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Bradley Martyn hair pictures and baldness from gear use 0 0
Bradley Martyn hair pictures and baldness from gear use
12-11-2016, 11:43 AM
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Bradley Martyn hair pictures and baldness from gear use
Greetings! I hope this is the right forum section for my question. Anyone have Bradley Martyn hair pictures and can you confirm if Bradley Martyn is balding?

I'm asking this because I'm soon going to start a gear cycle and my long term goal is his physique's aesthetics. The problem is that I love my hair too much to risk losing it because of the gear. Most if not all pictures of Bradley Martyn's hairline are with him wearing a cap. I recall seeing one picture of him and his hairline was very receded which is typical of gear users. My fear is that I start losing my hair and I ultimately go bald as I aim to jack up my muscle gains to reach his swole physique.

I know that this forum is the online reference for men's hair and you guys are probably not acquainted with bodybuilding, but I'm hoping that one of the many barbers in this forum can find hair pictures of Bradley Martyn and confirm if he's balding or not. I've read in an underground bodybuilding forum that he's running lots of gear and the heavy duty stuff too. I've yet to come across any dude running heavy gear long term who had nice hair and not an ugly receding hairline. Well maybe Zyzz but he was 21 and Chestbrah is already balding. I saw a thread on Zyzz's hairstyles at this forum, great stuff by the way.

I can post my cycle if anyone is interested to know more about my risk of balding with gear. For any of you Miscers out there, I'll be following the big 3 cores of bodybuilding:

1) Eat 'clean'.
2) 'Train' hard.
2) 'Test' yourself.

I'm sure any Miscers will get my hint LOL! Just for the record I ain't hating on Bradley Martyn as I'm just genuinely concerned about any balding from gear use. It's just that Bradley Martyn strikes me as the type of bodybuilder who wears a cap everywhere to hide his hair loss. There's many of these guys following the big 3 cores of bodybuilding and it's crazy how far these guys will go to wear a cap to try to hide their massively receded hairlines.

Thanking you in advance for any help on hair loss from gear use or pictures of Bradley Martyn's hair!
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12-11-2016, 12:01 PM (This post was last modified: 12-11-2016 12:02 PM by Some Bodybuilder.)
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RE: Bradley Martyn hair pictures and baldness from gear use
One more thing, Bradley Martyn also wears a full beard which is also typical of balding bodybuilders. A good example is Lazar Angelov who's running some 'thick and tight' Soviet-style gear and also wears a full beard. I've been browsing this forum for days and I found a thread with Lazar Angelov's hair pictures. Lazar Angelov does the same thing as Bradley Martyn of wearing a cap everywhere he goes so that he can cover his hair loss.

I was surprised to see in the pictures I found how much air brushing goes on in Lazar Angelov pictures and how thin and scarse his hair is in real life pictures. The thread that I read in this forum about Lazar Angelov's hair was a real eye opener as there were pictures of his real hair and it just fitted the bodybulding stereotype of the 3 big cores and wearing a cap so well LOL! In a way, that thread initially got my head thinking about hair loss from gear use since I'm going to be running some heavy duty stuff.
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12-11-2016, 06:57 PM
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RE: Bradley Martyn hair pictures and baldness from gear use
Hi mate, I'm a barber although I'm not a forum moderator. I'm fairly certain that discussing stuff like steroids - which you call 'gear' - is not allowed. I'd suggest that you read the forum's rules carefully and that you ask a forum moderator about posting your planned cycles and whatnot as you risk being banned from the forum by a forum moderator.

It's very easy to tell that this geezer called Bradley Martyn is balding. His hairline is way too receded and he also has very thin hair which is a textbook example of what's called male pattern baldness. This is the type of hair loss that's permanent and that's accelerated by the use of steroids and there's no cure for it once the hair loss starts.

Steroids only accelerate hair loss. What this means is that if it's in your genes that you will never suffer from male pattern baldness, you will get no balding or minimal balding from the long term use of steroids. Unfortunately you cannot tell whether you're going to naturally join the ranks of balding males or not without steroids, so by using steroids you're playing a Russian roulette game as you will accelerate your hair loss if you're genetically predisposed to balding.

I'm not into bodybuilding, but I go to the gym. Mine is a local gym so we have some big guys there who are using gear and they admit to it. Most of them have what's called a Norwood IV which means they're balding all over their head or they simply shave their hair to hide their balding. I have two friends who used steroids for two years and they both lost much of their hair. They used to have their hair similar to David Beckham's hair when he was playing for Manchester United and sporting his famous long curtained hairstyle.

It's very easy to tell that Bradley Martyn's hair is leaving his head as fast as he chugs protein shakes daily. Whether that's caused by the use of steroids, I'm no one to say so and you draw your own conclusions. Bradley Martyn is a Norwood III although he looks to be on his way to a Norwood IV. You can see how his getting a pronounced - textbook - hair isle at the centre of the forelock which is part of the typical progression of male patter baldness and which should not be confused with having a high hairline! In layman's terms, this all just means that this fella is on his way to a bald head and there's no stopping that.

You've requested specific pictures of Bradley Martyn's hair so here they are. I don't know how useful they're going to be to you since the extent of his baldness isn't going to change anything in your case. But you've asked for an opinion and an opinion you've been given. Take a look at his badly receded hairline. It's no wonder that he wears a baseball hat in all his pictures that he posts in his social media accounts.

There's also another type of hair loss in men called diffuse patterned alopecia which progresses in a different manner. There's a huge thread on this type of hair loss in a thread dedicated to Rafa Nadal's hair loss. The thread includes a lot of pictures of Nadal's hair loss in case you're interested in looking at another type of permanent hair loss. The thread:

So, the pictures of Bradley Martyn's hair loss. The chap seems to be too much into himself, for the record. I'm warning you... The following pictures cannot be unseen...

[Image: 31T8pkS.jpg]

[Image: rZEIIcE.jpg]

[Image: dWgPrNu.jpg]

[Image: t4zdr98.jpg]

[Image: lNt3kLX.jpg]

[Image: w1iaAqP.png]

[Image: UmLVlIw.jpg]

[Image: 2RRYDaM.jpg]

[Image: 0BM28eV.jpg]

[Image: Yn0yQp5.png]

[Image: L8ayQpE.jpg]

See this next picture to get an idea of what a Norwood III to Norwood IV looks. Notice how the hair at the crown is also thinning out and is becoming a hairless patch. It isn't just the receding hairline although some lads will take a very long time to have the hair in their crowns thinning out.

[Image: 00b5840288a388d06731da4845ca0487.jpg]
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