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Best hairstyles for thinning hair: short to medium length styles 5 1
Best hairstyles for thinning hair: short to medium length styles
09-20-2018, 09:14 AM
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Question Best hairstyles for thinning hair: short to medium length styles
After applying all the information in this forum and in the Mens Hair Book by Rogelio Samson, I've decided to grow my hair longer than a buzz cut. My hair is thinning and I'm a Norwood 3 according to the book which means that my hair thinning isn't that bad and the crown of my head is still dense enough.

With my hair short, talking of a near shaved length (again, by the book), my hair thinning is noticeable. When my hair is short, about an inch in length, the thinning is less noticeable but it is still a pain to have to deal with. I'm now on three inches of hair length and considering to grow it longer or stay at this length.

So what are some good short hairstyles and medium hairstyles for thinning hair? I'm happy to experiment with other hairstyles. Currently I'm doing a side part hairstyle and I'm using Rogaine and a thickening hair conditioner. Hair thinning has halted mostly.

Thanks for any help!
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09-20-2018, 12:23 PM
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RE: Best hairstyles for thinning hair: short to medium length styles
Good on you for doing something about your hair. Buzz cuts should not be mandatory for men in your situation who still have a good amount of hair atop their heads. As a barber, we always try to give other haircut options to folks like yourself who are so adamant on just getting their heads buzzed due to minor hair thinning.

As you mentioned, medium length hair gives more volume due to the actual length of the hair, so you're probably going to be better off with keeping yourself to medium length hairstyles. You didn't post a photo of your current state, but please do if you want more precise styling help.

Short hairstyles for thinning hair:

Two of the best hairstyles for thinning hair are the caesar haircut with front bangs and the Ivy league haircut with a typical quiff.

Caesar hairstyle:
Hair on the top trimmed to two inches with sides and back scissor tapered. The hair on the top is finger combed forward from the crown towards the forelock, which will yield a fringe or bangs on the forehead.

The caesar hairstyle kills two birds with one stone: you're hiding the receding hairline with the forelock's bangs and you're concealing any visible scalp with the bulk of the forward styled hair.

See our caesar haircut guide for a lot more on this great hairstyle for thinning hair. Use this hair wax to style the caesar cut, and you want it to look similar to this (George Clooney in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn):

[Image: 3fd4c49ddd73557ad496b2453edf1a05.jpg]

Ivy League haircut:
Hair on the top trimmed to two inches on the front and tapered down to 1.5 inches on the crown. Sides are tapered short with a hair clipper. The hair on the front is styled up with the same hair wax as recommended for the caesar hairstyle. Use this hair dryer for more volume on the quiff.

This is how an Ivy League haircut with a quiff looks like:

[Image: d8c55006314f053b4eb3817d611509ab.jpg]

Medium length hairstyles for thinning hair:

Here you have more options since your thinning isn't prominent, so the bulk of the added hair length will work really well for you.

Brush up hairstyle:
Hair on the top is 4 to 6 inches long. Hair on the sides and back is tapered down with a hair clipper or faded, as you wish. Use your fingers to direct your hair up and back as you point a hair dryer to the sections of hair that you're styling up. Continue doing so until the hair is dry. Do all the hair on top of the head.

Best hair products for the brush up hairstyle are this hair wax and this hair mousse. Use the wax for a high shine look, while the hair mousse will yield a more natural effect. Here's a brush up hairstyle picture:

[Image: 0cf6ebce091aa59b24b4e1375ae5f12c.jpg]

Slicked back hair:
Hair on the top is at least 5 inches long and is combed back. Hair on the sides is tapered short with shears or a hair clipper. While this will show the hairline, the actual hair thinning will be concealed by the slicked back hair. This is a classic hairstyle that really suits men with receding hairlines anyway.

Use this pomade to slick your hair back. Your slicked back hair should looks something like this:

[Image: acd4acd1365a8eacd08971e60c625642.jpg]

Messy side part:
Part your hair with your fingers and then tousle the parted hair while blowing air to it with a hair dryer. The tousled effect is compounded by the additional gained volume of your hair via the hair dryer. A win-win hairstyle.

Use the same hair mousse and hair dryer recommended for the previous hairstyles. You can tousle the hair as much as desired for that messy look. Here's David Beckham's messy side part hairstyle for your styling reference of this hairstyle. For the record, David Beckham's hair has been thinning out for the last couple of years and his hairline as being receding too.

[Image: 9e18c5f8518733fa77c3076bef0a40d4.jpg]

Any more questions, just ask.
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