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Brad Pitt buzzcut hairstyle advice with short hair picture
06-23-2015, 03:40 PM
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Brad Pitt buzzcut hairstyle advice with short hair picture
Hi! I wanted to get this buzzcut haircut of Brad Pitt. But I'm not sure of the length, anybody knows of the hair clipper length for Brad Pitt's buzz cut in the photo?

I'm not buzzing my long hair... it's for my little brother who wants to get a buzz cut for summer. I have long hair but I have also had a hair clipper for years which I use to buzz the hair of my brother and of some friends. I used to buzz my own hair too but I decided to postpone one of my buzzcuts and then that turned into weeks, months and years. My hair grows fast and I ended up with long hair which frankly I love.

I have one of the Oster Classic 76 hair clippers which I'm happy to know that the barbers in this forum also recommend for a strong hair clipper. This is the picture of the buzzcut of Brad Pitt with short hair. As you can see his hair is even and stands up because of his straight hair type which is the reason that I've read and learned of in this forum.

[Image: ZuhDZBW.jpg]

Any body knows the hair clipper length or hair clipper number for this Brad Pitt hairstyle?
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06-28-2015, 10:02 AM
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RE: Brad Pitt buzzcut hairstyle advice with short hair picture
That haircut of Brad Pitt is a number 4 clipper length. Most hair clippers have that option at least mine does so if you don't have a number 4 to select just choose the closest which can be a number 3.5 clipper length or a number 5 clipper length.
The picture below is a number 3 length buzz cut which is just a bit shorter than the haircut of Brad Pitt.
There's also a great guide on all the short haircuts for men in this link and it talks about all the hair clipper lengths and the haircut names.

This haircut in the picture and the hair of Brad Pitt are called butch cut haircuts.

[Image: Jake_Plummer_%28cropped%29.jpg]
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06-28-2015, 02:20 PM
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RE: Brad Pitt buzzcut hairstyle advice with short hair picture
I agree on the "number four" hair clipper length of the buzz cut hairstyle of Brad Pitt. I used to buzz my own hair all the time except when it was time to do a big fade then I would go to my barbershop.

One interesting thing is that a number four buzzcut length looks so different on a black guy with kinky curly hair. I have been reading and learning about the hair types for men from the hair type guide in the forum and it's a really interesting topic if you're an observing person like I am. For me it would be my curls standing up but flattened natural and not bone-straight "up" like with straight hair and like with the hair of Brad Pitt.

A number three buzzcut length would have my hair pretty much flatter and kinked up, yet straight hair would still stick up like a brush. I know this because I have white and asian friends with thick straight hair and any time I buzzed their heads, it was the same haircut effect.

It looks to me like Brad Pitt was blessed with god-like hair genes. You can tell the guy not only has thick hair but also has plenty of hair to go around and his hairline remains untouched at his age which is impressive since Brad Pitt is 51 already. That kind of healthy hair look and hairline can only achieved with the right genes, no hair product will give you that hair at his age if you don't have the genes.

Another actor with a blessed head of hair but with kinky curly hair instead of straight hair like Brad Pitt is Denzel Washington. Dang that guy is already 60 years old and there's not a hint of balding. My father is bald like an egg and he is 4 years younger. This brother is the peak of hair perfection for us black guys. I can't really say for asian guys as I can't think of any asian Hollywood actors right now with perfect hair but I'm sure there are plenty. But Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington... Awesome actors with awesome hair. No Nicolas Cage dead-rat thing going on with these two.

[Image: 5cca05b9ea7fe44d3716956d66725f4e.jpg]

This is just me thinking out loud but by all means do go ahead and go for a number four to get that same buzzcut hairstyle of Brad Pitt.
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