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Best hair wax for men?
05-03-2015, 07:35 AM
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Question Best hair wax for men?
So I was wondering about this, which is the best hair wax for men? I know that many of you are hair product experts so I wanted to take the opportunity to ask for your opinions on the best hair styling wax. There are some good threads around in the forum with lots of recommended hair waxes, but I've yet to come to an overall conclusion of what's an all round good hair wax for a dude.

I know that there are hair wax products for women, so the question is specific to men. Feel free to post several waxes if you'd like to segment it by shine level, strength and any other characteristics that you think is expected of the best hair wax for dudes. For all hairstyles, for all ages and for pretty much any occasion. Just looking for that reliable wax that you simply dab and go.

Any opinions from anyone, not just the experts, would be greatly appreciated!
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05-03-2015, 07:41 AM
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RE: Best hair wax for men?
I forgot to say that in my case I will be using the wax for my own hair styling and also for my son's hair styling. I started a thread the other day on hairstyle ideas for kids, so after looking at the pictures posted I've already got some ideas that I'd like to try for him.

Hairstyling wax seems to be the products that really suits just about all hairstyles that were posted. Not to mention the hairstyles that I want to style on my own hair as I'd like to change my look.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is that I've tried already a styling wax from Tigi. It's the one that is recommended in the forum in many threads and I have to say that I'm very pleased with it. I would personally label it as the best styling wax, but since I only have real experience with that product I cannot really compare and see if there are better ones. I have used the Gatsby waxes too but I would put them on another level as they feel more plastic-like which is great for hair shaping but I'm not sure if they could be considered on the same territory as a Tigi hair wax. Other than that I have more experience with other mens hair products, but it's the hair waxes that I'm currently very interested in.

I'm also starting this thread for others who have yet to make a decision on what styling wax they want to buy. There are so many hair waxes that it can be confusing just to decide which one to buy!

I look forward to any of your replies, gentlemen.
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05-04-2015, 01:07 AM
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RE: Best hair wax for men?
Lock Stock and Barrel Original Classic Wax (won't let me post a pic under 50 posts)

I've got a few dozen waxes/putties/rubber/gel products and this one is my favorite. It provides the amount of shine I want and holds literally all day. Sometimes I'll use Gatsby orange to give my hair separation and texture, then apply a little wax to give it shine and chunkiness to a quiff. Works great.
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05-10-2015, 09:08 AM
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List of the best hair styling waxes for men by hair wax type!
Good posts so far, gentlemen!

Now, we could agree that hair wax as a product is pretty much the most demanded hair product along with good hair gels. This is for a good reason: hair wax is a very pliable product in that not only does it make hair pliable by itself but it also offers an excellent range of hairstyling characteristics that no other hair product type can recreate.

When choosing a good hair wax, you want to consider its holding strength and its shine level.

Holding strength:

The higher the holding strength (i.e. stronger), the more that you will be able to shape and style your hair while the hairstyle remains unchanged throughout the day. This is great if you like to use vertical hairstyles like the Brush Up hairstyle or even volume-enhancing messy hair styles. In fact, any type of men's hairstyle will benefit from a strong-hold hair product (in this case, hair wax) but it'd be specially the shaped hairstyles and hairstyles that require the hair to be up that benefit the most.

Shine level:

As the name suggests, the higher the shine level of a hair wax, the shinier your hair will look. Unlike pomades, however, high-shine hair waxes will give you a more-natural type of hair shine. A pomade would instead give you a more-artificial type of shine that is both slicked and wet looking (for the most part); such would be the main difference between styling pomades and hair waxes.

Having said the above, there are some hair waxes that provide the same slicked high shine of pomades, but these hair styling waxes tend to be spin-off products from styling pomades.

The opposite of a high shine would instead be a matte effect, whereby no shine is provided by the product and, in fact, the product actually makes your hair not reflect any light. So you end up with hair that has no shine but which can still be shaped in any way you like. Such matte hairstyling waxes are usually called hair styling clays or styling clay waxes.

So let's now go through with the recommendations on the best hair waxes for dudes. I will list 7 great hair wax products according to the different needs for shine levels and holding strengths.

Hair wax with a MATTE effect and a STRONG hold:

If you're into styling your hair with said mate effect and still be able to shape your hair freely, then go with this TIGI hair wax.

Hair wax with a LOW shine and a STRONG hold:

If you want a small amount of shine but still want to keep the strong holding power of a wax to style your hair in all shapes possible (including complex male hairstyles), then use THIS hair wax here.

Hair wax with a MEDIUM shine level and a STRONG hold:

If you want a decent amount of hair shine while being able to style your hair in most hairstyles, including vertical and volume-enhancing hairstyles, then go with THIS hair wax.

Hair wax with a HIGH shine level and a STRONG hold:

As said earlier, hair styling waxes with a high shine level and a strong hold are not as common as the rest of hair styling waxes. Much less if you're trying to find a good one.

So, for a good styling wax with a high shine level and a strong holding power, go with THIS hair wax here.

Hair wax with a WET effect, HIGH shine level and a STRONG hold:

If what you're looking for is a hair wax that provides a high shine level with a slicked texture that gives a wet-hair look, then use THIS pomade wax. This particular pomade wax in the link has a strong hold too so you will be able to style your hair in any shape or style that you want (including vertical hairstyles) while keeping the slicked and wet look of a pomade.

Hair wax with a HIGH shine level and a LOW to MEDIUM hold:

This type of hair wax is great for shiny messy hairstyles that you just want to keep tousled but without definition. Other hairstyles that benefit from a high-shine and low-hold styling wax are the flat hairstyles like the side part or the slicked back hair style. However, you'd get a more-modern and more-casual side part or slicked back style with such a high-shine and low-hold hair wax.

For a great high-shine and low-hold styling wax, go with THIS one here. This hair wax in the link is also a re-workable hair wax in that you can re-style your hair throughout the day without adding more of the wax to your hair or add more water (so it's a very convenient type of hair wax!).

Hair wax with a LOW shine level and a LOW to MEDIUM hold:

If, after all, you're just looking for a simple hair wax that accentuates your hair and that provides more body and fullness to your hair, then a low-shine wax with a low-to-medium hold (aka a "firm hold") will suffice.

Hairstyles that benefit from a low-shine and firm-hold hair wax include any of the casual hairstyles and messy hair styles that also do really well with the previous high-shine and low-hold styling wax. Likewise, any modern hairstyle version of the side part and slick back style will also work really well with a low-shine and firm-hold hair wax.

For a good low-shine and low-to-medium hair wax, get THIS one over here.


As you have been able to see with the 7 hair styling waxes listed above, the ranges of shine levels, holding strengths and even textures do differ quite a bit among the different types of hair wax products. This is done on purpose since hair wax as a product category by itself does inherently offer such a wide range of hairstyling characteristics, so it's as easy as tweaking the product formulation to achieve more (or less) shine as well as more (or less) holding power (not to mention achieving different textures!).

With each of the 7 hair styling waxes that I've linked and listed above, no matter what your hairstyle and/or needs for shine levels and holding power may be, there will always be a great hair wax for you!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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05-10-2015, 01:04 PM
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RE: Best hair wax for men?
Here I was getting all ready to post my long reply when I see the last reply from one of our admins with all those recommendations and all that info on hair styling waxes. Going to be hard to top all that advice! Big Grin

I was writing this pot earlier today but I had to leave so I saved it for posting it now. I didn't see that huge thread with all the product recommendations, which I think pretty much summarizes all that you need to know about buying the best hair styling waxes. I will go ahead and post my humble reply anyway but regardless I do agree with all the hair styling wax recommendations above and they pretty much parallel my own hair wax recommendations.

In my opinion I think that the main problem when it comes to choosing the best hair wax is that there are so many of them! Then it doesn't help that hair product companies will use buzz words to market and call their hair wax products.

Within the hair wax range of product, these are the different hair wax names that I've seen used. This is my own description of what I've been learning so far and from reading, buying and using different waxes. I owe a lot to reading the many threads on hair waxes from this forum as I was a big hair product noob right before I started reading the forum.
  • Hair clay: this is a type of styling wax with a matte finish so it doesn't reflect light. The hold in hair clay waxes is low to medium so it goes great for casual hairstyles and messy hair styles.
  • Hair putty or hair fiber: this is a type of styling wax that has a strong hold and a medium shine. It's what most guys think of as a standard styling wax when they think of hair waxes. That's what I also did back in my days of being a total noob.
  • Pomade wax: this is a type of styling wax that is based around a pomade. So a pomade wax gives you all the strong holding power to shape your hair up and in any hairstyle that you want, yet you also get the slicked 'wet hair' look from this type of pomade. You could think of a pomade wax as being the opposite of a hair clay.
So now I'll post what I think are some good hair styling waxes within each type of hair wax. Some of these recommendations are based on forum feedback and recommendations from the real pros of the forum (barbers, hairdressers etc). I've also tried quite a few waxes and it's true what was said earlier about the huge range of hair product specifications that you get with these hair styling waxes.

Hair clay:
I think for a standard hair styling clay I'd go with the Osmo styling clay wax. I would choose as the number one hair styling wax the Tigi bed head wax, since it is labelled as a styling clay. However from my own experience the Tigi bed head wax has more of a strong hold than a low to medium hold. This is great as it means that you can really shape your hair into just about any hairstyle that you can think of, but it proves that hair product companies just label their products with whatever name sounds cooler without adhering to any standard grouping of hair product types.

Both the Tigi bed head wax and the Osmo styling clay provide a matte finish. Great for hairstyles where you want your hair to look like you didn't use a hair product to style your hair.

Hair fiber or hair putty:
For this type of hair fiber I would go with any of the Gatsby moving rubber waxes that have a medium shine and a strong hold. See this really useful post listing the different types of Gatsby hair wax rubbers For a good hair fiber from Gatsby, choose the number 3 or number 4 Gatsby hair waxes for good hair fiber products.

The hair product company that I've seen use the hair fiber term a lot in their products is American Crew. American Crew has mixed reviews in this forum. See the following link for a good discussion on the American Crew hair fiber

Another brand that I like is Axe with their Axe hair putty. For a deodorant brand they did get the hair putty right! Big Grin

Pomade wax:
From my reading and research, the high shine hair waxes with a strong hold are not common mens hair products. The reason for this is because for that type of hair product specs you already have different styling pomades.

If I were to choose a good hair wax with a strong hold and with a moderate amount of shine, I would go with the number 4 Gatsby hair wax in the post that I linked above. It does give a clean look that isn't slicked or wet. Also the shine from this Gatsby hair wax rubber isn't an 'in your face' type of hair shine but rather it blends naturally with your hair so your hairstyle ends up looking glossy and with a natural shine.

So if you're looking for a 'moderate to high shine' hair wax that gives you a texture that still looks natural then that's the hair wax to use. That Gatsby hair wax also has a strong hold so it's perfect for a natural shine look that allows you to shape and style your hair in any hairstyle that you want.

If instead of a natural shine you're looking for that slicked wet look with a strong hold, then you have to look into the pomade wax products. Go thru the following post with a great list of pomade waxes and other high shine and strong hold products Now these products will give you a slicked texture that will look like you have definitively styled your hair with a product versus the natural look of a hairstyling clay.

The slicked look from the pomade wax products in the linked post will also give you a wet hair effect. Then you have the fact that these pomade waxes have a strong hold, so you're looking at hairstyles that you can do which look wet yet are shaped up, down, to the side or in any direction that you want, and the shape and style of your hairstyle will last all day long.
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05-22-2015, 08:43 AM
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RE: Best hair wax for men?
Another epic thread from you guys! I have no way near the experience with hairstyling waxes as some of you so I really cannot put my finger on which is the best hair wax for men. However from my experience as in the waxes that I have tried so far I would say that the Tigi wax that has already been mention in this thread is a great option for those natural and tousled hairstyles.

Another good thing about hair waxes is what has been said in this thread already: you can get a lot of shine. This type of shine is from my experience less yucky than the one from pomades. So you're giving your hair a lot of shine while keep the texture natural and light. You can also give your hair just 'some' shine if you don't like a lot of shine, and still your hair will feel natural and light.

One thing I have encountered with the really strong hair waxes is that they will slightly harden my hair. It isn't anything crazy or super hard. I still prefer the really strong hair waxes over the really strong hair gels. These types of hair gels will harden your hair like there's no tomorrow which isn't so cool if you're looking for a natural texture.

From reading the labels of the products it does look to me like they have to use more powerful ingredients for the super strong hair waxes and hair gels. But somehow these super strong hair waxes still manage to retain most of the natural and light texture of the less powerful hair waxes. Like I have mentioned you will get some hardening of your hair but it's minimal and your hair will still feel natural and light with the super strong hair waxes that have been listed in this thread and from the ones I have experience with.

It can get crazy trying to shop for a real good hair wax. I'm glad that the guys have talked about hair putty and hair clay because you can get all mixed up with the hair wax names. I know i did and so have most of the dudes I know who have tried to buy a hair wax. It's a pity that the companies making these products don't stick to the same hair wax names because I have seen some hair clays that are being labelled as putty or fiber. Dunno if it's done on purpose or because the company has been their hair wax range around different names and that's what it is for the given hair wax clay.

This thread is a keeper and I've bookmarked it already. The list posted above by one of the moderators dividing the hair waxes by shine levels and strength is priceless. It really serves as a reference for future purchases as all the hair products that these guys recommend or have recommended to me have work really good for me so far. Also to the other forum member above thanks for explaining the difference between hair clay, hair fiber and wax pomade. Damn it can get confusing if you don't have a written reference like yours and you try to go by what the manufacturers put on their labels.
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05-26-2015, 01:47 PM
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RE: Best hair wax for men?
I love this forum for this reason. Lots of advice on products that can get really confusing. Thanks for all the posts in this thread on behalf of all the lurkers who read this forum, speaking myself as a former lurker before I joined this forum to bother everyone with questions! Big Grin

Go with the list of hair waxes posted by one of the admins in this thread. I've tried some of the waxes there and they all are winning hair waxes. Any by Gatsby for the listed purposes, like for high shiny and medium hold will work great for each listed purpose. The you have the natural Tigi wax he also recommended and that you see around in the forum so that's another hair wax that won't disappoint you.

I think Redken has a nice hair wax. The American Crew hair wax is a decent hair wax. But if you just want to go in and get out with the best hair waxes, follow the list from the admin and get any hair wax for each of the purposes that you need. I think having two or three hair waxes is a good idea.

You can have a high shine hair wax with a low to medium hold, for casual hairstyles. You can have a matte hair wax with a strong hold, for a natural texture and messy hair styles. You can also have a wet effect hair wax with some good hold for a clean slicked hairstyle. It's true that the wet effect hair waxes aren't greasy like pomades. If you're after a clean slicked hair effect then get the wax pomade that admin recommended above in his list. I haven't tried that one but it has good feedback in the forum apparently.

(05-10-2015 01:04 PM)US Asian Wrote:  Here I was getting all ready to post my long reply when I see the last reply from one of our admins with all those recommendations and all that info on hair styling waxes. Going to be hard to top all that advice!

Dude have you been studying the forum for days on end or what? Big Grin you took your hair product research too seriously. I may have to also ask for your assistance on my next hair product thread. I'm impressed how you have caught on with all the hair product knowledge.
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