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Best hairstyles for short guys to look taller?
05-29-2015, 12:37 PM
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Best hairstyles for short guys to look taller?
I'm not a tall guy so I wanted to ask the barbers here, what are the best hairstyles for short guys? I'm looking to add an inch or two to my height with my hair.

Is that possible without looking like I'm trying too hard?? I'm 5'6 foot tall and I've seen guys my height look taller with their hair. The thing is that I don't know any hairstyle or haircut names to make me look taller. I'm looking for something discreet that gives the impression of being an extra inch or two taller.

It's a serious question so I would be very grateful for any serious replies please.
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05-30-2015, 08:40 AM
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Here is a list of the best hairstyles for men to look taller. Just don't go crazy!
I take it that you're looking to get trendy hairstyles instead of some very obvious hairstyles to look taller. For the latter, hairstyles like the Mohawk or Liberty spikes work great, but they're a bit extreme for men's hairstyles outside of the punk and metal scene.

You can easily gain one inch in perceived height by using the right hairstyle. If your hair is more on the medium to long length category, then you can even gain 2 inches in height. It's all about getting the vertical length in the hairstyle without making it too obvious.

I'll just go ahead and, in a "guide" manner, go through the 8 best hairstyles to make you look taller. For all the hairstyles listed below, you will need at the very least a hair length of 3 inches, which is what we call a medium length. In fact, the perfect hair length to look taller goes from 3 inches to 5 inches. Any less and you won't get the perceived "taller effect"; any more, and you will make it too obvious that you're trying to look taller with your hairstyle.

Here are the 8 hairstyles briefly listed so that you don't lose track of any as you read each of the detailed descriptions for the hairstyles in the guide below.
  • Brush Up hairstyle
  • Blowout hairstyle
  • Faux Hawk hairstyle
  • Messy hairstyle with volume
  • Modern slicked back hairstyle
  • Mohawk Undercut hairstyle
  • Pompadour hairstyle
  • Quiff hairstyle
Aside from describing each of the 8 hairstyles to make a male look taller, I'm also including an image for each hair style so that you get an idea of how they all look. Likewise, I've included relevant links with further reading such as hairstyle guides or list of products to use for the hairstyles below. All these hairstyles are easy to do and you will only need one or two good hair products to rock them while giving the illusion of being taller!

Brush up hairstyle:

We have a lot of information and guides on the Brush Up hairstyle. As a matter of fact, our team of barbers at the forum were the first to coin the "Brush Up" hairstyle name. It's a hairstyle that made its way in late 2013 and then all through 2014. Currently in 2015, it's still a trendy hairstyle and not difficult to do.

To get a Brush Up hairstyle, you will need a good hair styling wax. Style your hair up with a comb while using a hair dryer pointed to the hair you're combing up. Do not fully dry the hair with the hair dryer; rather, leave some dampness. Once you've got a good foundation of vertical length, you then continue styling up with the fingers and the hair dryer.

The Brush Up hairstyle was used by Zayn Malik to look taller among other hairstyles of his like the Pompadour, Elephant Trunk and modern slick back. Justin Bieber has also used the Brush Up hairstyle to look taller. Both Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber are 5 foot and 7 inches tall.

[Image: zayn_malik_5.jpg]

Blowout hairstyle:

The blowout hairstyle is actually the foundation to the Brush Up hairstyle. With a blowout, you simply keep combing your hair up and back while pointing a hair dryer to the hair to enhance the vertical length of the hairstyle and its volume. Instead of hair wax, it's better to use hair gel to style the Blowout. Have a look at this hair gel guide and any of the strong-hold hair gels in the guide will be perfect for a Blowout style.

One dude who used the Blowout to look taller was Pauly D. His claim of being 6-feet tall has been disputed and fans put him more on the 5'9 to 5'10 category. However, with his full-on Blowout, Pauly D looked a solid 6-footer.

In the case of Pauly D's Blowout hairstyle, he also had a temple fade haircut to augment the volume of the Blowout. In fact, on the East Coast (e.g. New Jersey), a barber will give you a temple fade haircut first if you ask for a Blowout hairstyle.

[Image: 400px-DJ_Pauly_D.jpg]

Faux Hawk hairstyle:

With the Faux Hawk, you're concentrating the height of the hairstyle across the middle of your head. Have a look at our Faux Hawk hairstyle guide for more on this triangle-shaped hairstyle but it's an easy one to do. You can either use hair gel or a hair wax to style a Faux Hawk.

Incidentally, another member of Jersey Shore used the Faux Hawk to look taller. It was Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who actually wore a pretty cool Faux Hawk hairstyle for quite a long time. Ronnie Ortiz is 5'8, although, just like with Pauly D, his fans (those who have stood next to him) say that he's more of a 5'7 dude.

[Image: 7a25fca8154edcc4ab4d64861e26d9ee.jpg]

Messy hair with volume:

The mere act of tousling your hair will give you some volume which translates into vertical length (of the hair). The key here is using a hair dryer as hair dryers are the best products to make your hair look bigger through more volume and height. In fact, if you really are interested in using all these listed hairstyles (or any other hairstyles) over he long term to look taller, then I highly recommend that you buy a hair dryer.

Have a look at our extensive discussion on the best hair dryers for men to see which are the hair dryers that we recommend for guys to buy. In that discussion, you will find a hair dryer for all types of budgets, so don't worry if you don't have a lot to spend on a hair dryer! Smile

Back to achieving a taller height with messy hair. Other than using a hair dryer to tousle your hair, do also use a hair wax. I've posted a link to a selection of great hair waxes in my description for the Brush Up hairstyle, but, just in case, here it is again. Go through that list and choose any hair wax that meets your hairstyle goal. As for the best hair wax for messy hair, just choose any of the strong-hold hair waxes in the linked list.

There's no textbook shape for a messy hairstyle. It's up to you how messy or tousled you want your hair to be. So simply keep using your fingers to tousle your hair with the hair dryer pointed to your hair and, once you're happy with how your hair looks, stop the styling and call it a day.

As an example, here's Zayn Malik with a big-volume messy hairstyle to look taller. It's a messy version of a side fringe, and the hairstyle is very easy to do on your own with a good hair wax and a good hair dryer.

[Image: 220px-Zayn_Malik_November_2014.jpg]

Modern slicked back hair style:

The modern slicked back hairstyle uses volume as its main trait. You first slick your hair back with either a hair wax or a styling pomade and you then use your fingers to continue combing your hair back with a hair dryer pointed to the hair. It's a really cool hairstyle that's quite trendy, so you will be into a winner with this hairstyle.

To enhance the illusion of being taller, I recommend that you go to a barber and get an Undercut haircut for your modern slick back. That, or a very short taper. Don't worry if you don't know what an Undercut or taper haircut is; just ask your barber for an Undercut or a very short taper and he or she will know what to do.

[Image: a547a74fd997ee9dd5dc6fec6186c7c8.jpg]

Mohawk Undercut hairstyle:

I mentioned earlier that a Mohawk can be a bit too extreme as a male hairstyle. However, you can make the Mohawk wider and not so tall while getting the sides and back of your head done in an Undercut. The resulting look can be quite aesthetic as well as trendy, considering that the Undercut in all its variety is still very popular.

Again, you style the hair up on the top of your head (i.e. the Mohawk) with hair wax or hair gel as you point a hair dryer to it. You then finish off with a good hair spray to ensure that the Mohawk hair stays up. If you don't have a good hair spray, then see this list of recommended hair sprays for men as a good hair spray will prove invaluable for just about any hairstyle that you intend to use to look taller!

[Image: 8frBfRS.jpg]

Pompadour hairstyle:

The Pompadour is also a good hairstyle to look taller. This is because the forelock is styled up and round in the form of a Quiff, and the rest of the hair on the top of the head then follows on backwards toward the vertex. Thus, the Pompadour not only has a good vertical length but it also has some good hair volume.

As for which hair product to use to style a Pompadour, go with a good pomade. Have a look at this comparison of Suavecito versus Layrite as both Suavecito and Layrite make some great pomades, especially their water-based pomades which lack the greasiness of the older oil-based pomades.

[Image: e2edbb4a9195e0dc19a60ea137b36987.jpg]

Quiff hairstyle:

A Quiff is simply the styling of the forelock (i.e. front hair) up and with volume. You can either use a hair wax or a styling mousse to achieve said volume. Use your fingers to style the hair up, and, again, use a hair dryer pointed at the hair you're styling up.

As you can see below, Zayn Malik wears a high Quiff hairstyle as part of his wide range of hairstyles to look taller!

[Image: NS0tY5z.jpg]

The above hairstyles are great to look taller. They aren't discrete per se, but they're trendy and within the normal range of what's expected for a modern male hairstyle. With these hairstyles, and as I said at the beginning for this guide, you can expect to gain an extra inch or two inched of added perceived height, which for guys of your height, works phenomenally well (and hence its popularity with male celebrities who are under 6-foot tall).

Let us know if you have any more questions! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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