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Best styling wax for spiky hair?
04-13-2015, 07:54 AM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2015 07:58 AM by US Asian.)
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Best styling wax for spiky hair?
So I was reading another thread about spiky hair and hair gels. It's also mentioned that you could use some hair wax. So what's the best styling wax for spiky hair?

Sorry for asking in another thread a similar question but for hair gel. I'm just a bit confused with which brands of waxes and gels to use for a spiky hairstyle. I was really confused with what the actual products are before I started reading this forum but now all I need is some brand recommendation of a good styling wax for spiky hair. And as always, thank you!

I forgot to mention that this is the thread discussing styling waxes for spiky hair. It also talks about hair gels for spiky hairstyles.
I also have thick Asian hair and it can be a problem to keep the hair styled in spikes as it will look instead like a brush.
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04-16-2015, 12:50 PM
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RE: Best styling wax for spiky hair?
I remember just now replying to a thread of yours on good hair gels for spiky hair, you really have been going on a forum question spree! that's fine tho as those of us who make a living as barbers are happy to chime in and help you chaps out Smile anyway if you want to see my suggestions for good hair gels for spiky hair click here for my post.

Any styling wax for spiky hair needs to have a strong hold. Spiky hair will have a tendency to lose its vertical angle as soon as you have shaped the spikes. If you have hair that is longer than two inches then you will experience this unless you really get a good strong styling wax for your hair. We're talking of vertical spikes, so not of messy hairstyles that have angled spikes. Actual ninety degree spikes, vertical to the spike. What we would call a textbook spiky hairstyle.

Good thing about hair styling waxes is that they offer more textures than what hair styling gels offer. What I mean with this is that you can get a natural finish on your hair with your spikes or you can have very shiny and slicked spikes. Plus styling waxes are usually more forgiving than hair gel when you overdo the amount used to style your hair. Use too much with hair gel and your hair will get all crunchy and sticky while using too much hair wax will just augment whatever benefit the wax was giving you anyway.

Keep it simple with choosing good styling waxes for spiky hair. You need a powerful wax but you also would ideally want a range of textures to get. So this is what I would do.

Natural looking spikes:
If what you want is to have your hair looking natural but still be able to shape your spikes and keep them vertical, then see this Tigi hair styling wax reviewed by one of the mods.

High shine:
if what you want is your hair to look all glossy and with a lot of shine, then go to this post on the Gatsby hair waxes and get the number 1 Gatsby waxes listed as 'for great shine'.

Slicked wet look:
The high shine Gatsby wax will give you a pretty decent wet look but if you're looking for the ultimate wet look with slicked spikes, then get the water pomade in this list of high shine products that was also reviewed by one of our mods. It's the second product in the list, a pomade. The thing with this pomade is that it has many of the attributes of a styling wax, but it also offers the slicked look which is typical of pomades. So if you want that wet hair look with slick and sheen, grab that water pomade to shape your spiky hair.

You now have three finishing textures to choose from in a styling wax to keep your spikes shaped up and vertical. You can either go for the natural look, for the super shiny look or for the slicked wet look. Each of the waxes I've suggested aren't particularly expensive so grab more than one of the three waxes I've suggested so you can vary the texture of your spikes as you see fits.

The three waxes will also work for a lot of other men hairstyles so you will be using whichever wax or waxes you buy frequently. I can say without a doubt that those three waxes for the three different textures are top styling waxes and that you will enjoy them no matter what you end up choosing or styling aside from your spiky hairstyle.

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