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Best professional hair clipper? Cordless or corded is OK
04-25-2015, 08:12 AM
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Best professional hair clipper? Cordless or corded is OK
A couple of months ago I bought a Panasonic hair clipper and it was a big let down. I'm tired of cheap clippers, so what's the best professional hair clipper?

All I need is one hair clipper, one name, one product... but this is like the fourth hair clipper that we go through that breaks in months. I buzz my own hair and my older kids buzz their heads with the same clipper too. Heck they even have friends who sometimes come over for a buzz cut and the damn Panasonic clipper lasted less than 3 months. So it's obvious that we need a strong back-to-basics hair clipper that has good quality pieces and that will take a beating.

Also these cheap hair clippers over-heat fast, if you don't get your haircut in 15 minutes then forget about finishing it. It's my fault for looking at price too much when purchasing a good hair clipper. But now I would so much rather buy a good professional hair clipper. I've seen a few in the forum and I know that they ain't cheap but from all the reviews in the forum they're worth it. The main brands that I have heard around are Andis and Oster but I've yet to familiarize myself with the models.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me out and recommend a single professional hair clipper that is built to last and take a lot of use. It doesn't matter if it's a corded or cordless hair clipper. Thanks for any help, gentlemen.
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04-28-2015, 10:06 AM
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The best brands for hair clippers are Oster and Andis.
Well you're right about the cheap hair clippers in that they're not worth their price over the long term. A big problem with cheap hair clippers or even the medium range hair clippers is the issue of overheating.

Overheating kills the hair clipper slowly in the same way overheating kills a laptop computer. Then you have the fact that many times the hair clipper is assembled with very low quality parts & the end-product is a hair clipper that is built to last a year at a maximum. Use the hair clipper with frequency & you're looking at only a couple of months worth of use which is what has happened to you. BTW since you're into buzz cuts & similar haircuts, take a look at our short mens haircuts guide for the range of short haircuts for men & any new hairstyle ideas that you can get from the guide.

There's a reason why we always recommend spending a little bit more on a good hair clipper instead of going for the cheap option, you know? Smile

Since you're looking for a hair clipper that does everything you need & that can resist heavy & frequent use, I'm going to recommend the 2 hair clippers that many of us use & that we know are the best hair clippers for heavy use. Even if your frequency of use won't be high, these two hair clippers are so much worth their price as they will last your many years without giving you a single problem.

For a corded hair clipper:

You've mentioned the Oster brand & that is indeed the best hair clipper brand for corded hair clippers. They're professional hair clippers that can be used by consumers too - what that means is that any regular guy can also buy an Oster hair clipper & enjoy it for many years.

I can't speak enough good words of the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper. That's the hair clipper that you want to buy if you're looking for a corded clipper. They can get expensive & especially if you buy them from physical stores & shops. The Oster 76 is designed to go as long as you want it to go without the excessive overheating of the rest of hair clippers - even the medium range & top range hair clippers will overheat, but the Oster 76 will not get as hot as the rest of them.

Many of us in the forum have gotten the Oster 76 Classic hair clipper from this vendor here. The Oster 76 hair clipper from that vendor comes as a bundle with a set of guiding combs included so that you don't have to buy the set apart - the Oster 76 doesn't come with a set of guiding combs by default. So click on that vendor in the link & get the bundled Oster 76 classic hair clipper with the included guiding comb set. It's all you will ever need for a hair clipper!

For a cordless hair clipper:

If instead of the Oster hair clipper with the cord, you would rather get a cordless hair clipper, then one brand that I can definitively recommend is the Andis brand. Like Oster, Andis is one of the world's best hair clipper manufacturers & they produce some excellent hair clippers.

With a cordless hair clipper, it's important to get everything to go with it so that includes guiding combs, clipper oil, blades & more. It's also important to get a cordless clipper with a long lasting battery that makes the clipper a powerful one & which gives an even output throughout the haircut.

All of the above is what this Andis cordless clipper is about - see it in the link. It's exactly what you need for a professional hair clipper: heavy-duty powerful hair clipper, set of guiding combs for as many haircut lengths as you want, clipper oil, blades, battery charger & more. It also comes with a hard case to keep the hair clipper & accessories safe. For a cordless hair clipper, that Andis hair clipper is among the best that you can get & certainly the best for your situation! Smile

Whether it's the Andis hair clipper above or the Oster hair clipper above that you're getting, any of those two hairclippers will be the best choice that you can make in your search for a professional-calibre hair clipper.
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05-03-2015, 07:48 AM
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RE: Best professional hair clipper? Cordless or corded is OK
Hey thanks so much for your detailed response on those two great hair clippers!

After I posted this thread I continued doing more reading on hair clippers here at the forum and those two hair clippers are really where it's at in terms of high quality and durability. Since I have enough experience with the low to mid-range hair clippers, I was very happy to read all about the Andis BGR plus hair clipper. All its characteristics resonated with what I'm looking for in a hair clipper so I bought it today from that vendor you linked to.

I was also considering the Oster hair clipper. But given that the clipper will be used by not just me but also my sons I thought that a cordless hair clipper like the one from Andis would be more beneficial as it gives them more room to cut their hair anywhere they want. Both Oster and Andis are the best brands as I've also had reassured through this forum, so I highly trust Andis when buying a cordless hair clipper.

I just wanted to update the thread to let you know that I've gone ahead and put quality and durability before the price tag, which is something that I should have probably done right from the very beginning in all these months and years as it would have meant that I would not have wasted so much money on rats hair clippers.

So thanks again and if I remember I will create another thread with a review of the Andis BGR plus hair clipper! Smile
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