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Black Men Hairstyles with Long Hair Pictures Gallery Guide 5 1
Black Men Hairstyles with Long Hair Pictures Gallery Guide
06-18-2016, 02:43 PM
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Black Men Hairstyles with Long Hair Pictures Gallery Guide

Black Men's Long Hairstyles Gallery and Guide

Long curly hair is by far the hair type with the most hair-care myths lying around. As such, in the barbershop world, we know that curly males are the least likely to grow their curly hair long. Most specifically, black males with curly hair seem to be the most reticent about growing their curly manes long due to the widespread myth that kinky curly hair is very hard to look after (hint: it is not!).

Following on from our many long hair guides in our forum and our goal to provide plenty of hair-styling inspiration to men worldwide, it is thus that I am creating on this page the Internet's biggest gallery of black men with long hair. We've posted plenty of pictures and long hair advice for black men and curly men looking to grow their hair, but the forum's team and I would like to have a dedicated forum gallery and guide to the different long-hair shapes and forms that black males can grow their curly hair into!

Long Naturally Curly Hair

The pictures in the gallery that you will find below are of black males with naturally curly hair. What's naturally curly hair (I hear you ask)? Well, naturally-curly hair for men is hair that hasn't been straightened or texturized artificially; essentially, natural curly hair is hair that has any range of products used that do not structurally modify the shape of the hair so as to make it less curly. The two most-common types of hair straightening are:
  • Hair straighteners: these are hair-styling tools that are used to mechanically straighten the hair by using heat and physical traction on the hair. We have our very-own hair straighteners guide for men that explains all about these styling tools and how they should be used for best results (see the posted link).
  • Hair relaxers: these are chemical products that are applied to the hair so as to straighten it. These products break the hair's structure and un-curl (so to speak) the hair so as to revert the natural curling process of curly hair and get te hair to a flattened (and thus straightened) state. Hair texturizers are similar to hair relaxers but the former only mildly reverts the curling process to a wavy-hair state. We've discussed hair relaxers many times in forum but here's a great discussion on hair relaxers with before-and-after pictures of a forum member using these products.
Both hair straighteners and hair relaxers need to be used with some care; these are not evil products for curly men (i.e. black males) per se but they should be used wisely and knowing what it is that you're doing to your curly mane.

Anyway, now that we've explained what naturally-curly hair is, let us know proceed to our pictures gallery!

Long Hairstyles Pictures for Black Men

All the hairstyles in our gallery are easy to achieve given that you remain patient along the journey and that you give yourself a couple of years to grow your mane to a long-enough length. The main tip to owning a cool-looking mane of long curls is to look at it for the long term and to be patient; this is where most curly men fail and give up on their hair-growing efforts.

Any questions on these long hairstyles for black men are welcome. This is gallery guide that will be updated as we go, so feel free to bookmark it and return to it at any time. After all, this guide is made specifically for you so as to let you know of the many styles that you can have as a black male with long hair!

[Image: d6bc1a4446c5f1834932dabd14f0bbf9.jpg]

[Image: c858324423b6ffe341f1c29caf2835a8.jpg]

[Image: 185548105b1b3404b96a94f7f770c123.jpg]

[Image: f65f4baabcfd5cd8226f806a90f4d0b0.jpg]

[Image: 598be7cd2319c7ef1c07cf0a0f116518.jpg]

[Image: EXbI2vG.jpg]

[Image: b99524e29ec5300f184f99cba6b3c925.jpg]

[Image: 52ab2de08fbc78ba7a4a13fdf6067ba6.jpg]

[Image: 1046361fffdd77832c78a6249194a7f2.jpg]

[Image: 7d01e4139ecb00e93ae9d6db578a970b.jpg]

[Image: e1f2c04c5ac853c7ee2180df550433be.jpg]

[Image: df601ecc6088f4e866e3cd96c26a7386.jpg]

[Image: ZYnqFE4.jpg]

[Image: 436cb1a19393e72fbac03ee74339aa2e.jpg]

[Image: 8328fb93509b5eb74a7b65b7438571b9.jpg]

[Image: 1cf3fc8f010717999f16b218298d133d.jpg]

[Image: ae9083425a4cb27b762e7ddd08d62e9c.jpg]

[Image: ddlp7KY.jpg]

[Image: fd9d5b0e21d162933ffd9a994a5ef816.jpg]

[Image: 1405c818279188d4d04c7ce5fff04e35.jpg]

[Image: 87c65d925289b53aaebf408eea9c5abb.jpg]

[Image: 1c890dc7b1d763fd66370df7fa395a6a.jpg]

[Image: 62816f97816496143391c4c5531755f3.jpg]

[Image: 82f5bcdcd7c77b4aaeb6c3d341376c4d.jpg]

[Image: 5c4e8684a16fcde160d4dea6d0151cc4.jpg]

[Image: c740a507320e3609a1be486980dd9cbb.jpg]

[Image: c76d61837a2c8c398ae75ad7acf079ef.jpg]

[Image: 1rtXiHp.jpg]

[Image: 1dbb5af45e040ef0c8498771c8bcc2d5.jpg]

[Image: eb1988bd6bc1a86be7107e2406e03e5d.jpg]

[Image: 10d6a17b937ffde1d686339b67cc7bdf.jpg]

[Image: 64baba68309121798c06ea596f0d448b.jpg]

[Image: 1db7922ac2343728b21e4a6eaa8007b1.jpg]

[Image: f46e5ecb862a156a45f7a654243d8fe3.jpg]

[Image: 87d8ad3a0b424678f1abd7be9c69cb34.jpg]

[Image: 22b6dbf44143ea6174ecdba3e04e7dc6.jpg]

[Image: ea2e205124ba67b677840f95745c73f1.jpg]

[Image: 80a6436ef041e12776a12a1fb660b836.jpg]

[Image: c3dd656d415f69297900adf70bfe996a.jpg]

[Image: b7da3bb0597cdf5add5cbef739152391.jpg]

[Image: 37c04f770d4e51706b98b63384991529.jpg]

[Image: 1fa2a18331f8d899776aefae15745a97.jpg]

[Image: 5cd50f5540be92a2496789e78003f480.jpg]

[Image: 05bc63ed6cb4fc4f0fc0d5ec968b7479.jpg]

[Image: b06a5cea79aa25b8af5e3c450d95ac76.jpg]

[Image: 391f708110f07eb693dc7a6b87ba0f72.jpg]

[Image: 5354bf4f666f070a3d0e890ecb053b7e.jpg]

[Image: 160156f86c5c13601539f5c5b136d0f5.jpg]

[Image: 3034458898cc06043eb8c8de70dce5c1.jpg]

[Image: 8c1e6953cd3186327befd2a699c35954.jpg]

[Image: 34e17db46fdeaae7d634b7b6c0c510df.jpg]

[Image: acc6104d1df37b39be6a18e37c993b9c.jpg]

[Image: 1dcd5fbb8364cd8666389e56cfd4ba1f.jpg]

[Image: 1aa37e2b47df772c7e8f72e9c451fa5b.jpg]

[Image: d0a5a02b910b6fa63283e26b83c92129.jpg]


I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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06-18-2016, 03:14 PM
Post: #2
Dreadlocks and braids are two great hairstyles for black men with long hair!

Dreadlocks and braids as long hairstyles for black men

Two of the most-favorite hairstyles for black men growing their hair long are dreadlocks and braids. With dreadlocks, the curls are left to interlock and mat together until thick locks are achieved. On the other hand, with braids, the curls are intertwined and twisted so as to form weaved (i.e. braided) locks of hair immediately (instead of waiting months for the hair to interlock naturally as with dreadlocks).

Due to the hook-and-loop nature of curly hair in black males, dreadlocks occur naturally when the hair is left in a natural state (although dreadlocks need not be formed from sporting one's own hair in a natural state!), while braids require an extensive braiding job on the hair by a professional. Regardless, both hairstyles are great long hairstyles for black men who want to sport their curls naturally and proudly!

Here's a detailed set of pictures depicting dreadlocks and braids hairstyles for black men.

[Image: b533a6faadcd88d1d760de283587bb37.jpg]

[Image: 8eaca9c428a77fcda004a927a06149a2.jpg]

[Image: 31e97df042a04373060d05012f26a370.jpg]

[Image: 1a9190b228053677618ebc7f27d31376.jpg]

[Image: 70f7aeb39ee59ad8e08959aa620516dc.jpg]

[Image: 89af85cd5fe5b4cd622aa37be0dbb246.jpg]

[Image: 9d48e042f795ed3685ca32f0b7094cd0.jpg]

[Image: c71ccd268885188ad9c9132d02dc3426.jpg]

[Image: 5a50096988418ae26d533dd0e88646de.jpg]

[Image: 88d9e13cba18117bc37dce9ab9727259.jpg]

[Image: c8416566e50bad4eda1bb0639eedc36b.jpg]

[Image: db67935168393e7138b2a6b1386ba34e.jpg]

[Image: 63a66b746de82d790a39e05c11fd5cf3.jpg]

[Image: 3c8a42e043a430c78bd2b012f154425d.jpg]

[Image: 043b8fc25ccdd6112b5bbb7e936651b9.jpg]

[Image: aeebc4a03fc6cf4993099d8064970f16.jpg]

[Image: da42bd20a664eab0e920e65008945673.jpg]

[Image: 26b68e9b2c938d065b4f80d88a80d630.jpg]

[Image: 24b1488dcf073d97b17346476786e19a.jpg]

[Image: 0179550d86c4808507f945f2fd4829b6.jpg]

[Image: 89b1d05bdf22942a20f773323ee7cf9a.jpg]

[Image: 04e1ba81f6f9324b88be1a7000aade8d.jpg]

[Image: 4019866c8ec66d591ec9e167e7ee254e.jpg]

[Image: ce1d2cb26c77cdf3b2d6fd27987573dc.jpg]

[Image: af77d6e05382f7ce21cb3a0ea4656530.jpg]

[Image: 6453d695ac2fb90b39ff8cb0eb1813ab.jpg]

[Image: cc977fb04f89befb0b89b40d461fbbb5.jpg]

[Image: 310dee72a55a5c5ece1b16d2996c1f5c.jpg]

[Image: edd4497d1472e24e073cf7965efd0c19.jpg]

[Image: d90d71ac76627b3f4a33086c3c633d8a.jpg]

[Image: 3afa997018d3d28554b7ab3bed5f0630.jpg]

[Image: 5e2575c913de710717c5970ee85ee7e1.jpg]

[Image: 68e2057bcb5a1c0e27ae45aa248fbdfb.jpg]

[Image: 2023caca7c15ccf818a0d0ced57672b2.jpg]

[Image: b8b1c24008f63c778cc330ac9c37dd30.jpg]

[Image: 531cd77a3206916c4d8bdf5c85e77c33.jpg]

[Image: 8b0592b5e7975035fcddc06b50ff5b1e.jpg]

[Image: c3eec664c92f26015ecb2fbd0c8003c2.jpg]

[Image: 97099b8ca2fb3c0155b052b875942bbb.jpg]

[Image: 5498964a6ece8a90227899897e78d1e3.jpg]

[Image: 8ac0b4f7e7500bd452efdc5a405c01a7.jpg]

[Image: b101f415f7be4f7f3c015ec938ad5917.jpg]

[Image: 47589f1e2a7fc05643aad27417a4c46f.jpg]

[Image: 7fa2cdecbeff04c999802048b595ea06.jpg]

[Image: 8e3a4e7ad5611df3187a01d9ea4a725f.jpg]

[Image: ab959aca8c2e285c807ccc45729c6046.jpg]

[Image: 7baa6ad1a72e837074d7ab9afd0fb973.jpg]

[Image: 0fec35d8746cace116a448c643b0140d.jpg]

Even kids can rock some pretty-epic dreadlocks!

[Image: 42e3b91b3776a2e143e49e6f26d837ac.jpg]

Traction alopecia from braids

It should be duly noted in this guide that the braiding process of the braided hairstyle may put too much stress on the hair follicles and cause the hair to rip out, which damages the follicle and can lead to an irreversible form of balding known as traction alopecia.

Braiding one's hair puts a lot of stress on the hair itself and thus on the follicles, so, if you want to avoid traction alopecia when braiding your hair, ask the person doing it to not pull too hard on your hair to braid it. Looser braids will still look great as a hairstyle without the constant tension and stress on your scalp from too-tight braids.

Traction alopecia is a real hair-loss issue, so keep an eye on any excessive burning (sensation) or itching on your scalp that perdures for as long as your have your braids. Likewise, any sudden increase in shed hair strands that continues for weeks after getting your hair braided is a (suspect) sign of traction alopecia. An increase in hair-friendly nutrients can serve to protect your follicles from traction alopecia, but the sure-way to avoid traction alopecia is to altogether avoid the stressor (i.e. braids) in the first place. For what is worth, traction alopecia can also occur from dreadlocks (and other men's hairstyles too).

Here's a picture of an advanced stage of traction alopecia caused by wearing tight dreadlocks for 3 years. Notice the bald patches in-between the intertwined locks as well as the marred hair density on the scalp at the top right behind the forelock.

[Image: 76daf58cac814b01174a3ded6bb8b7ba.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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