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Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews? 0 0
Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews?
11-06-2014, 12:39 PM
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Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews?
As someone who gets his hair tangled I would like to ask what are some of the best hair detanglers or if you have any hair detangler reviews?

I already use the conditioner method from the curly hair book where the conditioner is used like lubrication to pull the tangles. Slowly pulling but dang if i spend some time away and not paying attention my curls will knot up. My hair type is coiled which is I think one of the hair types that has the tendency to tangle.
I don't mind if the detangler is something that women use. For all i care is that it softens and helps with 'em tangles. I think I saw a detangler thread somewhere but could not find any seller for it so if you can post the seller too please.
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11-12-2014, 10:29 AM
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RE: Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews?
I replied to another thread of yours and I saw you asked about feedback here on good hair detanglers. I have a couple to suggest, and another forum member (Elena the barber) also posted a full review of the Suave for Kids detangler. I don't know if you read that review too, so I will post it below and then I will post some of my hair detangler recommendations.

For the record just because the detangler is labeled as for kids, it doesn't matter and the detangler can be used by adults too. The only difference is that you may have to use a little bit more of the product than stated in the product's label since you're an adult, or at least I hope you're not an 8 year old posting in this forum! Big Grin

Here's the Suave for Kids Detangler post. It is written by her so I am posting it as it is.

Review of Suave for Kids Detangling Conditioner:

I would like to post in this long hair part of the forum a detangler review: Suave for Kids Detangling Conditioner. These detangling products are needed for those of us with long hair and not to mention those of us with curly hair Smile the product is unisex as are all detanglers. The product is for kids but adults can use it. The only reason why it is for kids is because kids are running around all the time and tangle their hair frequently.

I've really enjoyed all of the Suave for Kids products I have tried. For the most part, I was mainly attracted to the 2 in 1's, not because they worked perfectly but because they all had a really great lasting scent.

When I came across Suave for Kids Conditioner Plus Detangler, Go Go Grape though, I was not too impressed with the scent. I left it behind for a few months until I actually gave it a try.

My Hair History:

My hair is thick, unruly, and very long. No matter what the promise is on the bottle, I for the most part, end up with some tangles a couple of days after detangling. Sometimes it can be a painful process just running the wide tooth comb through it. I know though, that if I were to skip the wide tooth comb... I'd suffer a major consequence later on. Knots galore.

When I came across Suave for Kids Conditioner Plus Detangler, Go Go Grape, I had a feeling that kid formula would not work at all. I still decided to give it a go since the product is very cheap and only the salon professional detanglers work for my curls. Salon professional detanglers are very expensive so I simply decided to test the Suave for Kids detangling conditioner.

First though, let me cover the scent.

Suave for Kids Conditioner Plus Detangler, Go Go Grape, indeed has a grape scent. It comparable to grape gum, however it has an almost vitamin like after scent that I just didn't like. Sort of like powder, and Spree candies. Now if it weren't for the odd whiff of vitamins, candy and powder, the initial grape smell would of been perfect.

I was not surprised about the artificial gummy scent as this product is for kids after all! Big Grin

My Use:

I used a normal shampoo and rinsed. Next I added a good amount of the Suave for Kids detangling conditioner. I have long hair, so I have to use more then the average person.

I ran the conditioner through my hair, and let it sit for a good 3 minutes before rinsing. The conditioner itself has a nice thick creamy texture but not as thick of a texture as some of my better conditioners.

After rinsing, my hand was getting tangled just as I was washing out. If there are tangles while water is running down my head, odds are that there will be tangles when I get out of the shower.

The Results:

Suave for Kids Conditioner Plus Detangler, Go Go Grape is not a horrible detangler conditioner, nor is it one worthy of praise. I could see how this would work on those with thin straight hair. But for those of us with thick wavy to curly type hair won't see much of a difference. I actually have had better results from the Suave for Kids detangling spray.

There were still knots in my hair after using Suave for Kids Detangling Conditioner. The knots however were a bit easier to comb through than not. The difference is small but it is present enough to take notice.


It's decent for the price you pay. I would not make this my number one all time favourite, but I do enjoy the fact that it works somewhat. Those with thin hair or straight hair would most likely get excellent results, so I do recommend it.

The grape scent does linger for the day, even though it is a very fake grape scent.

Suave for Kids Detangling Conditioner is also a plus for kids because the formula claims to be tear free. The bottle is easy to squeeze, so kids can actually do it themselves.

Where To Find:

In any super store, down the hair care isle or Amazon. The price is low enough to buy it just to test it and see if you like it.
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11-12-2014, 10:46 AM
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RE: Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews?
Below are some of the main recommendations I have. They are mostly geared towards curly hair individuals, but these detanglers can be used by men with straight hair too in the case of hair matting or nesting. It's just that men with curly hair have a huge tendency to have their hair tangling and knotting.

Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler:

Designed specifically for making curly hair more manageable, this detangler from Curly Hair Solutions will allow for even the toughest and most dry of curls to be combed and styled. Silicone-free, this product also contains the special Slip formula, which helps to lock in hair color (artificial or natural) and prevent discoloring caused by the sun or heat lamps.

The Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler is a bit on the pricey side - but works wonders on tangled, dry, and rough curls.

Pantene Pro-V Detangle Light Spray Conditioner:

While this product from Pantene may not have been designed specifically to treat curly locks, it has worked wonders on my mane every time I've used it for some time. The benefits of this detangler not only include a return of manageability, but the product also works to smooth and soothe dry strands, restore natural shine, and protect hair from discoloring caused by the sun and heat lamps.

The Pantene Pro-V Detangle Light Spray Conditioner is the most affordable and effective detangler widely available for curly hair.

Alterna Life Curls Detangler:

Another incredible product designed specifically to treat curly hair, this product from Alterna offers endless benefits. The detangler prepares hair for styling while promoting manageability, fortifies dry and damaged curls with its special Elasto Complex, helps to prevent frizz by combining citrus sandal and myrrh extracts, and improves the hair's elasticity.

The Alterna Life Curls Detangler may seem far overpriced to some, though the number of benefits offered by the product should be noted along with its price tag.

I should mention that there is a very useful thread started by another forum member on how to detangle hair which covers the detangling method for men and how to successfully undo any hair tangles and knots without damaging or breaking the hair. Even though the detangling guide in the link is posted in the long hair section, the guide can be used on medium length hair and of any type.

Is there anything else you have to ask concerning this topic Robert? Smile
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11-15-2014, 05:21 PM
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RE: Best hair detanglers or any hair detangler reviews?
Well thank you Sunset for posting on my behalf! Big Grin

Yes I find the Suave for Kids detangler a good one and not just because of the brand but also because of children getting frequent tangles with curly hair so you know a product is good when it is aimed at kids hair. It's very easy to get tangles when playing and when outdoors so the Suave detangler does a good job at smoothing the hair of kids.

Here are some other products I recommend for detangling mens curly hair or mens straight hair. They are all unisex detanglers so they will work great for men even though I speak from the female (and very demanding!!) hairstylist perspective.

VO5 Sheer Hairdressing Anti-frizz and Shine Smoothing leave-In conditioner cream:

Out of all the brands of detangle spray and conditioners I have tried, the VO5 Sheer Hairdressing Anti-frizz and Shine Smoothing leave-in conditioner cream is among my favourites, as it really tames the frizz and keeps the curls tangle free. However it is not a cheap product but the detangling results are high quality so your paying quality as it it. This VO5 detangler leave-in conditioner can be found in most drugstores and beauty shops. It can also be found on Amazon on and off so if a moderator can find a reliable link then please post it Smile

Since it is a leave-in conditioner, this VO5 detangling leave-in conditioner so it works best when worked into your hair immediately after showering. Knots work themselves out once I begun to comb through my wet hair with a wide tooth comb for curly hair and I can work through any tangles on my super thick hair when this VO5 leave-in conditioner is working.

What I didn't know when I first bought this product, was that not only was it a great detangler, but a detangler, conditioner, anti frizz product, shine enhancing product and even a heat styling product all in one! Being able to cut three products out of my daily routine. It's not easy to find such a versatile hair product so this VO5 detangling leave-in conditioner is worth the effort if you want to have a handy hair care products for your curls that won't just help remove and keep at bay any tangles.

John Frieda Root Awakening Health Boosting Detangling Spray:

I have to admit that I am decent fan of John Frieda hair products. The new product line from John Frieda caught my attention though, especially since the Root Awakening products were meant for all hair types. The detangling spray is supposed to give you three times healthier hair, which is why I decided to give it a try for a month some good time ago to see exactly how much healthier my hair looked and felt after using it.

As a detangling spray, it did great and I never had to fight with a single tangle or knot the entire month I used it. When I had the detangler in my hair, my locks did look a lot healthier, but I think this had more to do with the shine in the conditioner than the nourishing ingredients. I did like that most of the ingredients were natural though, even if the ingredients did leave my scalp tingling for half an hour. This usually happens tome when the focus of the product is too much on natural ingredients, it doesn't mean anything negative by the way. Overall, it is a good detangler, and for those who like to go with natural products this is close to the best detangler I have found.

Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave-in conditioner treatment:

For those of you with curly hair, I understand your pain. If I don't pay attention to my curls, I will get a crazy mesh of coils that goes frizzy fast unless I take the time to tame each and every lock. Thanks to one of our best hairstylists, we found out of the Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave-in conditioner treatment as a superb anti frizz detangler and we now depend on the salon to keep us well stocked. This Redken leave-in conditioner is supposed to strengthen the hair and make it less brittle, which it also does but it also works great as an anti frizz detangler!

Two things. It works great and you will look like you just got your hair done when really all it takes is a few minutes to finger it through your hair. Secondly, it's not very easy to find unless you look in hair salons, although you can find it online for some great price too.

Again if any moderators know of good online places to get them from by all means post them Smile

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