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Beard trimming tips and facial hair trimming tips for men 0 0
Beard trimming tips and facial hair trimming tips for men
08-25-2014, 01:48 PM
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Beard trimming tips and facial hair trimming tips for men
Men have plenty of hair on the head and whether you have a full beard or just a soul patch, you can take care of your facial hair to make it look good. Trimming is essential for the hair on your head but it also rings true for facial hair as well. Trimming keeps your hair even and looking great. Trimming should happen when you notice that too many stray hairs are getting out of control in your beard. Sometimes that means once a week, other times it may mean three or four weeks. Here are some easy things you can do to make trimming your facial hair easier on you.

Stubble can creep in on your facial hair if you just have a goatee or mustache. Shaving with a razor is the best way to control facial stubble, plus a razor leaves an even line when you shave properly. Shaving vertically is the key to having a solid line everywhere you have longer hair for your beard, mustache, or goatee. You may occasionally get a longer hair caught in your razor but one or two won't matter and it will only make the demarcation line even more distinct and looking sharp.

You can trim your hair yourself with one of many beard trimmers like the Philip Norelco beard trimmer range in the forum's trimmer discussion in the link. One of the beard trimmers recommended has a vacuum inside that makes trimming easier as the hairs will all be trimmed to the same length easily enough. This device is beard trimming simplicity that you only have to do once every couple of weeks.

Barbers are really good at what they do too. Every time you get a haircut, pay a little extra for a beard trim. They can even give you a close shave if you want to so you can shore up the dividing lines on your face and make your face ultra-sharp.

A trim should be even as far as length goes except around the mustache. The shorter the hair, the less thick your beard will appear. If you want to totally re-grow your beard without shaving it completely off, you should trim it down to about half an inch to a quarter of an inch. Otherwise, trimming your mustache to about one inch should be sufficient.

Trimming around your mustache should leave a very distinct line so you need to trim near your upper lip for sure. This will leave hair near your lip shorter and by your nose longer. Gently and purposefully push the trimmer all the way to your skin near your upper lip for a contoured lip that is a definite line you can see for your hair.
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