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Best tall men hairstyles and haircuts for great aesthetics 5 1
Best tall men hairstyles and haircuts for great aesthetics
10-18-2016, 01:01 PM
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Best tall men hairstyles and haircuts for great aesthetics
This is an awesome site! I joined to read all your guides but I also wanted to ask one question for the barbers here, which are the best hairstyles for tall men?

Here's my issue. I'm 6'5 and have wavy hair according to the men's hair book. My hair is five inches long. I'm half Korean and half white, and my hair has a tendency to grow up and not lie down until it's about five inches or more. All my Korean cousins have the same issue and I read in this forum of another Asian guy with this problem.

Because I'm so tall my hair makes me look taller because it sticks up! It doesn't matte how much I style my hair but I always end up looking like I have a very large face which I don't but because of my height and my hair sticking up, it gives this illusion.

I have never been too interested in hairstyles until I read the men's hair book. Lots of ideas and I've been doing the grooming routines for a few months as I have grown my hair again. I have to say that I'm very pleased with the results so now I'm looking to put the icing on the cake and not look like a disproportionate giant.

I asked my barber and he didn't have a clue. So I'd like to ask the barbers in this forum since I've read so many great answers from the barbers in this forum to some of the most radical problems asked in the forum.

Please help me out as I'm considering buzzing my hair which would be a shame since this is the first time in my life that I'm so happy with how my hair looks!! I'm open to any hairstyling suggestions so I don't mind getting new hairstyles.

So... Which are the best hairstyles and haircuts for tall men?!
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10-20-2016, 11:17 AM
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The best hairstyles for tall men are those styles and haircuts with a flat look!
The best hairstyles for tall men tend to be the flatter hairstyles, or, as we call it, the "flat hairstyles". These are:
  • Slicked back hairstyle
  • Side Swept hairstyle
  • Caesar Cut hairstyle
  • Side fringe hairstyle
  • Middle-parted hairstyle
The great thing about flat hairstyles is that you can achieve a pretty-good length and still not have the hair too bulky (and thus making your face/head look larger). Your hair type as wavy hair is a great type of hair to go with the above-listed flat hairstyles.

Another haircut option that you have is the buzz cut haircut, which, in itself, covers a wide range of buzz-cut hairstyles like the Induction haircut and the Crew Cut haircut. All these very-short hairstyles and haircuts stemming from the regular buzz-cut haircut are designed to take all the bulk of you hair, which will work for you as you do not want to add any extra inches to your visual height. Incidentally, buzz-cut haircuts are the opposite hairstyles for short men that we recommend as very-short haircuts don't benefit from the visual elongation of a male's height in contrast to bulked-up hairstyles like the Brush Up hairstyle (as an example).

Slicked back hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle is a timeless hairstyle that will always be an option, regardless of the day. We've covered the ins and outs of this hairstyle in our slicked back hairstyle guide so make sure that you go over this guide to learn all about slicking your hair and which products to use.

[Image: c6c736e9cc7a08d54c14d43872ba7e31.jpg]

The slicked back hairstyle can be done in its classic variant or its modern variant; the main difference between these two variants is how much volume is given to one's hair when slicking it back. The aforementioned guide goes through these slicked-back variants and so much more.

[Image: 667ad3c9fd47236dbe26cf4ed9aa0838.jpg]

[Image: 300d7e2de0917b01999b366a1960d2a2.jpg]

Side Swept hairstyle

If you want to sport a classic lock, then the Side Swept hairstyle will become one of your daily go-to hairstyles.

[Image: 653415bd5b56a0526a9695d6f83cabd9.jpg]

The Side Swept hairstyle keeps all your hair with a low profile across the scalp and directed towards the right (or left) side of your hair. We also have our guide on the Side Swept and you can go through the guide in order to learn how to use the flat low-profile emphasis of this particular hairstyle so as to not make you look any taller.

[Image: a930d56d4e01d12b188508a61adacc29.jpg]

[Image: 2d3e8545753f47e0aae39b642e371c23.jpg]

Caesar Cut hairstyle

The Caesar Cut hairstyle is a short-to-medium hairstyle that all emphasizes a flat-hair profile atop your head. Wavy hair benefits the most from the Caesar Cut hairstyle of all hair types for men, so do try this hairstyle if you're planning on leaving your hair at about one to three inches in length.

[Image: fa91b2c23475205d026e74382efcaa1a.jpg]

Side fringe hairstyle

A side fringe hairstyle has a flat, bulky appearance as the hair across the top remains flat, yet the hair across the forelock is combed at an angle from the forehead's hairline, which has the forelock's hair hovering over the forehead. It's up to you how much of a fringe you want to have, but a good rule of thumb for an aesthetic fringe is that the fringe occupies one-third to one-fourth of your forehead.

[Image: a34b9826be18ff55a056f29ac6e713cb.jpg]

Middle-parted curtained hairstyle

The middle-parted hairstyle is similar to the side swept, only that the middle-parted hairstyle is a curtained look with the hair parted at the center of the head. The hair is left danging with low to medium volume, so it's a great hairstyle for tall men.

[Image: d8d6c09176bb0070fd870656099d3216.jpg]

Buzz-cut hairstyles

If you want to keep you hair very short and sharp-looking, then have a look at the wide range of buzzcut hairstyles that we've published in this link that I've just posted (it's a buzz-cut guide with all haircut ranges!). Buzz-cuts are extremely convenient, low-maintenance and cheap to get, so, if you aren't very interested in styling your hair daily, then any of the buzz-cut hairstyles in our linked guide will do a phenomenal job in keeping your head cool and dapper.

[Image: dd9ce8246b9a79de88e96782c1233ecd.jpg]

All that you need for most buzz-cut hairstyles is a good hair clipper and you're good to go. We recommend that a buzz-cut hairstyle be maintained every two to four weeks by simply re-touching the buzzed areas by using a hair clipper. Any scissor-trimmed area (as with a Crew Cut haircut) is to be trimmed very slightly so as to maintain the same buzz-cut look; men's hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, hence the trimming to be performed on the scissor-trimmed areas is very small.

[Image: a5f08df28a83f05e1036ddd95f1d9869.jpg]

Hair products for tall men

One more thing that I feel that should be mentioned is the use of hair products. Since you're going to be styling your hair in a flattened pattern, then it's best that you use men's hair products that are ideal for such a hair-styling pattern. Get any (or all) of these hair products to style hairstyles listed earlier:
  • Hair wax: to be used to style buzz-cut hairstyles and the side fringe hairstyle. See this guide on hair-styling waxes to decide which one will suit you best and/or which one you will like the most based on your personal preference.
  • Hair pomade: to be used to slick your hair back (in a slicked back hairstyle) or to sweep it to the side (in a Side Swept hairstyle or Side Part hairstyle).
  • Hairstyling cream: to be used for the middle-parted (curtained) hairstyle and for any hairstyle in which your wavy hair is at a long length as the hair is left dangling and styled down.
  • Hair gel: to be used for short-to-medium Caesar haircuts and long fringe hairstyles. For good styling gels to buy, see this hair gel guide.
The hairstyles detailed above together with these listed men's hair products will get you the perfect look as a tall male. You just can't go wrong with using any of these hairstyles along with one or more hair products that suit these tall-men hairstyles!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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