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Braun Series 5 8985 Electric Shaver Review 0 0
Braun Series 5 8985 Electric Shaver Review
08-18-2014, 06:56 AM
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Braun Series 5 8985 Electric Shaver Review
One of the biggest complaints that men have who use electric razors is the fact that the shave is never as close as what they received from a blade. However, the Braun Series 5 8985 electric razor gives you one of the closest shaves you can get using an electric razor and is on par to a manual razor (safety razor or straight razor). The Braun 8985 also solves another complaint, and that is lack of convenience. With its self cleaning storage device, you no longer have to worry about using those little hand brushes other electric razors come with that just plain never get the razor clean enough.

I ordered my Braun Series 5 8985 electric shaver from Amazon (the best place to get your shaving material) and I was quite satisfied with both the shipping and actual box when I got it. Opening it from the box, it was nice and shiny, and wrapped in plastic wrap to keep it clean during shipping. The recharging unit was packaged separately and is also the self cleaning unit for your new Braun 8985 shaver.

My biggest complaint about the razor itself was that it could not be used as soon as it was purchased, as you need to charge the razor before using it, since it comes with no charge. This process to charge the razor takes about 50 minutes from no charge to a full charge, which is not bad for an electric razor. The razor even has a digital display on it to tell you when you are low on charge and need to recharge your 8985 shaver.

I have been using electric razors for a long time now, and haven't been able to find one I really liked for the long term. With regards to Braun shavers, my old electric razor was a Braun 5000 line razor, which is much less expensive than the Braun Series 5 8985. I just wasn't sure about spending that big money for the 8985, which had delayed me from purchasing this model earlier. This time though I decided to take the risk and so far I am very glad that I am. With my old Braun electric razor it could take close to 15 minutes of shaving to shave to the point that I wanted. With the new 8995 model I purchased it only took four minutes on my first shave. With 50 minutes of shaving time per charge that will easily last me over a week without recharging (this is a huge benefit which really justifies the price of the shaver).

The Braun Series 5 8985 comes with a cleaning cartridge to put in your storage/charging/cleaning unit for your razor. The cleaning solution should last about a month cleaning your razor on a daily basis, but I've heard from others that you can stretch this out to two months by cleaning the razor every other day and losing no performance by waiting the extra day. The cleaning is very easy. All you have to do is to push down the "clean switch" and it will clean the razor for you. The display even tells you when you need to clean your razor.

The features of the digital display include telling you how long you have left in your cleaning cycle, and how many shaves you have made with your razor. If you are looking for an upper end electric razor, you really can't go wrong with the Braun Series 5 8985 shaver. Just make sure you have time to let it charge for an hour before using it when you buy it and you're ready to go and enjoy the full benefits of a high end electric shaver!

Edit to say that I will PM a moderator for the Amazon source I used so it can be posted.
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08-20-2014, 10:48 AM
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It's a great electric razor.
Good memories of the Series 5 8985. I have tried the range of them actually, the 8995 and the 8975. Braun is one of those shaver manufacturers that has plenty of real world experience in the electric shaver industry

The one thing about the Braun Series 5 8985 is that it really is a high-end electric shaver. Thus, its price reflects its quality, and it is low to mid hundreds razor, so it's definitively not cheap. However, when it comes to electric shavers and hair trimmers (and hair clippers too), you really are paying for quality since manufacturing shavers or trimmers that shave off all of the hair smoothly instead of pulling it irregularly is an art which not many manufacturers have grasped.

For any of you interested in the Series 5 8985, go and check out THIS vendor here. Lots of information and reviews on the shaver itself plus the vendor carries the product and has great reputation.

If the Braun Series 5 8985 is too expensive, then get the Braun Series 7 790 shaver, which is also a high-end razor and gives a super close shave, even closer than the 8985 in my opinion (and the Series 7 790 is cheaper too). The Series 7-790 shaver can be purchased from THIS vendor.

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You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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