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Best mens hairstyles for hair styling wax? advice? 0 0
Best mens hairstyles for hair styling wax? advice?
07-23-2014, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2014 12:15 PM by Alex.)
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Thumbs Up Best mens hairstyles for hair styling wax? advice?
So guys I would like to get more specific with hair styles and ask you about the best mens hairstyles for hair wax. Like for short hair, what styling wax to use? and for medium hair? even maybe have a styling hair wax for long hairstyles?
I am asking for all hair types too so not just about my own hair type. I am sure that any hairstyle replies from the pros here will help out a lot of people. So... any replies? Smile
Oops... quick edit to say that you can also include hair styling fiber, styling putty, styling rubber wax & all those hair wax names that are around and that confuse the heck out of many of us!! Big Grin
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07-24-2014, 12:58 PM
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RE: Best mens hairstyles for hair styling wax? advice?
Alex, when it comes to hair styling wax, the best hairstyles that suit this product are those hair styles that require to be held in place and shaped. Thus, the best hair length for hairstyles styled with wax is either a short length or a medium length. Long hairstyles barely benefit from hair wax since long hair requires a lot of products to be held up with enough strength, and, even then, I would use a hair gel instead of a hair wax to keep the upward hold for the long hair.

In terms of mens hair types, straight hair and wavy hair are the easiest to shape because of their type and this benefit the most from styling wax. However, coiled curly haired men and kinky curly haired men can also benefit from using hair wax, especially when their hair is short (i.e. shorter than 2 inches or 5 centimeters).

Hairstyles that are good for hair wax use

The hairstyles that suit hair wax are the ones listed below. After the listed I have posted some examples of the hairstyles as pictures, and then after the pictures I have posted the hair waxes that we recommend for each of the necessities of your hair!

Hairstyles for hair wax (click each link to learn more about the hairstyle too):
[Image: tumblr_static_43592_940_20131115152340949.jpg]

[Image: article-0-1907D1BC00000578-454_634x736.jpg]

[Image: 143625d1389937861-gerard-pique-gerard-pique-photo.jpg]

[Image: NS0tY5z.jpg]

[Image: gerard-pique-profile.jpg]

[Image: hhFbUK9.jpg]

[Image: 414px-Damon_cropped.jpg]

[Image: 1933129_w21.jpg]

[Image: Gareth-Bale_1.jpg]

Hair wax products to buy (click each product link)

Get this matte hair wax: this hairstyling wax in the link is great for a natural texture and look irrespective of your chosen hairstyle. The hairstyling wax in the link has a strong hold and can be used for shaping your mane, although you will find the greatest benefit in messy hairstyles and volume-based hairstyles!

Get this high-shine wax: this high-shine wax in the link provides a clean high-shine texture, and the wax itself is easy to remove from your hair. This wax goes great for shaping your locks with a glossy (i.e. shiny and full) look.

Get this re-styling wax: the re-styling wax in this link is known as a moving rubber wax, and it allows you to shape your hair several times throughout the day without having to apply more wax or having to wet your hair again to re-style. The re-styling wax in the link is a strong hold and medium shine wax. For those of you in the UK or Europe, you can get the same re-styling wax from HERE.

Get this thickening wax: this molding wax in the link is suitable for men with thin hair. This molding wax will add an element of thicker texture to your hair which is a plus for men who don't have natural volume to begin with, this being men with fine hair, low-density hair or men who are losing their hair or balding.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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