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Best hairstyles for boys?
04-25-2015, 07:50 AM
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Best hairstyles for boys?
Hello gentlemen, I found this forum and it's great for hairstyle advice! I'd like to please ask you, what are the best hairstyles for boys? My boy is 8 years old and has a bit of a curl, but not so much. I would say his hair is wavy as it seems to be a hair type between straight hair and coiled hair which is what you guys have in your hair type tutorial.

Can anybody help me with what would be some good hairstyles for boys? Of that age or similar. Thank you for the help.
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04-26-2015, 11:28 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for boys?
Hi mate we get a lot of kids coming to our barbershop for a haircut. So we're used to cutting their head and to all the hairstyles that parents want. Mind you not always what the kid's father or mother wants for his son is the best hairstyle.

Most hairstyles for men are fine for boys. For aesthetics the best hairstyles for boys are the casual hairstyles that keep the hair not too shaped while playing with the kid's natural hair type and texture.

So if a kid has naturally flat and straight hair then a length of 4 to 5 inches would play very well for the curtains hairstyle. Add an undercut to the curtains hairstyle and you've got a pretty good nineties hairstyle! There are lots of undercut hairstyle pictures in this undercut hair thread so you can also go thru it and find lots of hairstyle inspiration pics for your son.

The one thing with kid to take into account when selecting a hairstyle for them is the fact that they're usually very active. his means that the hairstyle that you try to give them in the morning isn't going to last very long and will be gone by the end of the school day. So for boys, casual messy hairstyles work extremely well because these messy hairstyles actually get better the more the kid is active.

While the messy hairstyles improve with the kid's activity levels, you need to ensure that you use the right hair product to keep the controlled messiness in place. For that the best hair product is a hair styling wax. This type of product allows you to tousle your kid's hair with your fingers and define a controlled mess. Just use your fingers to define different locks in one direction while defining other locks in another direction.

The styling wax will enhance the messy look and if your kid is out and about being a kid then the styling wax will still hold up to your kid's running and jumping. Any bumps to the hairstyle will still have the controlled mess intact as that's something that styling waxes do very well.

A great example of a kid with a messy hairstyle is Romeo Beckham, one of David Beckham's sons. He keeps his hair tousled with his fingers, sometimes adding more volume for a messy quiff too.

[Image: 5b020f8588840fc36e61874bf362a996.jpg]

[Image: 3ee6a625644bd28a67aeef8d67c3b2e8.jpg]

[Image: 5cfd7ee9f15876d62c627475a1a63c61.jpg]

Other examples of messy hairstyles for boys. With different textures, hair lengths and hair colours. Tousled and messy hair just simply fits in with how they are and looks great independent of hair types.

[Image: 5819b380b452f85c69f78682b7bf59ab.jpg]

[Image: 5cd67ce835f4f803bf14eeda3aca7cb1.jpg]

[Image: a599bed11094c0b121378b8142216121.jpg]

[Image: ea0dce8025a766a940b9917e13605de2.jpg]

[Image: 65d0e9684430743957674c4224aa5f25.jpg]

[Image: 4742236a55a925f06499963c2f9f3275.jpg]

[Image: e8f4e04f4e75cae1184edeb68dc6875e.jpg]

[Image: ca1359eb92456c28cd48fa8c4c732c0a.jpg]
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04-26-2015, 11:53 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for boys?
For curly boys:

Casual hairstyles for kids do very well with straight hair and wavy hair. If your kid has coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair then it's best that you concentrate your efforts on managing your kid's curly hair. If you're unsure of your kid's hair type then check the forum's hair type guide to determine if your son has straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair or kinky hair. It's one of the most important things to know to decide which hairstyles and haircuts to go for.

You can still go for a messy look with your son's curly hair but you have to be careful to not get the curls tangled when tousling his curls. The secret to avoid tangles and to keep the messy look for curly hair looking great is to use a conditioner and a styling cream (or leave in conditioner).

Just so that you don't get confused make sure to read thru my explanation of what's a conditioner and a leave in conditioner as the differences are somewhat important and you can use these 2 products to have your kid's curls looking great.

A conditioner is a hair care product that you use on your son's hair 3 times per week after shampooing his hair. You just use a small amount, like 4 to 5 fingertip squeezes, and then apply the conditioner to all of your son's curly hair. Just use your fingers to coat his curls with a light film of the conditioner. Continue bathing your kid and after 1 to 2 minutes you then rinse out the conditioner with water.

Using a conditioner for a kid's curly hair is critical to keep his hair tangle free and be able to style his curls with casual hairstyles. Conditioners are used a lot by mothers for their daughters but it is still a bit of a mystery for fathers and their sons. Just start using a conditioner and you will notice huge changes for the better on his hair which will then allow you to style his curls even better and in any way you want.

After the conditioner you style his curls with your fingers and using either a hair styling cream or a leave in conditioner. Both these products do the same pretty much, only that a styling cream gives more shine while the leave in conditioner locks in more moisture and gives more of a wet effect. So you can use either a hair styling cream or a leave in conditioner for your kid's curly hair depending on how shiny or wet you want his hair to be.

Another thread that has a lot of information on these products is this thread on curly hair products for men which also has recommended styling creams and leave in conditioners. These products are just as useful and applicable for adults as they're for kids. They're very easy on the hair and they will improve a boy's curls immediately.

Here are pictures of curly boys with casual and messy styles. Again if you're taking good care of his curls with a conditioner and using a styling cream or leave in conditioner on his hair, his curls will just settle on his head naturally and looking great too.

So I leave you with the pictures below for now but if you've got any questions I'll give them a try. Cheers! Smile

[Image: 02d454f9193204092edef6f89d4e0267.jpg]

[Image: c34baec6b8d9d77e4f7b0a30efbfcf93.jpg]

[Image: 2421adbf1c264424d5207060954929e8.jpg]

[Image: 865e9570df876dd770b4b5b1885def23.jpg]

[Image: 792a7b4f2a8d260b59c2678a196347bf.jpg]

[Image: e62efc9b13cecb00d0eebddcf55007e7.jpg]

[Image: 9ca4f8db0a24fd56c954f6643e8afa38.jpg]

[Image: 1a7acc47a2eb7cf542e8619f1d81f9a3.jpg]

[Image: 1111a2dd65c7ea9884335fb4e25701e0.jpg]

[Image: 97c6626340283a1cb2d69e60f7b62748.jpg]

[Image: 138258a80df7666e4a06b3bc53b74b63.jpg]
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05-03-2015, 07:58 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for boys?
What a great response, my friend! Thank you so much, I owe you guys a couple of beers. I also replied to the thread that I started the other day on professional hair clippers and I was also given a very detailed response to my questions by another forum member, so I cannot thank you folks enough.

I've gotten some ideas already from your advice and the pictures that you've posted. I would define my son's hair as wavy, so I think one of the casual hairstyles that you've mentioned in your post will be the right hairstyle for him.

Your right with my son being one active little boy! So it does make sense that I style his hair with a casual hair style so as to keep his hair looking cute despite him running around all over the place whether he's at home or school.

I've also read up on conditioners from your suggestion. I will start using one for myself anyway so I will be using some of it for his hair too as it could do with a little less dryness.

I'll be placing a new products order at Amazon in a couple of days so I will throw in a conditioner and possibly a leave in conditioner. I've also started another thread asking about the best hair wax products around as I'd like to also buy one or two hair waxes. If you're around, could you also reply to my thread on hair waxes?

Thanks again, pal.
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11-09-2015, 06:12 AM
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RE: Best hairstyles for boys?
Great thread, thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.
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