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Awkward stage medium hair
10-31-2015, 11:19 PM
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Wink Awkward stage medium hair
Hey guys! I'm really glad I found this forum because even though it looks outdated, it's really helpful for guys who want to grow their hair out and everyone's supportive around here.

So, for the sake of an introduction, my name is Al. About exactly a year ago, I shaved my head after shaving my cousin's head in the bathroom. I don't know what went over me and made me do this because I loved my hair and it was already long then (around 6 inches). So, I decided to grow my hair out and take a photo everyday to record my hair growth and later make a time lapse video. However, I grew tired of the photo thing and stopped. Today is the day I was supposed to post my time lapse video. But it wouldn't be interesting because over the past year, I cut my hair several times mainly to avoid the 'I shaved my head and never cut my hair since then' look. I made a point to cut the top only when I have to and opted for an undercut. Over the year, I trimmed the sides and the back to avoid an overgrown look and once the hairdresser cut too much of the top hair.

Today, I have an overgrown looking sides and back and around 12 to 13 cms of hair on the top. It looks awkward because my hair gets greasy really quick and I don't shampoo it quite as often because it leaves my hair dry the first two days. I really need to switch to a mild baby shampoo but I'm waiting on my current shampoo to finish first.

I have now decided that I won't cut my hair unless I need to (e.g. work, social events, split hair, etc...). My hair is long enough to style it in multiple styles but I hate styling products so I go for a classic hairstyle every time I go out or I just wear a beanie even when it's hot outside.
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