04-02-2015, 05:19 AM
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RE: Can you get a man bun with curly hair as a guy?
I have two friends with curly hair who grew their curls long and they now style their hair with manbuns. I haven't heard them complain about anything in particular with curly hair and their man bun.

What I have heard from them is that growing their hair long was a mess because it gets tangled far too easily. Those two guys leave with a conditioner next to them twenty four seven!

Maybe I should get them to join this forum and go through the guides here about curly hair and the man bun. I know the two of them are wanting to cut their long curly hair because of how messy their curls can get. It would be a pity for them because chicks seem to love their curly hair and man buns.
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