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Can't tell if something is going on 0 0
Can't tell if something is going on
07-11-2017, 02:08 AM
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Can't tell if something is going on
Hi there! I am a 20, almost 21, years old guy, caucasic white from Italy.

From when i was 13/14, I started keeping my hair long, very long during 16-17 but then I returned to a medium style.

Around 1 and half a month ago I noticed, with a bit of panic, my temples being higher. Not much a big deal, I cut them and according to my hairdresser, there wasn't nothing strange. 4/5 days I noticed this (check here, i have more photos if needed https :// m/RysKy35,8O pIsPO,Qv Gdw5H,4fB XvKw ). I am not joking when I say that I trembled and I was about to burst in tears (I am just A BIT serious about my hair, physically I can't see myself in any other way), but I decided to just wait and see again my hairdresser and a doctor.

Another detail is that as soon I noticed It, I noticed how It takes a very small time for my hair to get "attached" like this ( http ://i 47Jr8 ), but this is an extreme case, I didn't washed them from 2 days and they Always got easily dirty.

Any help?
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