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Best hair products for curly men? Product recommendations
03-28-2015, 12:00 PM
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Question Best hair products for curly men? Product recommendations
I currently have short hair but I'm growing it out a bit now and then much longer in summer, so I wanted to ask what are the best hair products for curly men? There is so much information in this forum about hair products that I find it fascinating how you guys know so much about mens hair products. The timing is perfect for me because I have made the decision to take my curly hair seriously and embrace it instead of getting buzzcuts.

I have also used the search function and I am reading different threads talking about good curly hair products but I don't own any currently as I just now started to take care of my hair after reading the curly hair book which I love. The book goes through the hair products for curly guys, so I wanted to see if we could have some chat in this thread regarding curly products for men. Like what brands do you recommend and not just what type of product.

For example I know that you're supposed to be using a hair conditioner, but what hair conditioner should I use as a curly guy? I'm going through different threads covering this topic so apologies in advance if this has been discussed at length somewhere else. Also I've posted this thread in the forum section for hair products, not sure if maybe it should be better in the section for curly hair? please move the thread if that other section is better.

It would be great to hear what you guys have to say about good curly hair products for men! Smile
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03-29-2015, 05:35 AM
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RE: Best hair products for curly men? Product recommendations
I'm also a curly guy and for me the most important products have been a conditioner, curly hair creme to style and one of those leave in conditioners.

The conditioner I use is one from Agadir which I saw that is also recommended on another thread. I will leave that for about a minute on my hair, I don't time it but I know more or less when it's ready as I have my shower routine worked out. That conditioner alone leaves my curls smooth when my hair dries and if I don't use any other products.

The curly hair creme is just for the shake and go hairstyle which is the kind of curly hairstyle that I did. So I dry my hair a little and then I use the curl creme on my hair and using my fingers. I shake my head a little and I'm ready. My curling creme has moroccan oil in it which I find that my curls appreciate a lot. I will use the curl creme for hairstyles like combing the hair back or some casual style.

The leave in conditioner that I use depends on what I buy as I change them around. I will use my leave in conditioner when I don't use a conditioner or when I want to rock my natural afro. So any day I'm styling my curls with a curl creme or a leave in conditioner. Most days as I will sometimes not use anything other than the conditioner in the shower which I will rinse out.

I had bad experiences with pomades and wax products for my curls. So I only use the curl creme and the leave in conditioner for curly hair styling. Sometimes I will use a hair gel from American Crew or Tigi bed head. But for me it's leave in conditioners and curl cremes.

Another thing that helped me was to shampoo only like three or four days during the week. As soon as I avoided using my shampoo every day my curls got better. Have a look at a routine called the no shampoo method, it's in a book called 'the curly hair book'. Also if you can get that book it will help you a lot with your curly hair and also with motivation to grow your curls because I hated my curls before I started reading that book haha
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03-30-2015, 09:36 AM
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The essential products are a conditioner, leave-in, styling cream and the book.
The main to consider with curly hair for men is that the products used to style curls are typically different than those used for straight-hair styling. With straight hair, one looks to shape the hair and take advantage of the bone straight form of the locks as well as of its ease of styling. On the other hand, with curly hair, one looks to improve the texture, shape and body of curly hair, while actual styling of the curls takes a second place.

There are 4 main products that you simply must have for curly hair:
  • Regular rinse-out conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Hairstyling cream
  • The Curly Hair Book
The above 4 products (which you guys above have already touched base with) are the ones that every curly dude should have if he wants to make the most of his curls. There are, of course, other products like shampoo, hair gel and even a hair dryer that will be very worth getting, but see these as optional and not as important as the above 4 curly hair products.

Regular conditioner

These conditioners are known as rinse-out conditioners, daily conditioners or simply as "conditioners". A regular conditioner is of utmost importance to curly men. You will obtain plenty of magic awesomeness by just using a conditioner itself.

If you're going to be shampooing your hair, always follow up the shampoo with this type of conditioner. What you do is you simply coat your hair with the conditioner and wait for 2 minutes with the conditioner applied on your hair. In those 2 minutes, you can continue showering and cleaning your body as you make time.

Once the 2 minutes are over, you simply rinse out the conditioner (hence one of its names) with water. Rinsing out the conditioner should take you less than 30 seconds.

You can also use a conditioner on other days that you do not shampoo; for example, if you're following the No Shampoo method from The Curly Hair Book (see below) or The Men's Hair Book. Anytime that you think that your curly hair looks or feels dry or lacking in definition, use a regular conditioner, and you will get back your magic curls! Smile

For a great regular conditioner for curly hair, go with THIS conditioner here.

Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a watered-down (i.e. less concentrated) version of a regular conditioner that you do not rinse out. A leave-in conditioner will add more body, fullness and shape to your curls, so it's the ideal hairstyling product for men who like to keep their manes looking glossy all day long while rocking casual hairstyles.

A leave-in conditioner is made to be used once you've dried your hair after wetting it; for example, once you've dried your hair after a morning shower. Just get some of the leave-in conditioner and coat your hair with it as if it were any other hairstyling product like a hair gel or styling cream.

The great thing about a leave in conditioner is that it is both a long-lasting conditioner and it is also a hairstyling product for curly hair. So use a leave-in conditioner any time that you want to rock some loose curls, natural curls, a casual look or whenever you don't need your hair to be fixed rock hard into a hairstyle. Leave-in conditioners have a low hold as far as hairstyling products go, so you should use a leave-in for the aforementioned types of hairstyles.

A really good leave-in conditioner that I recommend that you get is THIS one here.

Hairstyling cream

You guys have mention this type of product already, since a curl creme (aka curling cream) is a type of styling product for curly hair that makes your curls stand out more with natural slick and shine.

Hairstyling creams and lotions are great for curly hair because they are anti frizz. What this means is that if you have frizzy hair, a hairstyling cream will co-operate with you to keep your curls bouncy, full and without frizz. Frizzy curls is something that many curly guys complain of but don't know how to solve. I can tell you right here and right now that the trick to frizz-free defined curls is to use a conditioner and a hairstyling cream (the latter used when styling your curls).

A hairstyling cream will also have a low to medium hold, so, just like a leave-in conditioner, a styling cream is great for loose and casual hairstyles. Unlike a leave-in conditioner, however, a hairstyling cream is also a great curly hair product for the slicked back hair style, the side part and other more formal hairstyles (i.e. the hairstyles that you'd wear in an office setting or corporate environment).

So, if you want to rock loose curls with plenty of definition and gloss (i.e. looking healthy), use a leave-in conditioner to style your curly mane.

If you want your curls to look bigger, fuller, with enhanced natural shine and frizz free, then go with a hairstyling cream! Likewise, if you need to slick back your curls or put them into some kind of side part style or combover style, do also go with a styling cream.

A great hairstyling cream that you can buy right now and stat enjoying very soon is THIS one here.

The Curly Hair Book

The Curly Hair Book is a must-read book for curly men. It has all the information on hair and living life as a curly dude that anyone on this Earth could ask for. Likewise, The Curly Hair Book was written by Rogelio Samson, a popular curly guy who is behind the brand.

One of the greatest things about The Curly Hair Book is that it stresses complete hair care over hairstyling, and this is something that many of us in this men's hair industry agree with. To put it bluntly, if you do not take care of your curls and don't know how to groom them daily, your curls just ain't going to look as great as they potentially can do.

The hair care routines and methods in The Curly Hair Book are also approached from what a guy could need and hope for. Thus and unlike with women's hair care, the men's hair care methods and advice in The Curly Hair Book are fast, convenient and easy to implement.

There's also plenty of advice on hair grooming, styling, tips, miscellaneous questions and there's even a chapter on myth busting, which you will be very glad your read! Lastly, The Curly Hair Book is full of anecdotes and motivation from Rogelio Samson to help you as a curly dude to rock your mane and stop seeing those curls of yours as a liability.

The Curly Hair Book is simply that great of a book as it will answer all your questions, and we stand behind it 100% here at the forum. To get The Curly Hair Book, simply get it from HERE in the link.

The 4 products above are the essentials for a curly guy. Now I will also post below in the next post the best add-on products for your curly hair. You can either simply use the 4 products above or get a couple more products from the listed products below and add them to your essential products for an absolutely-complete range of curly hair styles and looks! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-30-2015, 09:47 AM
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Here is a list of the best curly hair products for men. Get them with the essentials!

Other men's products for curly hair

There are other products that will help you to make the most of your wavy, coiled curly or kinky curly mane. These products are optional, but they are certainly great additions to your curly hair products as they will allow you to rock a wide range of curly hairstyles as well as help you make the most of your curls.

These are the extra curly hair products for men that we recommend (they are found in each product link listed):
  • This hair gel: this hair gel has a medium hold that will work for hairstyles where you want your curls fixed into a hairstyle and with a wet look.
  • This styling mousse: this styling mousse in the link will provide you plenty of extra volume on your curls as well as define and shape the curls with some extra natural shine. If you want vibrant, shiny big curls, get the styling mousse in the link!
  • This styling wax: if you're looking for a strong-hold hairstyling product for curly hair, then get the styling wax in the link. This styling wax will help you when shaping your mane into hairstyles that require your curls to stand up vertical (instead of laying low). This is a great benefit that is also shared by the styling mousse above, but this styling wax in the link is way stronger in securing your vertical/tall/volume curly hairstyle!
  • This hair spray: if you're needing to keep your curls in a secured hairstyle, then use the hairspray in the link. Usually, curly hair will recoil (i.e. go back to its natural position) when you try to put it into formal hairstyles or hairstyles that require shaping. To keep your hairstyle secured throughout the day, use the hair spray in the link right after styling your hair with another hair product like the gel or wax recommended in the links above too. To spray your hair, just press down on the canister and spray from about a foot away from your hair.
  • This pomade: this pomade in the link is the product to use if you want to give your hair a shiny look with slick. It's a water pomade so it's way easier to clean off your hair than the traditional pomades. The sheen and slick in this pomade is great, but it won't make your hair look all greasy (which is what the traditional pomades used to do if you overdid the amount to use for styling!). However, only use the pomade in the link (or any other pomade) if your curly hair is longer than 2 inches in length as the ideal curly hair length for a pomade is between 2 to 6 inches (i.e. a medium length).
  • This hair dryer: the hair dryer in the link is one of the very select few hair dryers that we recommend for curly hair. Why? Because most hair dryers (especially the cheap ones) create frizz and compound the frizzy and fuzzy issue of curly hair. However, this hair dryer in the link dos the opposite and tames any frizz on your curls. This hair dryer also dries your hair faster, better and without damaging your hair, unlike most other hair dryers. It isn't a cheap hair dryer, but it's very much worth its price if you want to keep your curls looking great over the long term!
  • This hair mask: despite using a regular conditioner and/or a leave-in conditioner, your hair will still benefit from using once a month or once every two weeks a hair mask. This type of product (i.e. a hair mask) provides a super concentrated dose of hair condition and maximizes the good looks of your curls. You simply need to apply the hair mask on your hair (like a conditioner) and then leave the hair mask on your hair for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, you rinse out the hair mask and you will be impressed with how your curls look once your hair dries and for the following weeks!
The above curly hair products will bring you plenty of hair care and styling benefits and are the best products for a curly guy.

While you will do great with the 4 curly products that I recommended above this post and which are the essential products for a curly dude, the rest of products listed in this post will allow you to have a wider range of curly hairstyles, textures, finishing and looks! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-02-2015, 06:02 AM
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RE: Best hair products for curly men? Product recommendations
My friends with curly hair swear by conditioners. They say that it takes a lot of load off their hairstyles because conditioners help with tangles. I have a feeling though that they're talking of leave in conditioners because I have seen them spray the conditioner on their hair and leave it on without rinsing.

From my understanding the type of conditioner that isn't rinsed out is a leave in conditioner. what has been said in this thread is that a leave in conditioner can be used as a hairstyle product, so maybe my friends were using the leave in conditioner to style their curls too. From what I've seen the leave in conditioner works extremely good for them compared to how their curls used to look all fuzzy and like a bad afro hairstyle.

I also have a couple of friends who bought a book called the curly hair book. They also swear by that book and their curls have become way better looking which according to them is thanks to the book. So I checked it out and saw that the author of the book has another book called the mens hair book which covers straight hair too so I got that one. Long story short, the book is really helpful and loaded with advice.

As for what hairstyle products to use for curly hair guys, I could not tell you what they use as I have only seen them spray their hair with the conditioner. I remember we once went to the beach and when the day was over my curly friends went to the shower to clean off the sand and salt from the water and they got out their leave in conditioner spray and sprayed the bejesus out of their curls.

That's how I learned what conditioner they were using as it was he first time I saw a dude spraying his hair with anything other than a hair spray. After the beach we went to the house of one of our friends for a barbecue and beers and the curls of my curly friends looked really cool. There were chicks in the house and they were going crazy about the curls of those two dudes. For a moment I so wanted to have curly hair! Big Grin

Sorry but I have straight hair so I can't offer my own experience with curly hair products. I just can report what I've seen with my curly friends so I hope that is of help to you. I'm kind of new to hairstyle products too but I'm learning so much every time I visit this forum to go through the threads that I'm already making my mind up on what good hairstyle products I want to buy!
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