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Boys with Long Hair: Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas and Pictures 5 2
Boys with Long Hair: Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas and Pictures
12-20-2016, 12:20 PM
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Thumbs Up Boys with Long Hair: Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas and Pictures
As a hairstylist I'm seeing more underage boys coming to our hair salon with long hair. Mainly it's for getting their hair's tips trimmed and we're getting a good number of boys with shoulder length hair. This number has been increasing since 2015 and more than a year later, this hairstyle trend of long hair for boys was very noticeable.

Upon asking their parents, this hairstyle trend is indeed a trend and not parents suddenly loving long hair. What surprised us was how young boys are asking their parents to let them grow their long hair. In the past it would be parents wanting their kids to have long hair, but these days it's the kids who are genuinely wanting to grow and have long hair. I'm talking of preteen boys with long hair. And they are committed to the cause from seeing how the long hair trend in adults has become so popular since 2015. A long time ago I learned that any hairstyle trend that becomes very popular for adult males will also become popular among kids in no time.

I'll be following the same format that other barbers and hairdressers use on this forum to publish hairstyle guides. So I'll post the hairstyle name and provide lots of pictures of long haired boys to give you all the hairstyle inspiration to consider long hair for your 'young' men!

Shoulder length hairstyle - Long hair for boys (see also this guide):
Like I've said earlier, this hairstyle is the most common with long hair boys. It's specially common with kids who have straight hair. Since the head of preteen boys is smaller than the head of young men in their late teens, it will take less time for a boy to reach a shoulder length hairstyle. If starting from a buzzcut, an adult male will take about two years for his hair to reach his hair, while boy will only take one year and a half.

[Image: 747d0d70b58898e7b3902f136aa57912.jpg]

[Image: 2194e7499f78e97f92b95ac6e916369e.jpg]

[Image: 9585304fe8907b659c57d6427e9912f7.jpg]

[Image: 47708c76306096af4d2dbab938499e47.jpg]

[Image: rrAaI0M.jpg]

[Image: 84e0177362683716c1cee273279c206f.jpg]

[Image: 19465779bedc75cec56cf363afecf196.jpg]

[Image: 53eb7c6361c2b418fb4a3c258d7e7c71.jpg]

[Image: 4OYFNlM.jpg]

[Image: 5e56a0d328c7f26801b6cd78ee43d5c5.jpg]

[Image: 30ba9064e40c8ed31b3a49a5c690dcc4.jpg]

[Image: HN73N8t.jpg]

[Image: 38ce3c67269a818359576eedcde60deb.jpg]
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12-20-2016, 12:23 PM
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Hairstyles for boys with their hair longer than shoulder length.
Beyond shoulder-length hairstyle - Long hair for boys (see also this guide)
The beyond shoulder-length hairstyle greatly suits boys with long curly hair. This is because at this length, curly hair will be weighed down on its own. This particular length for boys' hair is the least common but it will look good if the hair is taken good care of.

[Image: 2b1e63294c9b26b792d3ca480aa3c5a0.jpg]

[Image: 18c54d8498765e2e98042c23f8e8fef7.jpg]

[Image: poV2xcy.jpg]

[Image: 427011b7198fee51252e44057bfb9b45.jpg]

[Image: 7f8802b195dce497c53cdedb3f1a7e13.jpg]

[Image: 1fE7kNY.jpg]

[Image: 58c84ea2b4c8f941d6c3c66ae699ffe4.jpg]

[Image: 7a217cef34168cd4428079e892ff7343.jpg]

[Image: de2046567d56085a5788d7fa4cfef1ea.jpg]

[Image: 0a679156d1f09de2bfbef97b0642c92f.jpg]

[Image: MEYt6Ma.jpg]

[Image: 15a55b665e615fa55142053e0258c764.jpg]

[Image: 5ff0fc89c1924ec685d938b1020225ec.jpg]

[Image: 0824068672c9c8e0a3a2bb29235405d4.jpg]

[Image: c7a7cbf331e989ab849684e6c8d55400.jpg]

[Image: b92f30997d55ad9a22e39d7243df1d3c.jpg]

[Image: 8qeWsnm.jpg]

[Image: BifmHy5.jpg]

[Image: 8dbee9d0de453506eeee811bf886f12a.jpg]

[Image: 412b7a5eec6482fa7a315bd2007b3799.jpg]

[Image: 17718a0d5dc0851635044ea8771b9252.jpg]

[Image: 11b06f0c9eccac18bd74224152d42cc6.jpg]

[Image: BXaVG8E.jpg]

[Image: 33a593bb7fde93099517eb14bf15b269.jpg]

[Image: da39277f1f84cbd47e11b189d69b93a5.jpg]

[Image: KjTV12j.jpg]

[Image: 761ee55ff23912a680b73468c8982065.jpg]
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12-20-2016, 12:29 PM
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Shorter long hairstyles for boys with jaw-length hair.
Jaw-length hairstyle - Long hair for boys:
Jaw-length hairstyles are suitable for kids with straight hair. This is because curly hair - and that includes wavy hair too - has a tendency to puff out at jaw-length. Kids with curly hair can still sport jaw-length styles but one should use a hairstyling cream to avoid frizz and weigh down the curls. See this guide for advice on how to take care of frizzy long hair and transitioning from short hair to long hair as a male.

[Image: 2fc4a1644b5a397462a4329e400bce89.jpg]

[Image: 5b05da442210afc4958367e3e35c7ce0.jpg]

[Image: 4b11cd0de595f11e15ad262a196707c0.jpg]

[Image: 1202b77543d64e4eb10abd30cd641511.jpg]

[Image: bf4b7d255ff9f6901d60629c562a8fbb.jpg]

[Image: 0326a084f51104200f83d3dc23b084a8.jpg]

[Image: eb3db6501f21410e95f21be76e967734.jpg]

[Image: 13a01138fd0dfd82f6c0499390770457.jpg]

[Image: 54e288b35bd5c08557ea41da556035ed.jpg]

[Image: d9c7ffadfdb8bdf90b9bfe5a93661b95.jpg]

[Image: c25cc095e9803bffcf6716e26c6169ee.jpg]

[Image: a583cbbfce7443532a7e7c702603d435.jpg]

[Image: 6c9d8dca18eab81a75f758e3a7c7b5f8.jpg]

[Image: 228b7d2b64753314435ff2c2636837ef.jpg]

[Image: 116d12beecef779b1a352aff3a4913e8.jpg]

[Image: 6700b00b78d07e9c66afbf724a82b49d.jpg]

[Image: ec96ae2c10f0703b96b509011a3d636f.jpg]

[Image: 819315c5754d64f58ad7f96b57927c33.jpg]

[Image: 1b1f31df0dd84bd7864db66960e4fc27.jpg]
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12-20-2016, 12:32 PM
Post: #4
Cool Bobcut haircuts and fringe hairstyles for long haired boys.
Long Bobcut haircut and/or fringe hairstyles - Long hair for boys:
The long Bobcut haircut blended with a fringe hairstyle is the most common hairstyle for long haired boys. It's also the shortest long hairstyle which makes the hair very easy to look after, and thus its popularity with parents and boys alike. Be careful though as this long haircut can easily look botched if the haircut is not done correctly.

To have your kid get a good Bobcut haircut for his long hair, it's best that you go to a hair salon for this type of boys' long hairstyle and have an experienced hairstylist or hairdresser do his haircut. Preferably if the hairstylist has experience with this type of haircut so that you can be assured that your boy will be getting a good long Bobcut haircut!

See this guide for more pictures of fringe hairstyles:

[Image: a9d57fdbb05faeecc0248c8d628e7189.jpg]

[Image: 54296023937182bf7f6f9845ef3ff1a8.jpg]

[Image: d2c494a2baba1449d1464d152154ac98.jpg]

[Image: 20fe5ac688bb3ae79fd67849bd7f1d50.jpg]

[Image: 02e6dc876d65d6a355239a52adc2afa7.jpg]

[Image: f66aff58a8576fa5eff27b4ff0f23b96.jpg]

[Image: 272075237ec0e7f7f34215d70bbf49a0.jpg]

[Image: aa6b0bbbc5a240c52b200a2013f9ac1e.jpg]

[Image: 7ae11f08d71134bd035932c917fd3fa4.jpg]

[Image: a34d291b230979754db60779e5510536.jpg]

[Image: 2e285756e88e73a046c32460cb97051c.jpg]

[Image: 8a8d5c9ccb3c33f2f58f15d93764f418.jpg]

[Image: d11d214113828518be53cf0ea31fd30d.jpg]

[Image: 75b40f39fb670ec9d81f70fb2d336c79.jpg]

[Image: f6a6c96a3d3af0c99299a4433237bee7.jpg]

[Image: 5f85589643a29b195165e14df993322a.jpg]

[Image: 4307fe9b9ae82b6dd994a91f176cc0f0.jpg]

[Image: cec0d20de4ac35d068db0480d4a2e6f9.jpg]

[Image: 6ed40734c950e146caf8f15a7cb745e7.jpg]

[Image: 2051ad5a541bf866f1d4ee807f923284.jpg]

[Image: d216f9f2ea01d6f4954709b333b3b6bb.jpg]

[Image: 5f4bd6b2113ac16675247f82f8136dd6.jpg]

[Image: 166f7478bd65f5ed13375064d4d889a7.jpg]

[Image: 3651e4433ee9f66d0e6e13698ad1e122.jpg]

[Image: 0e9f5e4e1d487a7d509d4dd3d4a828dd.jpg]

[Image: 4738159e1e5179970e4f396fb9012afb.jpg]
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12-20-2016, 12:34 PM
Post: #5
Long hairstyles for curly haired kids.
Long curly hairstyles - Long hair for boys (see also this guide):
The most common way to style curly hair for boys is by simply allowing the curls to express themselves. At first glance, boys' curly hair may look unkempt but once you look closer, you'll see how the curls are neatly curled against one another, making for thick, dense and big hairstyles as you will see in the following set of pictures of curly haired boys!

[Image: 30f191a747d96f0ef8feb1ad30ad4114.jpg]

[Image: bde39b70f60225cb76f4c5fc92953b4b.jpg]

[Image: 0b41c728d39f68725bcb716c704222b5.jpg]

[Image: 1d7f2a727d6e839d878949f3ce0adf93.jpg]

[Image: 652fb140bde67a589c1557c21a60e7e9.jpg]

[Image: 7b467084796e1aa9daf4bfb2407e1ec8.jpg]

[Image: f84e00740e4c617052287366073edca2.jpg]

[Image: 2dc605f067e83a9750f904b6c83cd51e.jpg]

[Image: 2c789e219f502f1b259fd626a3fab3cf.jpg]

[Image: 360b46dfa38fb4eaec2dabf92bc2b2d8.jpg]

[Image: bea81f88f3db20c7f2ddf00df766e7b9.jpg]

[Image: b80d68d45a8fbc232a7e143301249b16.jpg]

[Image: 9bcf2d50e3e24da9a4ba48be068ab854.jpg]

[Image: 1a99d6469af65aa25cd2481a77083f39.jpg]

[Image: aL1aQ5u.jpg]

[Image: 8202fecd339fbc08bfa2346e88547798.jpg]

[Image: 5c898d1daf1d948b78bb227c294074fa.jpg]

[Image: 967f74b348977091fbd6daad89e80d7c.jpg]

[Image: 896fb4f176bf38bdc692aab2d4db1fc4.jpg]

[Image: 2dc605f067e83a9750f904b6c83cd51e.jpg]

[Image: i2LBs7j.jpg]

[Image: 57998b26464816b807d321485f4918ce.jpg]

[Image: 6c280a722a0bbe5c99490044853b9bb9.jpg]

[Image: afbab302ce10161f74567e8a9d5b02a3.jpg]

[Image: 3489862f87f0fddf6e064e0fc7c622da.jpg]

[Image: 9f7b754b274e73b7153fe97796151f4e.jpg]

[Image: d659cadc4684707f6fc32aa370c73abf.jpg]

[Image: 0be1795a0dbecc641648fe8ac1a7ffe7.jpg]

[Image: 47ce417aa0a1cb51a7d83dd16dc61ac4.jpg]

[Image: d8fe97997a76f819449a2540713b241a.jpg]
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12-20-2016, 12:38 PM
Post: #6
Ponytail hairstyles and manbun hairstyles for long haired boys.
Manbuns and ponytail hairstyles - Long hair for boys:
Yes, little boys can too have manbuns and ponytails! See this manbun guide for the best advice ever on the internet for this trendy hairstyle that any kid with at least eight inches of hair length can wear. Ditto for ponytail hairstyles!

[Image: 45dbcfbbd3e19d69d91918896ba45717.jpg]

[Image: fb9aeb8f8491af6664905e23df270f94.jpg]

[Image: BmS6wWj.jpg]

[Image: c9813459abf69d96b4d02fc600a96388.jpg]
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