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Best hairstyles for men?
05-09-2015, 09:34 AM
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Best hairstyles for men?
Mens hairstyles come and go over these years but trendy styles are something to pay attention to, so which would you say are the best hairstyles for men?

It can be any type of hairstyle or haircut. Maybe your favorite hairstyle, but which also has advantages over other hairstyles like convenience, aesthetics or easy to cut. Perhaps a hair style that goes very well with a type of product. For example when you think of pomades, what do you think in terms of mens hair styles?

I will start first. As predictable as it may be I will say that the undercut is the best hairstyle for men. You can do anything with it and it's a clean cut. It leaves the sides sharp and clean and the same goes for the back of the head. So naturally all attention is put on the hair on the top of the head. You can style your undercut up, down, to the side or messy. The undercut has such a big hairstyle variety that to me it's just the best mens hairstyle.

What other hairstyle or haircut ideas do you guys have? Smile
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05-11-2015, 09:54 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for men?
I have to admit that this is a tricky question even for barbers like myself! Way too many mens hair styles to boil it down to a single best hairstyle. I'll try and see what I can come down to in terms of choosing among my favourite styles.

Alright so if everything is equal and for a guy who has a full mane and isn't losing his hair I would go with the following hairstyles. I'll include their own hairstyle guide in each link for anyone who wants to learn more about each of the hairstyles:
  • Slicked back undercut for guys with straight hair. It's a clean haircut and sharp. You just have to find a good barber who knows how to cut an undercut haircut. This is easier said than done by the way as it's quite common to mistake a fade haircut for an undercut.
  • Modern slicked back hairstyle for guys with wavy hair. Natural volume with body provided by the wavy hair and a tad of pomade makes this a great hairstyle for wavy hair men.
  • Two step undercut with freestyled top for guys with curly coiled hair. When it comes to curly hair you just don't want to tame it but instead go with the volume. Remove bulk from the sides with the 2 step undercut and leave it on the top.
  • High top fade haircut for guys with kinky curly hair. The high top fade was a popular eighties haircut and it's coming back strong. Like with coiled hair the kinky curls naturally stay vertical to the scalp so you get a lot of volume on the top while keeping the sides and back clean and bulk free.
I'll talk a tad more about the hairstyles themselves since we're trying to come to an agreement - or may not - of the best hairstyles for men! Big Grin

Slicked back undercut:

You know I'm not much of a fan of following hairstyle trends and trying to jump in on the bandwagon prior to the hairstyle taking off and everyone wearing it. That said I will acknowledge that the slicked back undercut is just too aesthetic and is the kind of hairstyle that you can wear year round and even as the slicked back undercut trend is dying, which it really is as of 2015 and the slick back undercut in 2016 will be a a reminisce of the past and of Jimmy Darmody - see the link for the actual hairstyle guide of Jimmy Darmody.

[Image: tumblr_lw4cl4poDE1qdgkyb.jpg]

If you have straight hair you just have to give the slicked back undercut a try at last once. It's the same as with the military haircuts which you can see here and which you have to try at least one in your lifetime. With the slicked back undercut do make sure tho to have your hair to at least four inches of length which is about ten centimetres if using the metric system. This is the perfect length for the slick back undercut as the hair can be flattened but at the same time it's easy to keep the hair shaped back evenly. With longer hair say from eight inches onwards it does get difficult to keep the hair slicked back evenly.

[Image: tumblr_lw4cn6PZa81qdgkyb.jpg]

Hair products to use for the slicked back undercut include the water pomades and the oil pomades. It's up to you really. You can also use hair gel or a hairstyling wax but I recommend using a pomade over these other two hair products. For those of you interested in learning more about which products to buy and use, have a look at this linked thread about slicked back hair products.

Modern slicked back hairstyle:

If you check out the slicked back hair guide in the link you will see that there are two types of slicked back hair. You have the classic slick back which is what most of us know from seeing the hairstyle on our dads and whatnot and then you have the modern slick back.

Thi picture is of a slicked back undercut with a tapered back but it's just there to show you the volume of a modern slicked back style as opposed to a classic slicked back style.

[Image: 9225b28482b24a64fc7b7b1ea9023c30.jpg]

[Image: a547a74fd997ee9dd5dc6fec6186c7c8.jpg]

A modern slick back just uses the fingers to style the hair back. Because wavy hair has plenty of volume on its own you end up with a cool slicked back hairstyle with volume and body. As for the sides and back go with a short taper haircut and not with an undercut for wavy hair!

This is Jude Law with a messy modern slicked back hair style.

[Image: ebc5025f8185b44f8368f744f129ddc3.jpg]

2 step undercut with freestyled top:

The 2 step undercut is a great haircut for curly hair. Guys with straight hair can get away with the sharp edges of the standard undercut buy guys with curly hair cannot get away with this. So the 2 step undercut fixes that and makes the stepped transition smoother for curly hair.

[Image: tumblr_mlet3lvtzS1r65bg6o1_500.jpg]

As for styling the top we just call it freestyling or a freestyle hairstyle. This is similar to the shake and go hairstyle. You use a bit of styling cream or pomade, shake your curls and then work across the hair with your fingers until you're happy with the natural shape of how your curls settle on your head.

This is Joey Essex aka crybaby with a 2 step undercut and curly hair.

[Image: RcUSib8.jpg]

High top fade haircut:

I love the fact that we're seeing more guys get the high top fade haircut. Even here in the UK we're seeing this and it isn't just with black guys. I am seeing more white guys with curly hair getting flat top haircuts and high top fade haircuts. Curly hair in general stands up quite easily so the flattop or high top fade is a natural hairstyle for curly hair.

[Image: b9603a1e5dc411e2a47422000a9e28eb_7.jpg]

Just watch out for the high fade. Like with the undercut haircut you do want to have a skilled barber doing your high fade haircut. It's very easy to mess it up and then you will have to go with bald whitewalls and a flat top which doesn't look nowhere near as aesthetic as a plain high top fade haircut.

[Image: 917144_268337670016016_1333534059_n.jpg]

Long hair:

This is mostly as a hairstyle for all hair types. I think long hair looks great but only when the hair has been taken good care of. That goes for all hair types and not just the curly hair types. If I had to choose I think curly hair looks quite impressive when it's really long. Like that geezer Troy Polamalu with his long curly hair. Here's a big thread with long curly hairstyles for those of you with curly hair and wanting to grow your curls long.

Straight long hair looks really good too but it could do with some easy extra volume by using a hair dryer. But that's just me as I prefer big hair styles as you can see from my selection of my best hairstyles.

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05-16-2015, 07:24 AM
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These are my styling choices when it comes to choosing the best hairstyles for men!
Like Bradley mentioned, this is a bit of a tricky question. A great hairstyle has to be the best in at least 3 variables: convenience, aesthetics and hair product need. Unlike Bradley, who categorized his best hairstyles by male hair types, I prefer to simply use other measuring variables to be met so as to define what a great men's hairstyle is.


For convenience, the best hairstyles are the buzz cut styles. Haircuts like a butch cut, induction cut or burr cut are extremely easy to do and you can get them done at home in minutes. All you need is a good hair clipper and you're ready to go.

Buzz cuts require no styling and only need to be buzzed again every couple of weeks. So that's 5 minutes of your time every couple of weeks that you will be using while devoting no hair styling time to your buzzcut. Now that's one convenient hairstyle!


When it comes to aesthetics, one's subjective opinion tends to take over so it's difficult to come to an agreement as to which is the best looking male hairstyle. Using our 4 male hair length categories, these are my chosen best hairstyles for men:
  • Near-shaved: for a near shaved length where the hair is buzzed very short, the best hairstyle is a High and Tight haircut. That also includes the High and Tight Recon. Despite the super short length of these 2 haircuts, you're still able to get some good aesthetics out of the haircuts since they emphasize sharp hair lines.
[Image: 0kN5jyG.jpg]
  • Short: for a short length, I would say that a Caesar haircut and an Ivy League haircut are the best hair styles for men. The Caesar Cut is a great hairstyle for flat hair, while the Ivy league haircut is a great hairstyle to give some styling to short hair while keeping the hair clean and sharp.

    The first picture is a Caesar Cut hairstyle. The second picture is an Ivy League haircut.
[Image: 697a474ae5d2583a34923bfade85ab69.jpg]

[Image: 629adbc28d35f0046ec5c9acd53d36ee.jpg]
  • Medium: for a medium length, I would choose the slicked back Undercut and the Pompadour hairstyle as the best hairstyles for men. The slicked back Undercut would be a classic slick back and thus the best hairstyle for flat hair. On the other hand, the Pompadour style offers great aesthetics for volume hair styling. I'm talking of a true Pompadour hairstyle where the sides are also slicked back and the back has a duck's derriere. I'm not talking of the new age hipster Pompadour hairstyles.

    The first picture is a slicked back Undercut hairstyle. The second picture is a Pompadour hairstyle.
[Image: 8215954b661d2efaeee0aa30d8907da7.jpg]

[Image: JtDRNP6.jpg]
  • Long: for a long length of hair, the best hairstyle for men is a shoulder length style. Preferably with the hair cut in layers and parted to the side. A shoulder length style provides great aesthetics for male hair and irrespective of hair type, which is an important attribute of should length hair. Once the hair grows longer than shoulder length, it's debatable as to whether the hair continues with the great aesthetics that it had at a shoulder length or not.
[Image: c3b38cbdfb9fa15928cc67ca4078dd0f.jpg]

Need for hair products:

This third variable relies on how many hair products are needed to achieve a hairstyle. In this instance, the less amount of hair products used, the better the hairstyle. We do know that many big hair styles require the use of a good hair dryer and hair sprays, not to mention the actual hair styling product, so those are out.

For me and based on its minimal need for hair product use, I'd say that the side part hairstyle is the best male hairstyle. Yes, it's boring if you keep it flat and as per its textbook version, but proceed to grab a good hairstyling wax, tousle your side part with your fingers and you've turned your boring hairstyle into a sharper modern hairstyle!

You can even part the hair itself with your fingers only so as to not have to use a comb, hence the only product you'd be using for your messy side part would be a good hairstyling wax. The best way to style a side part with your fingers is by doing so with damp hair and not with dry hair. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, always style your hair when it's damp instead of when it's fully dry.

Alternatively, you can use a good pomade to slick your side part into a side swept hairstyle. Again, you only need on hairstyling product (i.e. pomade), which really makes the side part a minimalist hairstyle and thus the best men's hairstyle for those guys seeking to spend the least amount of money on men's hair products! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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05-22-2015, 09:57 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for men?
I was going to post my thoughts on the best hairstyles for guys... but after seeing the huge guides above my post i'm kind of on the fence... Big Grin

I'm not a barber like the guys above so I will provide my input as a regular guy seeking a better hairstyle. First of all the hairstyles mentioned already are serious business! Great cuts and styles, I also like it when you folks post haircuts that you've done as it shows us that such impressive hairstyles for men can be done.

For me right now I would say that the best hairstyle would be a mid contour haircut with a quiff. I really like the mid contour haircut for some reason and even more than the undercut. I guess that the undercut is so widespread that it gets boring to see it time and time again. Don't get me wrong the undercut is a great haircut. It's just that the fad of getting an undercut and then styling your top with slicked back hair, a messy top or a side part can get boring after you se it for a couple of thousand times already down where you live as is my case.

The mid contour haircut is similar to the undercut but it also has that taper cut blending, it looks like a very old school haircut. But I've only seen it in hipsters and young guys.

About the quiff I do know that it's a popular hairstyle but it's rare to a see a good quiff hairstyle. IN this thread there are some really cool mid contour haircuts with some cool quiff hairstyles and other haircuts like the undercut or taper haircut. But the most striking thing is the good styling of a quiff. I've only really seen some impressive quiff hairstyles in this forum, whether they were actual haircuts posted by the barbers in this forum or other haircuts from somewhere else. But for the average Joe they just seem to not be able to get it right.

My two cents.
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05-26-2015, 01:27 PM
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RE: Best hairstyles for men?
It looks like the undercut is the problem solver for mens hairstyles. Is there any situation in which an undercut is not a good hairstyle?

I have to say that the slicked back undercut is one awesome. It's classy and like it has been said already it makes the hair on the top stand out more. That's why I'm curious to know if there's any situation when getting an undercut would not be the best hairstyle option.

I would say that the following hairstyles for me make my list for best mens hairstyles. The man bun and the high and tight.

Why the man bun? I think it's a trendy hairstyle and from seeing all the guides in this forum it really looks like a hairstyle for any hair type. There are a lot of hairstyles that are limited to certain hair types so I think that the man bun being a balanced hairstyle makes it the perfect hairstyle. So long as you grow your hair long enough you will get a man bun.

Why the high and tight? there's a guide about this hairstyle somewhere in the forum that shows how sharp this hairstyle looks. It's also very easy to do and you can do it by yourself. There is no fading so the high and tight is a similar hairstyle to the undercut. You only need two hair clipper lengths for the high and tight haircut. Talk about a convenient hairstyle. So like it was mentioned above by someone else I think convenience is an important factor for a great hairstyle. The high and tight is very convenient and not as boring as a regular buzz cut, so the high and tight gets my vote for the best short hairstyle!
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