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Best hair gel for spiky hair?
04-13-2015, 07:48 AM
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Best hair gel for spiky hair?
I was reading a recent thread about spiky hairstyles and it looks like the best products for spiky hair are styling gel and wax. But what's the best hair gel for spiky hair?

Just one brand mention would be enough as I don't want to get too confused with all the products that one can use for mens hair. Also I have very thick Asian hair. Just in case the choice of hair gel is also based in how thick the hair is. Thanks for any answers.
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04-16-2015, 11:12 AM
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RE: Best hair gel for spiky hair?
Hi mate well for spiky hair you really want a strong hair styling gel. Otherwise the spikes lose the vertical angle and start coming down.

Without a doubt you ned to have a look at this hair gel list posted by one of the mods reviewing a list of some of the best hair gels for men. I think I replied to another of your threads suggesting that particular hair gel thread but in any case, I'll post it here as that thread in the link has all the information you need to get a great styling gel for spiky hair.

If you go to that linked thread I highly suggest that you get either the Mohawk hair gel or the short sexy hair gel. They are the 1st and 2nd gels in the list. Either of those two hair gels will work extremely well for spiky hair. However if you have fine hair or if you have difficulty styling your hair up then I recommend that you get the Mohawk hair gel. That hair gel is a bit stronger than the short sexy hair gel so it will keep your spiky hair up and without a change to start hanging down.

The shine in the Mohawk styling gel above is very high. The shine on the short sexy hair gel is medium to high although for a styling gel is high. So you basically have two styling gels there that will give you a polished and slick styling look for your spikes.

Do also consider the got2b spiking gel which our admin has reviewed in this linked post. Have at look at the post in the link as that spiking gel was made for the different men's spiking hairstyles and it also has a very strong hold. The shine of this got2b hair gel isn't as high as the shine of either the Mohawk hair gel or the short sexy hair gel. With the got2be hair gel you will achieve lower shine spikes with a wet effect, which I think it's a pretty cool benefit of that hair gel and which makes it another option for your hair spiking.

I think either of those three hair gels I have suggested will do great for your spike hair style. So just to recap a bit:
  • If you want a super strong hold with plenty of shine get the Mohawk hair gel.
  • If you want a strong hold which will still hold up your spikes and which will give you a good amount of shine, then go with the short sexy hair gel.
  • If you want your hair to look wet and keep the spikes shaped with low shine, get the got2b spiking gel.
Have a look at the threads i liked to where the hair gels are reviewed mate. Then get the one you like the most or even get two of them or the three of them so you can switch how your spiky hair looks. Plus all these three hair gels are also great gels for other hairstyles like the faux hawk, brush up, quiff, slicked back hair, messy styles and shaping your hair. Worth getting at least one.

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