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Best hair products for curly hair men? 5 1
Best hair products for curly hair men?
07-13-2014, 08:45 AM
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Thumbs Up Best hair products for curly hair men?
So we have lots of threads about hair products in the forum but how about a thread on the best hair products for curly hair men?? I can speak for curly men like me that many products are just bs and make our curls frizzy or blocky. For example hair wax so far has been a nightmare and hair gel seems to just tangle my hair and stick lots of curls together which makes my coils all blocky Undecided

I am using some other hair products and testing all the time. One very important thing you learn in the Curly Hair book by Rogelio is that you need to experiment with different products until you find the right ones. Its truth so far and one of the products Rogelio mentions that are great for curls are styling creams which i am getting better results with. I find tho that the lite hair gels are fine for my curls but any stronger than that and it gets too bad.

I like the sleek and sheen of pomades and waxes with my short curly hair but once my curls are medium length... like I say it is a nightmare and styling creams are helping a lot. My quest for the best products for my curly hair continues but maybe we can all get together in this thread and recommend good hair products for curly hair. Not necesarily the best because like I say that is not how it works. But if we can talk from experience or some of the barbers or hair gurus in the forum can give a more professional line of advice Smile
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07-13-2014, 12:44 PM
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RE: Best hair products for curly hair men?
Robert, that's actually a pretty good question that you've made! Smile

In your case, you have an advantage because you have read The Curly Hair Book and read our forums too, but most curly guys are still unaware of such useful sources of curly hair reading material, and they go through life with their hair in a bad state, or, as Rogelio calls it in The Curly Hair Book (see link), with "dead rats" and "buzz cuts" LOL

Talking with some of the other hair professionals in the forum, we do agree that hair products for curly men require some more experimenting (so to speak) than products for straight hair. However, there are a set of men's hair products that are guaranteed to work on curly hair for men: conditioners, styling creams, hair gels, leave-in conditioners, natural butters and hair dryers.


Curly hair needs plenty of moisturizing, so you should be using a hair conditioner if you have curly hair, whether it is wavy curly, coiled curly or kinky curly. Frequency of use of a conditioner will depend on your hair type, and both in The Curly Hair Book and The Men's Hair Book (click link to see The Men's Hair Book), there are plenty of templates and tables on the ideal shampoo and conditioner frequencies depending on your hair type and hair length. We will be publishing some guidelines on this with permission from Rogelio as he pioneered all these methods and they can only be found in his two books.

For a great conditioner for curly hair, go with THIS ONE.

Styling cream

Yes, styling creams are great for curly hair. In fact, a styling cream would be the substitute of hair wax for a curly male. Be aware though that most styling creams on the market are pure rats. Likewise, try to get a "moisturizing" styling cream for your curly so as to get better more-defined curls. If you have medium length to long length curls, then having a styling cream is very useful and will allow you to increase your range of curly hairstyles.

Without a doubt, go with THIS styling cream as it is both moisturizing and a definer!

Hair gel

Hair gels for curly hair can be tricky. As you rightly point out, the misuse of hair gel on curly hair can lead to problems. Strong-hold hair gels (as well as extra strong-hold gels) can be problematic for curly hair, so always go with a light-hold hair gel if you have curly hair.

Not all hair gels will do for curly hair, so it is important to choose a good one. Thus, go with THIS hair gel for your curly hair if you want to incorporate a hair gel in your grooming routine that will work pretty good on your curls.

Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner acts as a conditioner that you don't wash out from your hair (unlike a regular conditioner as per above). Thus, you want to be using a leave-in conditioner when styling your curls. The timing and use of leave-in conditioner is detailed in depth in The Curly Hair Book and in The Men's Hair Book, but, as quick tip, you want to always use the leave-in conditioner to style your hair before using the rest of hairstyling products (e.g. hair gel, styling cream, pomade etc).

We all agree that a leave-in conditioner is an excellent product for curly hair (and Rogelio pretty much says the same in both his books), so try to always have one at hand as it will save you from having bad hair days Big Grin For a great leave-in conditioner, do go with THIS ONE.

Natural butters

Natural butters (and oils) are great to seal in moisture into the hair strands as well as to protect the curls. Raw coconut butter and extra virgin olive oil are two butters and oils that work great for curly hair. To use either coconut butter or olive hair on your curly mane, coat only the tips of your hair or from the middle of the strand to the tip.

The best natural butters and oils for your hair are those that are as natural and raw as possible (the ones that you can also use for cooking!). Two great products that we highly recommend are THIS olive oil (extra virgin and super healthy) and THIS coconut butter (raw and organic!).

Hair dryer

Ok, with a hair dryer and curly hair, you do have to be careful. Most hair dryers will make the curly hair even frizzier and break its curly pattern. That is why, for the curly male, it is imperative that he chooses the right hair dryer and that he thinks of his curly hair over the long term and good hair dryers are not cheap.

The right hair dryer must be able to dry the hair without increasing frizz and dry the hair in a way that enhances the curly shape and the hairstyling product being used. Without a doubt, the best hair dryer for curly men is THIS hair dryer, which uses the latest blow drying technology and that is an excellent investment. It's a bit pricey, but if you want to make the most of your curls, you need to get top-end hair dryers like the one in the link.

Do also make sure that you get the diffuser accessory for the hair dryer above so that you can dry your hair even more optimally for your curls (get the diffuser for that hair dryer from HERE).

The above hair products for curly hair are sure winners for which you will at least have peace fo mind that will work good on your curls. The trick is to use them and then narrow down the ones that you like the most (if your budget is tight) or simply own them all and rotate their use for a wider range of hairstyles.

Let me know if you need any clarifying Robert (or any other forum members)! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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