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Best product alternative to Murrays pomade? 0 0
Best product alternative to Murrays pomade?
03-06-2014, 09:53 AM
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Best product alternative to Murrays pomade?
Hello guys so I am growing tired of Murrays pomade and would like to find the best alternative for strong hold pomades. What gets me is the oily kinda grease that my hair develops with Murrays. I know this kind of old pomades relay on the slick and oil look but for the love of god does anybody know a better oil like pomade please lol

I am also trying to cut down on shampoo and doing the method in The Mens Hair book and Murrays is by far too greasy out of the new styles of pomade I have tried (you know the water ones...). However I still want an oily pomade as they are way better for holding hair than the water ones. But hopefully something NOT that greasy.

I am reading all threads in the forum and have a couple now in mind but though it would be best to ask here and get the opinions form the experts Cool


Btw I use the superior hair dressing one from Murrays so basically the regular one they have.
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03-06-2014, 02:00 PM
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RE: Best product alternative to Murrays pomade?
James, you will find that the old-school, so to say, oil-based pomades tend to leave the hair greasy, although this is most notable when using it in excess. With pomade, less is more!

Murray's pomade uses petrolatum and mineral oil as ingredients which are what makes the hair overly greasy. However in the case of Murray's, these two ingredients compose the majority of the pomade so your chances of having greasy, oily or icky/sleazy hair are quite high. But then, Murray's is a cheap pomade so, really, you get what you pay for. Murray's also doesn't have much of a liking in this forum among members as, if you want the best hairstyles, you're going to have to pay a bit more and go for a premium pomade.

I would recommend you to upgrade to 2 pomades, one petrolatum free, and another one that isn't as heavy with the petrolatum/mineral oil combination. This way you can see which one works better for you and then go on from there, or even keep buying both in the future for different styles especially if you like to go with a Pompadour and then change to something like a side swept.

For what's worth, both pomades that I recommend below are really good with both having a strong hold, and petrolatum need not be discarded as an ingredient for a good pomade (it's the combination with other ingredients and being too heavy on them that makes them bad or cheap products).

My recommendations are below, click each link to see more about each product. The distributors are good too from my experience, so you are ensured to get your chosen pomade in no time.
  • This premium petrolatum-free pomade: this pomade does not contain petrolatum and it's a favorite of mine. Has a good hold without the extra greasiness. It's a great option for shaping styles such as Pompadours, Quiffs and even slicked back hair.
  • This premium petrolatum-based pomade: while this one does contain petrolatum it doesn't contain mineral oil. It's a greaser's pomade, Rockabilly style! Now this doesn't mean that it will make your hair too greasy, it just means that a little bit of the pomade goes a long way. It also comes in an 8-ounce container so it's going to last you a very long while Big Grin It's a premium pomade and time tested. I highly recommend it as a petrolatum based pomade.

So, the above 2 pomades are excellent choices to replace the Murray's pomade. Now, ideally you'd buy both to arrive to a good conclusion of whether to go with petrolatum or not for the future, or even keep both and keep getting them in the future. However, if your budget only allows for one or if you simply want to buy one for now, then I suggest you go with the petrolatum-free pomade.

Ok, so now that I have covered the oil-based old-school pomades, it's the water-based pomades that are also worthy of a mention. Nowadays these types of pomades have evolved nicely and, while not all of them, there are a certainly a few that really work almost like oil-based pomades, and which can be very good replacements for an oil-based pomade. Water-based pomades are easier to wash, will not give a super shiny finish even when done in excess and will not "overcharge" your hair (that feeling when your hair feels "heavy"). You could say that water-based pomades are the "light" version of oil-based pomades.

If you want to try a water-based pomade that works similarly and that will work for Pompadours and for other strongly-held hairstyles, then go with this one from Layrite. This one actually has a bit of shine so that's a great replacement for your Murray's.

On the other hand, if you prefer more of the slicked back hairstyles, then choosing a water-based pomade that allows more freedom of the hair is a good option too. So, for slicked back hair and side swepts, this one from Suavecito is also a great choice of a pomade.

Let me know if you have any other questions Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-21-2014, 12:59 PM
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RE: Best product alternative to Murrays pomade?
hi thanks admin for your detailed reply! I just went ahead and bought the 4 you recommended since I had to do some product shopping any who Smile I have been very pleased as I have tried each back to back but especially so with the bees knees pomade which is the petrolatum free pomade you recommended in your post. Really the greasiness is gone and just goes really smooth!

The one thing that has ended up surprising me has been the petrolatum ingredient which I was not aware of and simply chalked it up to 'oil' as an ingredient. Now it all makes sense since petrolatum is the ingredient that 99% of pomades use but depending on concentration and the rest of ingredients the air greasiness will vary then. Black and White which is the other oil pomade you recommended above does have petrolatum but its night and day with Murrays. After using these pomades i can now really tell how cheap the Murrays pomade really is ha ha
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03-24-2014, 11:10 AM
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RE: Best product alternative to Murrays pomade?
Unfortunately most 'oil' pomades contain petrolatum. It comes with the territory.
But the 'petrolatum free' pomade that TMHF mentioned above is an excellent replacement for the regular 'petrolatum based' pomades. Petrolatum is not the 'enemy, the enemy are some companies that put cheap ingredients in the product in huge amounts and sell the product for huge margins. To be fair though as a pomade that uses really cheap ingredients, Murrays at least is a decently priced pomade compared to other pomades that are chucked full with petrolatum and cheap oils and charge you the same price of premium pomades.

And please throw away the Murrays pomade. If you genuinely care about your hair then spend a little extra on it and get a quality pomade like any of the ones mentioned above by TMHF.

Oldschool barber getting it on with the internet era.
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