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At my wits end... 0 0
At my wits end...
08-21-2016, 03:29 PM
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At my wits end...
Okay guys I need help BAD. I'm going to give my whole hair story so this might be a long post, sorry for that. I started out with the same hair cut until I was like 12. freaking Dutch boy looking thing. It sucked. Then I got like a long bieber swoosh thing. It sucked. Then, I finally cut my hair shorter and it was pretty good. It was only slightly shorter but I kept it swept back. Then, I got another freaking rats haircut. It was basically the Kim Jong Un. I started wearing my hair up, in a sort of pompadour style that I liked, but it never worked that well. I basically had a half pompadour/ half bed head style that was okay. I got sick over the summer and my hair grew into this disgusting Dwight Schrute/thatched hut thing and my natural middle part came back, I got it cut by my usual lady, and she did ok but after two week the schrute was back (even after significant length removal) today, my dad said he was going to the barber, an upscale local place that requires appointments etc, and I came with in an attempt to rid myself of the schrute look before school. Determined to have a good cut, I brought in a picture. And before you say I picked the wrong cut, I asked her and she said it was perfect for my hair type. I brought in a picture of Jesse Custer from Preacher, wanting that spiky, somewhat messy pompadour look. She then started the cut. It seemed all was going fine, but then she finished. Now, this part is somewhat my fault, as I was barely paying attention, as I've been stressed about school and somewhat sick. It came out like a freaking pineapple. I have the exact hair Bert from freaking Sesame Street has. It SUCKS so bad. Worse then my Kim Jong Un days. I left, knowing if she cut more it would just grow back slower. My question to you all is what the funk do I do beyond this? She was not a bad stylist, I watched her give a good haircut before mine, and yet I left looking like a freaking pineapple. How can I be more direct then bringing in a picture? I don't even know what to do next time I need a haircut. Please please tell me what to do.
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09-07-2016, 06:17 AM
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RE: At my wits end...
Hi, I'm new here but I'll try to have a go at answering your question.

Firstly I can't tell exactly how old you are but from your post I'd guess you're in your 20's and if I go back to my 20's I vividly remember hating my hair! I hated that it wasn't straight, I couldn't do certain styles I thought or were told I had the right type for... it was just a general pain in the derriere. Now in my 30's I have to say I love my hair, I've found a few ways to style them that works for me and my hair type but this only came after trying out many different barber/haircuts and of course products. One thing I would recommend from personal experience is going solo (no hair products beyond shampoo/conditioner). Just by drying out your hair you should be able to get it into different styles (bed head, messy look, puffy volume from blow-drying). Try to play with the 'when' you wash (before bed or after waking up) and see if you can get a better feel for what your hair wants to do naturally. Additionally if you've never grown your hair past a few inch you might not know exactly what type of hair you have, this could be something else to try, categorizing your hair is something you only need to do once and is going to make a world of difference in your outlook and lastly you don't mention your grooming method which is a very important aspect of how you treat your hair and the results you will get. If you haven't already, get the man's hair book referred all over the place here in this forum, you can get it for just under 10$ in kindle format from Amazon.

keep us posted on your progress and don't give up. Hair requires trial and error and bucket loads of patience good luck and most importantly have fun with it.

Also lastly DON'T worry about school, this is the perfect time to have hair experiments besides you'd be surprised how a lot of the girls at your school won't mind your unruly hair and instead dig the 'meh' attitude behind allowing your hair to do its thing and not caring about it.

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