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Best hair gel for black men hair? 5 1
Best hair gel for black men hair?
03-08-2015, 09:46 AM
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Best hair gel for black men hair?
Wassup guys! just posting around after a while and wanting to ask if you can recommend the best hair gel for black men hair? Kinky curly hair, not for me as i am not using hair gel rite now but for a friend. His hair is really curly, curlier than mine. He wants to grow the thing into a hi top fade or something like that big time black hairstyle.
So i told him go get some hair gel but then he asks me whats the best hair gel to buy... i read some advice on the forum but nothing on hair gel for black men hair or super curly kinky hair.

Any takers? btw forum looking real nice on cell phone from last time i visited.
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03-08-2015, 12:46 PM
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RE: Best hair gel for black men hair?
I am sorry I don't have the answer but I am posting because I would like to know the solution too. I have curly hair but hair gel for really curly hair is problematic. My curls will glue to each other with cheap hair gels from the supermarket. Where I live in the city in Madrid we don't have the enourmous supermarkets like you have in the USA with lots of hair products for men. We only have the so-so hair gels. Most hair products in supermarkets are for women, only hair gel for men.

That is why I fell in love with Amazon because I can bring all hair products from USA to my door Big Grin

I hope someone can help here with a solution for a good hair gel! Smile
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03-10-2015, 07:49 AM
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Light hold styling gels for black men are the best hair gels.
This is a good question. Curly hair has an additional issue with the use of hair gels, the curls can stick to each other and create a mesh of curls instead of creating shaped curls. This is especially an issue for kinky curly hair, which is what you refer to as black men's hair.

For very curly hair (i.e. kinky curly hair and afro-textured hair), it's best that you avoid the super strong hold hair gels. This way you will avoid your tight curls from bonding to each other in some chaotic hairstyle. We already have a pretty good guide on some great hair gels for men but I will recommend 2 hair gels for black men. These hair gels work all kinds of typically black men's haircuts like the High Top Fade and the Afro hairstyle.
  • Get THIS hair gel for a high shine look with shaped curls and a light hold for your curly hairstyle. The shine isn't artificial or overdone (as it usually happens with hairstyles like the Jheri curl); it simply works to enhance your natural shine. The hair gel recommended in the link goes great for hairstyles like the Afro, Shake & Go and casual hairstyles (i.e. simply leaving your curls loose instead of fixed in a particular shape). This particular hair gel also works well for the wet hair look (simply apply it when your hair is almost wet and still dripping water).
  • Get THIS hair gel for a stronger hold than the previous hair gel. It also provides a little shine, but not a lot. This hair gel is great for vertical hairstyles like the High Top Fade and other curly hairstyle that you want to hold in place instead of leaving your curls loose.
The two hair gels above work really well with the use of a good leave in conditioner. Have a look at our recent thread on leave in conditioners for men to go through some great leave in conditioners that we recommend. The leave in conditioner works to provide body and gloss to your curls, and the hair gel then enhances the look provided by the leave in conditioner, while you also get the hair secured in place with the hold of the hair gel.

To use any of the 2 hair gels recommended above for curly hair (from wavy hair to afro-textured curls), you'd first coat your hair with the leave in conditioner, applying the leave-in conditioner when your hair is damp. Once you have coated your hair with the leave-in, you then proceed to style your hair with the hair gel. This hairstyling method works phenomenally for curly hair men, as it boost the curl shape and overall look of the particular curly hairstyle that you choose!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-29-2015, 06:04 AM
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RE: Best hair gel for black men hair?
I have really coiled curly hair and I find that the generic hair gels don't do squat for me. I will end up with matted curls and my hair would feel gummy to put it into a word. So I have generally stayed away from chap hair gels for my curly hair.

The poster above recommended two hair gels and I have experience with the American Crew hair gel, it's a good hair gel for curly hair. It gets the job done that you would expect from a good hair gel. So if you're looking for a good hair gel for black men, then that one is a good hair gel to buy. It's the second product he recommended by the way.

I don't have experience with the first product that was posted above, it's the Biosilk hair gel. It does look very interesting though as I only once used a light hold gel for my curls and it made my curls look a bit less curly but also gave volume to my curls. Apparently that's what that Biosilk hair gel does so I'm tempted to buy it too. It says it gives high shine with a low hold, and from my experience with coiled hair that's a good combination to always use. Worth a shot if you ask me and I'll probably be dropping it to my shopping cart very soon.

Like I say I would recommend you to stay away from those cheap sticky hair gels that your see in the supermarket store. Seriously some of those gels made my hair get all matted and tangled so I had to spend the next day fixing the tangles. And I shampooed my hair twice the day before to get all the rest of gel stuff from those cheap hair gels.

By cheap I'm talking of the hair gels that are only a few bucks. Better to pay a little more and get a good hair gel that won't leave your curls tangled and sticky. The two hair gels from Biosilk and American Crew that the poster above posted aren't that expensive actually and you're going to be getting some high quality to go along.
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